Friday, October 26, 2012

I forgot to get thin for Paris

 I forgot to get thin for Paris.

 But I'm reading Wheat Belly and though I'm not celeriac I did cut out

All wheat/gluten. Low and behold my pants fit better and my coat buttons don't pull. There IS something to this!

 Still 1st thing in Paris tomorrow I'm off to Le Boulangere de Jocteur for a Lyonaise sable cookie.
 Next on the agenda - Piscine Saint-Germain to work off that cookie and get ready for

 A 'jardin' Pierre Herme macaron -  rose, fleur d’oranger et gingembre. Miam miam

 There shouldn't be much wheat at the opening of the Salon du Chocolat next week should there? Just chocolate.

 Jeanette will want to know what I'm wearing to the opening. My Anne Maisonneuve macaron T-shirt

 Plus the famous N2 Les Nierides macaron bracelet.

Photo c/o Blog de Betty
 And because Raids-Patisseries says it's 'cocktail' wear, I'm popping this ridiculous Sonia bow on my head so I can look a complete fool but somewhat cocktailesque. Hmph

 The following week more wheat-free chocolate fantasies await at the annual Vaux le Viconte Salon du Chocolat on 10 - 11 November.

 What a perfect setting for chocolate immersion and just a short train ride out of Paris to Melun.

 Quelle wreck! (Not my little pad).
As usual I am not packed/pas pret comme d'habitude. Many drawings to do before I go off. I'm painting in Paris if you want to order a pet portrait and eating macarons at Angelina for a watercolor assignment (woe is moi).
Bear, on the other hand, is pret/ready as always and raring to go.


  1. Oh Carol..Bear with the bow:) I love that..I smiled out loud..That bracelet is too cute..
    You're going to have a ball:)Does Bear enjoy the new suitcase?
    If that's your home..I love it.

    1. I WISH that was my home...
      But TOO many suitcases for little ole moi

  2. Bon voyage, chère Carol! And if you ever find the true secret for quickly getting thin for France without giving up everything you love let me know and we will write the book. Not easy as une femme d'un certain âge who will not starve herself for anyone or anything... Somehow I just know you will look fab. Please eat at least one macaron for moi!

  3. Bows, Bear, and chocolate....what a great post!

  4. Bon voyage Carol! Dis "Bonjour" a la France pour moi! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  5. Yes -- get out of town ahead of the Frankenstorm! I'll think of you pondering the daily croissant while we batten down the hatches and check our supply of candles and matches.

  6. You went gluten/wheat free before going to Paris? You are Super-Carol.

    1. it wasn't so hard
      I substituted potato chips for crackers
      Everyone needs some CRUNCH!
      Cheese on potato chips
      try'll maybe like it

  7. Have fun Love the big bow for your head--so chic!Look for Pink in Paris for me-ha

  8. I have been trying to follow a gluten-free diet, too. I've been cheating lately, though, eating hamburgers. Darn! I lost 20 pounds, but have gained some back because of it. The best thing, though, is macarons are gluten free!

  9. Wheat Belly, VERY convincing image! You are cocktailesque & macaronesque, for sure! Bear is patientesque...Bon voyage! PS Loving the book that you mentioned in a previous blog, Eat That Frog! But it's much more fun to eat chocolate...

  10. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if your initial Angelina "research" turned out to be insufficient.....and you had to return time and time again.
    Thanks for the link to the t-shirts! And the mention!

  11. Macarons, chocolat, and Bear (with a bow, no less) - all my favourite things in one post! Have a wonderful trip. I can't wait to read all about it. (Will we see a picture of you wearing the bow??!!)

  12. I went on line to see the T shirts but there was an announcement that their T shirt manufacture will not be operating until Dec 1. I won't be in the mood then.

    1. Dommage
      The macaron T-shirts are very good quality with beautiful colors.
      I will check if the store is out completely of stock.

  13. What a life! I can't wait to see the photo of you with your "bow....the chocolate salon at Vaux Le Comte looks tres elegante.
    Look forward to the "Paris Posts"....
    (just reserved an apt for May)
    Have fun!

  14. Have fun - don't worry about the food, just enjoy it :)

  15. Carol, do have a fabulous time in Paris, with or without gluten. Definitely with Bear along to survey all that he approves of his native land.

    I do look forward to your reports from afar. xo

  16. Have fun. Hope you are out of there before the big storm. Sure wish you could find some fun things to do while in Paris. :))) Like I said.. have fun.

  17. Aussie Carolyn3:14 PM

    Today I just had to write, though, because I SO related to the photo with accompanying caption "I forgot to get
    thin for Paris". The only way I would EVER be photographed on a set of scales is if the offending result was
    obliterated - that way no-one knows if you're 61 kgs or 89 kgs. Had a good laugh over that.

    As to cutting out wheat, my daughter is a firm believer in the benefits of that - trouble is I just LOVE bread.

    Enjoy reading your blog,

    Cheers from Australia

  18. Carol, Carol, Carol...I have been sans a computer for the past week and as soon as it was repaired and up and going I wanted to check that you had no hiccups with SANDY. So glad you are in dear Pah-ree and doing some awesome "window licking". Oh, man that apartment is gorgeous...yours? and no WHEAT! I hate knowing that because when I cut out the sugars I depend on my breads (scones, boules, and bagels) as my "treats"...guess I got to pump some iron and learn to like running. Have a fabulous time and what a treat for those that get the pleasure of your company.

  19. parisbreakfast6:59 PM

    What apartment is gorgeous?
    Oh that's not MY apartment!
    R U kidding!!
    When you cut back on the wheat and I'm not super strict about it, you stop craving sugar!?
    Course in Paris I fell off the wagon big time :(
    c'est la vie


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