Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Les Adieux à la Reine

 Parfum de Marie-Antoinette etsy 9" x 11"

 I just saw again Sophia Coppola's Marie Antoinette at the Film for Foodies series/Alliance Francaise going on through October. Don't miss it! Still as frivolous as ever with fab costumes and gouter plus an intro by Foodie critic John Mariani.

 On a more serious vein I can't recommend enough the new Marie Antoinette film de Benoît Jacquot, Les Adieux à la Reine, with Léa Seydoux, Diane Kruger, Viriginie Ledoyen.

 It covers the last 3 days of MA's reine (filmed also) within the confines of Versailles with utter authenticity and the drama of a thriller.

 The acting is superb as are the costumes, every detail is considered. But the lighting and cinematography will knock your socks off.

 With the look of a Georges de la Tour painting throughout for added drama to the scenes...

 Excellent actress Lea Seydoux holds your attention every minute. Remember her in the end of Woody's Midnight in Paris? By the way I saw this film sans titles the day it opened in Paris thinking it would be easy to get. Ahem...I had to see it again recently, this time with titles. It was well worth the second viewing. Exquisite!

 I saw Lea Seydoux at a screening of terrific new film  'Sister' last Sunday. Quite a transformation.

 Another mistress of Versailles (some would also like to see on the guillotine) Catherine Pégard, and recent appointee of last president, Nicolas Sarkozy. Formerly editor of the journal Le Point, she has no experience whatsoever in the art world or curating such a massive institution like Versailles.
Il arrive.

 Her predecessor was responsible for bringing in Jeff Koons and Murakami to the grand halls of Versailles much to the consternation of many. As well, the palace gardens, formerly free, are now 9 euros in season and 5 euros out of season.
Il arrive (it happens). 

 If Marie Antoinette were alive today do you think she'd be eating deluxe Granola Ispahan from another of Pierre Herme's collections?
I'd like to be eating it right now...

Rose of Marie Antoinette 9" x 11"


  1. I'm on Team Pegard. As the chief executive officer of Versailles, she doesn't have to be able to detect authentic Louis XIV ormolu at ten paces, all she as to do is be an excellent manager of people, media, and resources and it seems that she is perfectly qualified to do that.

    When I was working as a decorative arts expert at a New York auction house I learned first hand that museum people are often no better informed about art just by virtue of their Ph.D.'s. I had an internship at the British Museum and the Keeper of their magnificent horology collection used to be a vacuum cleaner repairman before he got obsessed with time pieces and earned his spot among the experts. Go figure.

    And speaking as the art expert that I am, are you ever going to do a portrait of Marie Antoinette? Surrounded by plates of patisserie?

    1. Oh my...
      I have to take this up with the PB board.
      I definitely see a correlation btwn a vacuum cleaner repairman and a watch expert person btw.
      Re:Catherine Pégard has recently added comfortable walking shoes to her wardrobe—indispensible for trekking the four miles of sentry duty with the security guards on a nightly round, and for climbing the château’s 67 stairways.

      Oh and she’s planning a Versailles blog!

    2. a museum person! defending the mistress de Versailles....
      and a Sotheby's or Christie's person as well!!!!

  2. great post - and yes a portrait of MA - pourquoi pas?

    and i have to say that i am of the school of people who prefer their historical treasures NOT to be turned into Disneylands with exorbitant entrance fees. not only do such fees discourage ordinary people from coming in and enjoying the historic atmosphere, these "events" and "attractions" seem to distract from the original context and discourage people from using their own imaginations and spirit of inquiry and limit their better understanding the hows and whys of the place they're visiting.

    as for the ispahan granola......i can only rely on M. Hermes exquisite palate and skill. the idea of it - meh!

    thanks! i'll get off my soapbox now!

    1. I'm wid youse all the way Paradise!
      FREE up les jardins pour tout le monde!

  3. It was that Sophia Coppola film that first introduced me to macarons! Merci! Your water colors are looking especially scrumptious.

  4. Thanks for the tip on this one!

    1. definitely dont miss it as a photographer Virginia !

  5. I still dream of the baked treasures in that film! I wonder if there are old books with original recipes...

  6. the La Careme biography I wrote about has some but Sophia's MA was only new stuff in the dessert department I sould bet that you can get walking into most Paris patisseries.

    No fancy cakes at all in Adieu by the way
    A sign of it's gravity

  7. do you know the jardin de bagatelle at Versailles?
    le petite trianon was a favorite country home of marie antoinette. in late may and june, her rose garden blooms to the max. the little museum often has interesting expos. in september they have a vintage car show. i love all the little trysting places all over the grounds, designed and built by le comte d'artoise. it is a most lovely parc. beware the rows of exhibitionists on the walk from the 40-something bus to the entrance, though! and don't miss the sunken court with alternating clematis and climbing roses, especially nice in iris season. i've long fantasized about marrying the chief gardener and living in that delicious little cottage!

  8. The Ispahan granola is exquisite indeed

  9. I love the watercolors! The stills from the movie are gorgeous, too, as is Lea Seydoux. I've seen some clips of the movie & it looks very lush.
    We have the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum here in Providence and there have been many a strange exhibit over the years.....

  10. Granola Ispahan, oh my, that sounds exquisite. Perhaps I'll have to do a home made version? Sadly stuck in Australia, not in Paris til next year. Thanks for the reminder about the two movies. I haven't seen either actually. I think it's a shame that they're charging for the grounds. So many people used it for jogging and walks.

  11. I will wait for the film on Blockbuster...thanks for the tip.

  12. Your paintings are worthy of a queen, Carol!

  13. Delicate, lovely creations, Carol--love these latest watercolors. I haven't seen the movies, so I'll have to put them on our netflix queue for when I am home...thanks! (Last night was Toronto, tonight it's Princeton.)


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