Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Last night by lucky chance I got to attend a soiree for Sirio.

 Legendary New York restaurateur Sirio Maccioni just opened the newest addition to his empire at posh Hotel Pierre at 795 5th Avenue and 61st Street.

 An institution and inimitable, you could spot Sirio a mile away.

 Here with his son Marco on the far right.

 Sirio posed with many tall beauties last night and Sirio is easily 6' tall

 I've never seen so many sky-scraper tall women in red dresses as last night.

 These towering girls are beyond model height.

 The bandage look was the 'it' dress.

 Especially if it was Herve Leger's.

 Or a variation there of...

 Long bars served up all manner of drink.

 Blood orange Bellinis were flowing and perfectly matched

 The orange roses

 And strands of saffron in the risotto served.

 The orangy langoustine got a free ride and were still kicking up their claws on ice at the bar.

 Smiles all around from a happy convivial crowd made up of...


 Many blondes.

A sweet end to a glam evening - Sirio chilled chocolate-covered caramels.
Grazi Tanti SIRIO!


  1. You do get around!
    Tres glam evening.

  2. Lucinda9:53 AM

    Love following in your footsteps. Just like being there without the hangover :)

  3. Maybe there is something in the food that makes you very tall. I should make a reservation!

    1. There must be a New York agency supplying a bevy of 6 footers in red straplesses...

  4. Carol, I am sure that there are many such agencies.

    Did you get any photos of the amazons' stilettos?

    I'm sure it was a very festive evening. xo

    1. I did get some shoe shots
      It was a tossup whether to include them..

  5. A soiree indeed! Lucky you.
    (Did they have a harpist playing???)

    1. You couldn't hear yourself think Amy, for the clink of the Champagne glasses!!
      Was there even music?
      I don't know...

  6. Well you have the right hair colour, & red specs. Don't know how tall you are ? but you should have fitted in very nicely.Looks as if black was also very popular, & I'm sure I read somewhere you mentioned, 'when in doubt wear black' Hope the champagne was flowing your way.

  7. So many BEAUTIFUL girls..The skin..the hair..the physiques:)
    I think the bandage dress looks like a mummy dress.. :)
    And I have recently spotted those tight tight tight short short dresses..and without a touch of envy..I have to say that watching someone always tug to pull them down..makes them seem ..well not elegant at all..I love short on those beautiful girls..but not self rising..Pas beau pour moi.

    Looks like quite an experience Carol..
    Glad blonde is ok..just got MORE streaks:)

  8. Replies
    1. my black macaron(fore and aft) t-shirt of course and macaron bracelet
      thank Gawd it was dark

  9. Great pics - talk about glamorous :)
    The guy pouring the drinks has a gold Rolex - wow!
    It's not McDonald's........

    1. It's not McDonald's........

      it's MacCionni

  10. Can't say I love the bandage dresses, but that's coming from one who is most comfortable in cotton tops & old blue jeans...Were there tall handsome men as well?

  11. Wow!! Posh evening, I must say! :) Looks like loads of fun!

    x Milsters


  12. Aurelie3:17 PM

    I love your humour and paparazzi pictures.
    Very funny about the NY beauties.
    Next week I'm invited at a fashion show in hamburg where I live. I will try to get an eye on the guests and how they look like.


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