Monday, October 08, 2012

Dior compote de framboise

 Next Spring 2013 Dior says you'll be wearing this eye makeup.

 I do like these neck ribbon-scarfs. Do you?

 Wouldn't it be fun to be at the show in Paris sitting front row with De Niro and Kenya?

 Stripes are always in, in Paris. Pink and black - a classic.

Much discussed hot new designer at Dior, Raf Simon puts stripes the hem as well

 On tinselly, cellephane dresses with flowing mini trains

 Lots of simple clean designs from Simon at Dior. NYTimes Bill Cunningham says they're clothes real women can wear. But what about us unreal women?

 Nevermind. These swirly roses remind me of...

petite description:

Un biscuit macaron a la framboise montée comme une religieuse, fourré d'une crème vanille ultra légère et d'une compotée de framboise, le tout décoré par des framboises fraîches et de la gumauve

A raspberry macaroon cookie mounted as a nun, filled with a vanilla cream lightweight and a raspberry compote, all decorated with fresh raspberries and marshmallows.
If you want to hear Google Translate read this bit of poetry aloud go here.
 Last night while making applesauce again I got inspired by all this framboise and pink and threw in some frozen berries to make compote de framboise...

 If I really wanted to get creative I could knock off Eric Kayser's verrine de cheesecake but use Greek yogurt instead for a framboise stripey layered/couches affair like this.

 By the way Dior designer Raf Simon took his bow at the show wearing stripes on his back. Was Simon rushing off to indulge in a striped, layered bit of gateaux after all the fashion show angst. Did you experience angst last week getting a shortened versions of PB in your mailbox? Sorry. I was just testing. Everything's back to normal today.
Bon Appetit!


  1. Bill Cunningham's "real Women" must not eat quiche...or Isphahan...or cheesecake...but I guess compote would be ok!

  2. Those women don't eat ANYTHING!
    how else to fit into those size 3 frocks?

  3. LOVE how you take a theme and run with it in all directions usually ending up on the tastebuds.
    Macarons ROCK!

  4. I LOVE the neck scarf..It would hide the neck well..I love warm cozy ones starting now though..
    Never trust Google translations..never....:)I know the site wants to be helpful..but the terms are so wrong..
    The compote de framboises..looks wonderful.
    Can you imagine peeling those rhinestones off your eyes?The tattoos my grandsons put on my face are hard enough:)

  5. Of course Google mangles the translation into English completely
    What I like is the SOUND button so you can play back the French words outloud.
    I've yet to see that elsewhere

    Yes on with the scarves!

  6. That eye makeup? OW!
    That neck ribbon? Strangulation!
    That gateau? Seconds, please...

  7. Lucinda4:06 PM

    Yes please more gateau and less skinny clothes
    Where are the caftans?
    Oh at YSL thank god

  8. The opening shot sure gets one's attention :) I wonder how many women I'll see wearing that?
    Like Lucinda, I'll take the gateau! I think I could eat a ton of that!

    1. lucky you - it's light as a feather
      unlike that eyeshadow...ahem

  9. Well Dior would be wrong as I wont be wearing that eye stuff. :) but I wouldn't mind eating those goodies you showed. :)

  10. The eye shadow could be your new look Carol..not sure about the green though :) Don't know if those models are indulging in too many raspberry macaroon cookies!
    Carla x

  11. That eye shadow is quite fetching indeed. Although I am left rather bereft that even Dior has succumbed to the mullet hemline.

  12. Yes, I guess I'm one of the unreal women, hahaha! I relate more to the applesauce than to the fashions, but that world does intrigue me. The Dalloyau macaron masterpiece, like a pink mini castle! More spectacular than Hansel & Gretl's gingerbread house.

  13. RebeccaNYC4:40 PM

    The little box like dish the framboise dessert is in looks very much like a dessert I purchased at Picard! (I loved all the little plastic dishes, and wanted to take them home! But what would I do with them?)

    1. Oh the verrine from Eric Kayser..
      Must go back to Picard - amazing things in there..

  14. Suzanne2:06 PM

    They arrived. I love my watercolors!

    I found out about your website quite by accident. I went to Paris in March and my favorite was Graphiques Melodies. When I googled for Graphique, your comment on the store on one of your blog appeared and the rest is history! I look forward to your new blogs especially the ones you talk about your watercolor and when I want to relax at night, I go through your older blogs, reminiscing about my trip and planning on future ones.


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