Friday, May 04, 2012

Pierre Herme Rhum Baba

 A visit to Patisserie Pierre Herme in Paris is an absolute must-do
 His windows always surprise - full of pastry poetry.

 Inside the shop it's so busy no one spots my little camera
 I shoot away with fear and trembling.
 Expecting to be caught out at any moment.
 These are so lush and intense one gets weak at the knees.
 A leaflet comes with your baba explaining all. Plus this gorge photo setup reminiscent of Dutch master still life paintings.

 Are you melting yet?
 Each baba comes in a large size
 And an individual portion.
 The ingredients are complex, lengthy. The taste astonishing!
 I take my PHerme bag out to a drizzly St-Sulpice parc bench
 A look inside at the 'Mogador' Baba - three sizes of macarons rest on the top poof.
I eat these first and then dive in.
 It would take an awful lot of leg kicks in this YSL summer dress to work off that baba.
 And an awful lot of laps.
 And an awful lot of walkies round Luxembourg jardins so your hips don't notice that baba.
Oh heck.
That's why we come to Paris isn't it?
Beauty of the highest order.
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  1. I'm about to go out for dinner with friends.
    Thanks to you, Carol, I've just had dessert.
    Very tasty post.

    1. Hahahahaha
      the awful power of suggestion
      I was so 'Good' today and then a commenter mentioned FG's cookie supply.
      Previously untouched, now severely diminished...

  2. Ah, le Baba au rhum. A favorite French pastry of mine. Great shots, Carol. Nobody should resist a beautiful Baba. There is always time for laps in the pool or leg kicks later, right? Even though- I must admit. You went straight for Baba AND Macarons in one dessert. Could not decide, could you? Glad you're having fun in Paris. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Merci Veronique
      Really I'm a devotee of PHerme's Mogador.
      The 'M' word always gets me.
      Passion Fruit!
      No one does it better :)

  3. Oh my goodness - I just gained 5 pounds looking at the pictures! Glad you're splurging on some treats. (Love that Dutch still life setup.)

    1. Yes isn't it a brilliant way to show exquisit desserts?
      Nothing is left to chance.

  4. Wow, that's torture!
    I love the way those pastries look, especially the chocolates...that little camera does a good job!

  5. It has belatedly occurred to moi that those Parisians must be eating a heck of a lot of parties....your shots are always full of so many beauties and I'm sure they only last a day or so. Do they donate the leftovers to soup kitchens? Do they have soup kitchens?

    1. There are NO LEFTOVERS.
      Wonder into P Herme at 6:55 pm and you will ge aghast to find almost zip left.
      Ya gotta be kidding J.!


  6. You could be stealing the secrets of the cakes!
    Great photos worth the risk.

    Lorraine xx

  7. You have become very bold with your camera, and sneaky, too. Pardon me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

  8. Geri, NJ9:43 PM

    Melting?...I'm a puddle.

  9. Just added Pierre Herme to the places I must go when I arrive in Paris next week....I can't wait!!! I will be dreaming of macarons on top of a Mogador Baba the entire plane ride!!!

  10. Oh Wow. I can't believe I haven't been there. Definitely on the (ever expanding) list to squeeze in next visit.

  11. So very tempting!! and you are crazy funny! (((:
    Do those kicks and those laps and eat that delish cake please!
    hugs Z

  12. Lurve the little Paris chien today..

  13. you are a much braver lady then I am. I am scared of the withering parisian glare I would get if I was caught taking pictures.

  14. Hi, you are so brave to take photos in there! Good for you. Great photos. I tried to take photos at Laduree in both NEw York and London at Harrods and they didn't allow it. Maybe I will try again next time :). Those cakes look so delicious!

    1. Ah Ha!
      They have SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHY' guards to keep watch.
      I got caught there too.
      Best to just keep smiling and shooting.
      Anyways what can they do?
      Once a guard asked me to 'eraser'my photos.
      I pretended not to understand and ran away :)

  15. So varied their mops have made me so aware that a tiny spy camera could be great fun..will need the dexterity too though:)

  16. Beauty and decadence, indeed - eat it all up!

  17. I'm in Paris on vacation right now, and I'm going for the Mogador tomorrow! Luv your blog!

  18. Hi Carol!
    Rhum Baba is one of my very favorite desserts!!!!Of course it is also almost impossible to find on menus in the US. Thanks for the Look..... I'm definitely going there next trip across the pond..... Maryanne xo

  19. Beauty of the highest order... but of course! xv

  20. Germaine7:15 PM

    I lost my camera on a recent return flight from DisneyWorld (I inquired twice, no luck) and must buy a new one for my trip to Paris with friends the end of Sept., overlap to Oct.
    Could you please tell me what kind of camera you use? I'm not at all a die-hard, knowledgeable photographer, taking pictures mainly to capture scenes and memories to paint at another time but would like a decent "small" one. I will understand if you cannot or wish not to share this information.

    Always look forward to more "Paris Breakfast"
    Love the way you have chosen to share your Paris trips

    1. I think it's in my sidebar from amazon...
      no secret Germaine
      I have a Canon S90...
      now they have the s95
      Love it!
      and love Canon customer care.
      They tell you how to open the box..
      I'm not kidding!

  21. Luscious, and a true feast for the eyes! I know where I will head to when I get to Paris!

    (I took me a whole day to scratch my molten self off the chair and type this from the Martini glass I am now residing until I get myself firm again.)

    1. "It" took me (the "T" is really hard to find, the glass rim enlarges it to superT dimensions).

  22. PH is also to launch a collection of tarts, I'am eager to try them !

  23. Anonymous4:27 AM

    I love the doughnut like ribbon window-art! The French really do do window designs so creatively!
    And it ties back to de Heem and Matisse's Table of Desserts perfectly!

    You'll be very much missed on Wednesday, Claudine! xx


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