Thursday, May 24, 2012

Les Tendance Blancs

 It's a well-known cultural difference that the French do not go in for big toothy grins at the drop of the hat like Americans.
 Serenity now with a hint of mystere - oui.
A slightly open mouth is OK.
Rosecrans Baldwin mentions in Paris, I ♥ You But etc. etc.,
"On two separate occasions, we were asked to resubmit our photos: too much smiling. No visible happiness was allowed in official pictures - pas de sourire, visage degage. To become Parisian was business tres serious."
 Imagine my surprise when I saw on the cover of every French Girl's bible, Elle Magazine a big article on whitening your teeth!?

 As if the invasion of the cupcake/hamburger were not bad enough? 
 Are we about to be assaulted with big smiles on every corner in Paris?
 Tony Martin's toothy grin in the Metro is managable I suppose...
 But really this is a trend/tendance that will not take off IMHO.
 Oh the other hand the BIG white watch is everywhere.
 This has taken off.
Even French Girl was wearing one as she left for Shanghai.
 I'm flirting with this white Baby-G as the essential accessory to wear this summer in Paris. But I'll never paint my teeth shiny white.
 Of course white cyclamen will always be in - these are from Marais Vertige.
 You can't get more classic than milk in the vitrine of frozen yogurt MYLK near Odeon.
 Who did not cut their baby teeth on vanilla ice cream? Another classic white.
 Last December Katerina requested a facade of Paris Hotel Shangri-la.
 She reminded me in April, when it was easy to pass by, take photos and do a sketch.
 I could not resist going inside (at 8am) and having a look.
 Photo by
Their afternoon tea in the 'La Bohinia' is considered to be quite spectacular. It's on my to-do list when I win the lottery perhaps...
This Paris dog's white tail?
What's not to love?


  1. Wow, what a wonderful post, Carol! :-)

    Beautiful painting of the Shangri-La Hotel, such a majestic building.

  2. P.S.: Love the picture of the ice cream cone and the lady in pink!

  3. Regarding the wristwatch, I am surprised that Frenchgirl did not go for Chanel's white ceramic wristwatch. ;-)

    1. For a fun, trendy accessory I wouldn't go to Chanel unless loaded..ahem

  4. Adrienne1:52 PM

    Small corrections for today—tendance is feminine—so it should be blanches and the picture of white flowers you identified as cyclamen are actually Phalaenopsis orchids I believe.
    Keep up the good work and the fun,

    1. I did google les blancs, but google is not always to be depended upon in many cases..
      the fleurs were a wild guess : )

  5. I was always so pleased that I was never asked to give a big toothy American grin in France. A good reason to move back:) I am more of a French smiler...which of course does not mean I am a crab. But you'd never know that by listening to our fellow Americans. Thank you for reminding me....xoxo

  6. I first started reading your blog in 2007. On Sunday, after visiting the Lucian Freud exhibition at the National Portrait, London. We went to Covent Garden and came across the Laduree shop and cafe. I did think of you !

  7. I didn't know about the lack of love for white teeth :) We do take it to extremes here, I guess.
    White watches are new to me, too!
    I love your watercolor and that photo of the ice cream shop.

    1. You always make me go back and take a 2nd at the ice cream shot :)

  8. Elizabeth4:12 PM

    Not too sure about the prevalence of cosmetic dentistry in France...
    for example, I don't think I've ever seen ads for it in fashion mags...
    but with all that COFFEE and red WINE, they probably make up a great potential market for it!

    1. Hmmmm...
      And all the Coca drinking too

  9. Love your painting. Love the doggy pix at the end too. White watches, no smiling etc..I always learn something new when I come here. You are never boring. :))I did try the slight smile for my drivers licence renewal recently. I might as well have held up some convict numbers over my chest.. It came out horible.. lol

  10. Yes, I also LOVE the doggy pic at the end and your painting. Not so fond of the white watches, been done to death!!

    Today I discovered Coconut Milk Yoghurt. Pure white, pure heaven, tasted like creme fraiche:)

  11. white has always been one of my favorite colors. thank you for this feature, lovely photos! and i learned something new. :)

  12. Perhaps tooth whitening will catch on in Paris...they obviously need it more than we do...with their tiny bit of tooth showing, the teeth must be very white to show at all!

  13. Fabulous sketch of the Shangri-La and the end note.....with the doggy tail!!
    Carla x

  14. Your drawing is more vibrant & sparky than the image in the photo...The white watch, it seems out of character with French fashion? But then, so does McDonald's food and I understand it is à la mode in Paris...My own white favorites: French coffee cups and creamers and lily of the valley.

  15. Ha! That is so true about the smiles!! French women rarely do it anyway, so yes, that image on Elle was also a shocker to me. :) Who knows, maybe things change with the summer time.

    x Milla


    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who dropped their socks at the notion of BIG Paris smiles! :)))

  16. My girls wear the big white watch...perhaps one s so true how everyone seems to have big white beautiful smiles nowadays...
    I m on an iPad and must cut this short..I make too many mistakes ns some look sinful...

  17. I've neither a giant white watch nor big pearly whites, but I do have a penchant for grinning like une folle at the Frenchies.

  18. I believe les fleurs, the white cyclamen are white orchids (phalaenopsis).
    I enjoy your Paris Breakfasts.

  19. atdcom9:38 AM

    Believe they are orchids...
    not cyclamen.


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