Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Les Maitres du Desordre - Musee Branly

 By chance I popped into the musee Branly and they were playing my song.
 Les Maitres du Desordre is on till 29 July.
 If you're messy DON'T MISS IT!
It will validate you in ways you never imagined.
 I felt instantly at home.
Basquiat I LOVE U!
There are artists messier than I am.
Who knew?
 The exhibit of course is very orderly.
It's French.
 Amazing to see mess displayed this way.
 Sometimes messiness entraps you and doesn't feel so creative. Have you ever wasted oodles of time looking for vital papers that were right in front of you?
 I've shown my messy studio many times.
 Somehow it doesn't look so bad..?
 Though nothing like YSL's perfect order.
 I loved the explanations for disorder in the exhibit.
'Order does not exist without ambivalence. All order including the divine order, is fundamentally flawed'.
 Sometimes there can be happy disorder!
 I was quite orderly for my dinner party last week - a miracle really...

The French are very orderly (like French Girl). Is that why I'm so attracted to them?
I'm having two very disorderly days.
I catch AirFrance 'home' today, but it doesn't feel so much like home anymore.
Paris has become so comfortable. 
Been bawling for 2 days straight without knowing why :(
Off to take an orderly swim. Then come back and make order of my disorder before takeoff.
Wish me luck!


Lucy in the sky said...

WHOA ! I totally GET THIS
I'm such a mess :()
can not spell either..does that make me more shaman like?

Anonymous said...

Carol, if you are bawling for two days at the idea of "going home it's time to move to Paris! Just sayin...


Emily in Exile said...

Today?!?!?! That bums me out :( - le prochain fois peut-etre?

Jerie Artz said...

I have a sign in my studio that a friend gave me 30 some years ago - "geniuses thrive on clutter." I usually have it taped to the back of my chair where i can see it each time I sit down! I heard of a study done of a group of artists. They thought the study was done about their creative process. In reality it was about the amount of order/disorder of their work space. In reality, those who created in clutered created more - the others took up time "putting things in order." Love it!

Marina Mott said...

I absolutely love this kind of (wonderful) mess!!

Unknown said...

Perhaps you've been bawling because you are in the process of going through a "re-birth," and from what my female friends tell me, "birth " of any kind has its moments of PAIN.
And ultimate JOY.
Please excuse me as I must go up to my messy studio and get to work.

sillygirl said...

Well that is why my kitchen is so messy - thanks for clearing up my thinking!

Bill said...

I couldn't live without my disorder. Of course, if I tried, maybe I could get off my medication.

Prairie Jill said...

As I read this, I'm sitting at my messy dining room table (paints, papers, half-finished projects, computer, purse, maps .. well, you get the idea!).

As for the bawling for two days ... hmm, maybe Paris is home now? It's tough to make a big move (believe me, I know - I've just made one), but sometimes you just have to follow your heart. Or so I keep telling myself!

Save travels!

Raids Pâtisseries said...

Messiness is the default of true artists !

Giulia said...

You know why you're bawling. You don't want to leave Paris...it's become a home for you. It's time to really do something about it, Carol. Which you might very well be doing. But in case not...ahem.


Nikon said...

Boy, that exhibit is a bit of a whack to the eye!
I'm sorry that you are bawling - have a safe trip home!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. is the time in Paris over already? That went fast. Thanks for vindicating my messiness for me. :)) Hope you have a safe trim back to NY and you figure out the Paris thing soon.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oops.. hope you have a safe TRIP not trim.. lol

Jill Colonna said...

What an exhibition. You'll be back before you know it, don't worry. We have some serious, sweet catching up to do next time. Bon voyage et à très bientôt... xo

Parisbreakfasts said...

Time REALLY flys when you're having fun Em!

Parisbreakfasts said...

"You could have a point there Maureen" she said. as a big tear rolled down her cheek in Astoria NY...

miam...tastes like 'sel de Guerande'

Parisbreakfasts said...

Rick says when I visit him at cafe Le Select, I immediagely make a big mess on the table.
Too much :)
Feeling so MUCH better know this!

Parisbreakfasts said...

thank you for seeing through my tears so clearly!!!
You got it :)

Emily in Exile said...

We will have to meet up the next time. I want to see your sneaky ninja picture taking in action!

Alyson B Stanfield said...


When are you moving to Paris?


Patricia and Eric said...

I knew Paris was home the first time I set foot there. That feeling has never left

me. I believe the only answer is to be in Paris as much as is possible.

So happy to have your posts – they provide more joy to us fellow Franco/Paris-philes than I can ever describe.

Hello and kisses to dear Bear!
Loved-!!--the posts on his ice cream making, and solitary Paris wanderings and adventures.

Cheers and all the best to you—please return to Paris soon!

Parisbreakfasts said...

THANKS so much for the encouragement
I WILL do this one way or 't'other
it's in the cards for me :)

Amy said...

You're bawling becaue your heart is telling you soemthing very important and your body/mind just can't follow through right now to give it what it needs.

You'll make it happen, Carol. I know you will. And there will be a wonderful, creative "collage" of life surrounding you when you do!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

I think your readers have pretty much nailed the reason for your tears....sorry it took me so long to comment but I was looking for my painting reference for a few days...I know I put it somewhere around here...

Pamela said...

Sorry you've been feeling low Carol.
When you get home you can think long and hard about the future.
Remember nothing lasts for ever.
Your wonderful pictures and paintings have brought the best of Paris into my life, such creativity and imagination, you are truly gifted.
Paris loves you so get back there asap. Pamela xx