Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bear's Last Day in Paris

 Carolg did NOT want to leave Paris this trip!
merci Jean-Paul Goude
 A last jump into St.-Germain piscine.
I wish Carolg would stop saying,'Je neige'
when she means 'J'ai nager'..ahem
The flipflop saleswoman at Monop laughed de trop.
 Post-swim a last 'reward' from nearby Pierre Herme. Ooops no kouign amann left.
 Pastry expert, Raids-Petisseries said we must taste Herme's new tarte collection.
 But we fell for 'Gourmandise Constellation'
 Back in the rue running home we wolfed down the PH kouglof studed with dried fruit.
oh la la - quelle crunch!
 The Gourmandise Constellation can NOT be eaten in the street.
 Then a mad rush to make order of French Girl's appart...eek
 Then a mad rush to RER B to CDG.
 Bear got to browse the pelouches again.
 Bear's brightest idea ever...
 A 5-minute deep full-body massage for a mere 2 near AirFrance's gate.
 The trip home was amazingly pleasent thanks to that massage perhaps.
 Carolg is back doing the stairs hourly
(not Parisian escalier malheueusement).
She has to get thin for Paris
House sitting for all of July and August is on the menu.
Yahoo :)
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  1. oh you lucky girl....want any company??LOL

    of course Bear will be going with you ...

    this can be your dry run ..then you can make the BIG it...for all of us!!

  2. I love that opening shot & of course the pics of Bear.
    Is there a secret to being a house sitter?
    I don't want to sound envious......

    1. I should charge Carolg model rates perhaps.
      What a good idea!

  3. I agree with Debbie, can I come with?? I don't take up very much room and I eat like a little Paris bird! I could help you organize all your stuff, too :)

    1. GOSH I could really use a personal organizer.
      But what if you wanted to go outside and see the Eiffel tower all the time..?

  4. Oh wonderful Carol... is that July AND August? wow.. Congrats!!! :)) Now can you smuggle me one of those..Lordie!!..things for me?? lol I'm drooling here.

  5. Geri, NJ5:36 PM are an extremely lucky duck...I want a gig like that. Great pics and storyboarding. Bear looks too cute in that chair! Serious sugar craving today; these pics did not help it :(

  6. I am green (sap geen;) with envy - lucky you!!

  7. Wow..what a summer! You are thin..:)!!
    That first girl looks a little en "dehors de l'ordinaire:)"..She might scare my nature in person..But I envy her nevertheless~
    Je nage.. what's the difference? Just an e and an i:) I am snowing..or I am swimming:)
    Both are charming~This post teaches perspective also..
    Bear is either BIG..or Tiny depending on la chaise..le siège:)
    Enjoy end of May and June..:)Until life gets suber active again..
    N.B. Un film de suspense et de violence..sur Netflix..mais bon..

    La Proie~The Prey.
    I favor flip flops and flats over any shoe:)

  8. The perfect gig for trying out a permanent move! Congratulations!
    BTW, beware of organizers bearing gifts. The Master, upon borrowing my car, declared it in need of "organization" and had it detailed, then took every single item in it and packed each one away in a zippered bag! My yoga eye pillow went into the bottom of a lovely shopping bag to serve as ballast in turning it into a TRASH container. I couldn't find anything without unzipping everything. If I can't see it, it doesn't exist! After much muttering I finally sent for an open topped 3-compartment trunk bin. Now I can see it all again! Organization is highly over-rated!

  9. Anonymous8:50 PM

    TWO WHOLE MONTHS - You lcuky lucky lady! This will be a perfect practive for the big move shoudl you decide to take the plunge - to swim not to snow ha ha. You might need one mroe seesion in the dead of winter? Well, peut-etre non! Love your blog. I eat virtual pastries. Jsut keep walking walking and walking. I never gain weight in London and I think taht is the secret.. Bon chance, Carol.

  10. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Oh my ! I was typing dyslexically. Sorry, Carol. I really CAN spell properly. Next time I'll preview - Duh.

    1. 'typing dyslexically' is one of my major areas of expertise.
      Fear not. I am wid U all the way.

  11. Two whole months in Paris. What a gig! Now you can try the "cafe gourmand" that is all the rage in the fancy Paris restaurants according to today's Wall Street Journal. Three tiny desserts with coffee; they didn't look that tiny to me in the pictures but certainly worth the research.

    1. cafe gourmand has been around for a while.
      Not so new IMHO
      The prob is I don't eat fancy lunches
      I do the salade thing to balance all the pastries
      or drink much coffee so I'm not in on this one even if it is a tad last year..ahem
      I would LOVE to try it of course.
      TAKE ME TO LUNCH a tout a suite!!

  12. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Two months house-sitting in Paris?! Be still my heart.


    1. I know :)
      It can't come fast enough for me.

  13. Oooohh do you think bear can handle 2 whole months in Paris? :) Am sure he will TRY!
    Carla x

  14. I love bears adventures. And I'm so happy you will be here for two whole months! You can teach me how to go to the pool :). Don't worry about getting thin for summer. Parisians all slob out that time of the year. It's so relaxing.

    1. WHAT?
      Parisians SLOB out in the SUMMER time?
      going to the pool is a snap
      You'll be kicking yrself blk and bleu
      I'll post on it completely.
      St.Germain is one of the best & easiest so far to navigate,

    2. don't forget that there is a firemen's ball in every fire station in Paris for Bstille Day......

    3. I have never been in Paris for Bastille day :O
      les pompiers are SO BUFF!
      ooooh la la

  15. All of June and July in Paris...ahhhhhh.

  16. www.frenchcravings.com9:55 AM

    You are the luckiest gal in the world!! :)

  17. Sounds to me like someone is slowly acclimating to French life and will one day be an expat. C'est si bon.

  18. Yippee! Paris is the summer for two mohtns, I hope you enjoy every minute!

    I have spent 20 years of summers in Paris/France and I never tire of exploring.

    Take care, elizabeth

  19. Oh wow, two whole months in Paris! How fantastic. I don't know if I'm more excited for you, or for those of us who will be able to read all the fabulous on the scene posts! Although secretly I suspect I know the answer.

    1. TANKS
      I am crossing off the days until...


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