Monday, May 07, 2012

Paris By Mouth Food Tours

 Is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Too much French bread, fromage or caramels?
Everything is balanced on a tour with Paris By Mouth led by Phyllis Flick to Marche Bastille and le Marais.

 First stop - buy some baguette de tradition for our fromage later.
 I've painted this corner boulangerie many times...a favorite.
 Once inside the bustling marche Bastille, Phyllis took us to la creme de la creme of purveyors. If you see a long line join the queue.
 I didn't know all French food must indicate it's place of origin. The mark of AOC (controled appelation of origin) is sign of quality. Eggs are marked with a numbered system 0-3 (0 is organic, 1 is free-range, 3 is battery caged hens). Chickens with a red seal/'label rouge' on them are prefered.
We found a park nearby and wolfed down the best Roquefort ever. It just happens to be the right season at the moment for chevre too, so do get over here PDQ!
 A marinated rotisserie chicken from David Lebovitz' chicken lady was demolished in a flash.
 Salt demos from the Maitre de Sel de Guerande had us enhaling various flavored salt.
 Phyllis showed us the best place for mushrooms.
 And fresh produce.
 Post-marche we wended our way through many alley-ways in the Marais I've never visited. As we walked Phyllis pointed out restaurants worth a future visit.
You can also find Phyllis on her blog Paris Notebook.

 Meert was one destination on rue Elzevir for vintage sweets.
 Alice would be quite content here.

 Meert is famous for their unpronouncable Gaufres de Lille.
 But I ate with my eyes the pretty berry cakes in the window.
 On to a 'horizontal' tasting of Gerard Mulot and Dalloyau  macarons chocolat.
 The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was a visit to superb chocolatier Jacques Genin - 133, rue de Turenne 75003
 Very grand and spacious for a Paris shop.
 The pastries are exquisite
 And made throughout the day Phyllis explained. Freshness is key. The best eclair I've ever tasted. Much more chocolate than sugar.
 I forgot to mention our stop in covered marche des Enfant Rouges for an olive tasting at Premiere Presson Provence. I browsed doggies.
 I've seen this Paris Respire map many times but never understood it shows streets in the Marais closed off to traffic on Sundays.
 If you go walkies your shoes should match your tot's outfit
The final piece de resistance was MANGO PASSION caramel from Jacques Genin - probably the BEST caramel on the planet. Words can't describe how our tastebuds were educated on Paris by Mouth's Tour. You'll have to try it out for yourself PBers.
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  1. Oh the shoe match:) How cute..I guess it was planned..what a great capture..and eye you have..
    When I was reading your post and saw that cute boulangerie I thought ..she should paint it..and right below..there it was..Love it.

  2. .. this was a FAB post, so interesting your tour ... we heard the crowds were wild after the election, did you run into any activity .. how interesting to be over there at this time... LOVED the doggie ... best,

    Karen in CT

  3. That's my kind of walk (and no, you can't have too many caramels).

  4. Carol so much fun to follow along on your Paris by Mouth tour!

    Lovely rendering!


    Art by Karena

  5. {{{{ marian cakes }}}}9:35 AM

    thank you......fab blog and pictures[ as always] to paris soon....6.90 a lot in 'my' money; but these are jewels aren't they
    ....what other patisseries would you recommend super regards

    {{{{ marian cakes }}}}

  6. Jane G9:41 AM

    I have been steeping myself in Paris lore -- studying my father's WWII photos and reading military history. Perhaps this is why, when I saw the photo of le fromage and 'artisan baguette' I read it as 'partisan baguette.'

    Am cutting down on caloric intake here so I can indulge in a macaron or ten over there!


  7. Aha! Just as I was about to write something I see that last caramel of Genin's and my mouth is flooding. It's my favourite flavour chez lui (although pricey...) I love his boutique - it's as if he's selling diamonds.
    So, Dalloyau or Mulot for macarons?

    1. Thanks goodness we each only got ONE
      Plus I was far away when I decided to taste.
      Otherwise I could have blown a bundle on them.
      Who needs real Mango when you have these!

  8. Que saudades de Paris

  9. Carol, in addition to your taste buds being educated, there are comments you made in this post that sound to me like someone who is absolutely delighted as you expand your knowledge of your possible new "turf" to be.
    Love it!

  10. Carol, this is completely delightful ! Just tagging along with you guys made me happy. Maybe one day I can "be there." xx's

  11. Just how many of my favourite things can you pack into one post??!! Art Nouveau bakery, cheese, roast chicken, profiteroles wearing perfect shiny little chocolate hats....

  12. Gawd Carole, I am on a diet and you have me wanting to rush to the boulangerie and the cheese shop.. Looks divine.. Carla x

    1. Who isn't on a regime in this town Carla?
      Still this is the way to go..
      Lots of little tastes (petites bouches)
      that don't mount up to many calories yet include lots of deep satisfaction.

  13. Such a great post!
    You should write a childrens book about Paris and illustrate it yourself!
    I will have to share this post with my facebook followers!
    Everything looks amazing!
    I was going to go to Paris this September but life got in the way again. NY is the furthest East from BC I'll be going this year. Very excited about my first trip this July!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

    1. I think a kids book with your sketches would be very popular.... especially if it stars a little (ok a little fat) black cat ;)

  14. Thanks for letting us armchair travel! You know how to live the good life, Carol. We should all follow your lead.

  15. Well I definitely enjoyed studying it. This information offered by you is very practical for proper planning

  16. Oh, my, thank you for your beautiful generous tour, Carol! Look forward to savoring it in person one day soon. Just delightful, as always!

  17. Love that Paris by Mouth!!
    a must-do next time
    merci annie

  18. Geri, NJ2:49 PM

    What a wonderful tour...eclairs are my fave! Thanks for the link...I've taken a look ~ the variety of tours is awesome; this is definitely on my next list of Paris to off to dream/plan (as if I needed a reason to go again). Your painting is perfect, BTW.

  19. I loved all of the shots, but I think that those chocolates were the best photos!
    Looks like you are having fun!

  20. All looks eye-poppingly good. Yum.
    I have never tasted a mango caramel, I shall put it on my list for my next trip to Paris.
    Love your pictures.

  21. Yum yum all looks so delish, love your blog cannot wait to go to Paris and check out these pastries for myself

  22. Meert berry cakes look particularly good! I didn't know they had broadened theur range of pastries available in Paris. Good news!

  23. I love your photographs of the fresh produce. I miss Paris!! It's only 3 hours by train from The Hague but still I never visit often.

    ps I want a baguette! :)

  24. I am officially famished and I ate only an hour ago! I want that bread, first of all ... some fromage ... that chicken looks yummy too! Then I will cap it off with the chocolate glazed pastry please.

    officially tortured.

  25. God, this looks like a wonderful tour! We stayed in the Marais on the last trip to Paris and shopped at the wonderful Bastille market - great memories. Are you still there? Wondering how it was on election day and how the mood is regarding the new pres?

    1. there are so many holidays in this town (today is another ferie) it's hard to tell.
      Who can tell what will be?
      On verra bien as they say...

    2. If you want to read more on the election check out Emerly's post
      Storming the Bastille for the Full Monty

  26. Sorry for drooling all over your page.

  27. Thanks Carol, I added this to my list of "great things to do in Paris".
    Planning a trip, but am going to have to stay for a month to fit it all in !!!

  28. This post is amazing, carol! Wonderful pics! xoxo

  29. A whole slew of NEW places to dream about! You do realize that I will have to prep for a year for my Paris trip! Eventually.

  30. I love the painting. Love the colors. I am also drooling over those two chocolate Macaron's...They are calling to me.. lol

  31. I will be dreaming of this tour tonight! This tour is both fabulous and delicious! I will share this on my Facebook for my friends to view and enjoy. Merci!

  32. That tour looks so fun! Believe it or not, unless you do some research, you can get some overpriced bad food. So the restaurant recommendations are probably worth the price of the tour alone!

  33. You summed up the tour perfectly, Carol! And our fingers look great ;-)

    1. Dear Unknown,

      I got some adorable pics of you but didn't think a law suit at this time would be such a good idea :)

  34. The best caramel on the planet? Big call! I have to try it. It does look mighty fine. And best eclair? Better than Maison du Chocolat? Can it be possible? I'd love to know. Looks like a fabulous excursion. I'm thinking of staying in the Marais next visit, so will keep the tour in mind. And I love that you noticed the shoe matching quickly enough to capture it.

    1. Beleive me when I tell you I am not the 1st to be transcendental whilst biting into a Jacque Genin caramel(mango)

      Many have gone before me and wet their pants over them.
      so YES you must try them if you're a caramel fan (I am)
      The Paris By Mouth tour is worht every centime because of all the extra info thrown in like where to eat enroute, fr history bla bla bla

  35. No better tours in Paris! Glad you had a good time! Phyllis is fantastic.

  36. Yes it was the BEST ever except for Meg's Montmartre tour...
    they are terrific..I'm a big fan


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