Thursday, May 17, 2012

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Today is Norwegian Independence Day.
It's also my birthday.
Today Le Figaro was awfully kind to send me good wishes. Who knew if you subscribed you'd get a card and a virtual  'gateaux'?
I've been cleaning out my closets (preparing for Paris I hope...). I found this long lost map-of-Tokyo-workman's glove! Like a gift really.
I found  my lost swim ticket!!
Ages old but always good in Paris. Yay

Today I found this tax refund check in the GARBAGE!
It will pay for my traditional B'day lunch - a steamed lobster at Chelsea Market.
I won't be eating my traditional B'day dessert - lemon meringue tarte
That will have to wait till July and Paris.
I'm on my latest regime -
The smaller fork/forchette diet.
Why is it the last days of a trip you go hog wild spending and buying yourself presies? Does this happen to you too?
I bought this adorable T-shirt at Anne Maisonneuve.

I've long admired the Red Riding Hood jewelry at Point Central on 47, rue Cler
After much leche-vitrine of the big red riding hood ring (20 euros).
I fell in love with the little Red (38 euros). Clearly meant for a 10-year old or a tween.
At my little diner party we all admired D'arcy's curly locks. Natch D'arcy said she'd like to have straight hair like Meg Zimbeck and moi. Meg  mentioned when she wakes up her hair is standing straight up. Me too.
I decided to do something about it and went looking for goop to make my hair stand up straight full time. I found Osis you sprinkle on your head like salt in a hair supply shop in the Marais.
I fell in love with the vendeuse's haircut.
She sent me out the back door to Zazen - 38, rue Roi de Sicile 75004 Florent took me right away and now my hair stands up straight all the time.
A great Paris presie!
Not to worry. I bought plenty of macarons for research.
One-mac-a-day is the rule (sometimes broken).
Today someone in Paris asked me to BAKE them a piece monte.
My Metro horoscope yesterday said:
Although each might require a bit of effort, several important objectives can be attained. Don't hesitate to go all out in order to achieve what you want.
I'd like to request a presie from PB readers.
Now I've spent countless HOURS on Pinterest could you please
I promise Friday will be an ALL MACARON Day!
It will anyway :)
Cheers Carolgxxx


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Carol...may you spend your next one in Paris...

    how do you keep all those Macs fresh? they go stale so quickly..what's the secret?

    1. I don't think they go stale...maybe the texture changes in the fridge
      You can wrap tight with seran and store in the freezer.
      Much less nibbling if you do that for sure!!

  2. Joyeux anniversaire, Carol. Entertaining post as always. I approve of your plans for the day (le Homard à Chelsea market.) I would heed that Metro horoscope advice and start planning for my move to Paris if I were you! Bonne journée. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Joyeux anniversaire Carol!
    All the best,
    Houston Tx

  4. Happy Birthday, Carol. Wish I could be eating lobster with you. LOL. Love your new hairdo - thanks for all of the joy you bring us on a daily basis. xo

  5. Ok....we want to see the hair!!! Pics please!


  6. Happy Birthday Dear Carol!! Wonderful images; as always thank you for supporting the arts!

    Art by Karena

    so you re back
    and heading to Chelsea
    why not come to meet Buster?

  8. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Joyeux Anniversaire! Hope you day is as lovely as a rose flavored Macaron! Actually I would put a candle in your favorite flavored one(or two) for you. May you have many more! Thanks for the nice posts. Last year I was in Paris on this day, so I am being very sentimental.Enjoy!merci ~Fan from rural Oregon

  9. Joyeux Anniversaire, Carol! May your day be filled with happiness and your year be the very best one yet! I granted your birthday wish about 10 days ago, I think!

  10. Happy Birthday, Carol!
    May all your wishes come true!

    I am your follower on Pinterest since Day 1! :-)


  11. Joyeux anniversaire, Carol ! J'espère que tu passes une bonne journée !

    Bises de Paris

  12. Joyeux anniversaire Carol. I wish you a fabulous day filled with much happiness! Love your joyeux anniversaire painting at the top of your post... is it for sale on your etsy site? ~Jen
    p.s. would also love to know how you keep your macarons fresh.

    1. How to keep macarons fresh?
      Hmmm...they have pretty good staying power. It helps to put something betw each mac so they don't stick together in transit.
      Nothing tastes the same as when you buy it fresh at the patisserie but one can live with these small inconveniences if one's frigo is stuffed with macarons can one not?

  13. The happiest of birthdays, Carol. I just followed you on Pinterest. xoxo/Susan

  14. Joyeux anniversaire dear Carol!!! May all your wishes and dreams come true and may each Birthday be even MORE wonderful and fabulous than the one before ~~ HUGS!!! Here's hoping you will be celebrating in grand style next year in Paris, qui?? I wish to add that your watercolor is gorgeous (as always), and I HAVE been following you on Pinterest since you began :) Much love xoxox, Risa

  15. Joyeux anniversaire, Carol!

  16. Wow, Happy Birthday!
    I hope that you enjoyed the lobster!
    Your hair stands straight up in the morning & so does Megs? Is that a coded message to the Russians?

  17. Happy Birthday! and thank you for the wonderful richness of your posts and paintings!

  18. Happy Birthday, Carol! You light up our lives with your paintings, curiosity, humor and spirit. :-)

  19. Christina3:59 PM

    Many happy returns, Carol!!!
    Thank you for your wonderful and informative posts. I keep them all,
    the day I could go back to Paris will make a list of all the places to
    A big hug to Bear!!!

  20. To dearest special, wonderful, talented carol
    Happy birthday
    from Karen Scarlett and saffron

  21. I wish I could send you a Parisian lemon meringue tart by mail... Happy birthday Carol !!

  22. Happy Pinkbday1 You will have to show us the new hair style. I like the small fork diet sounds good to me. Have a fun day!

  23. Bon anniversaire ma belle Carol~
    Spiked hair? I bet it looks great!
    I agree .. you are a ray of sunshine.Even on gloomy days:)
    I AM a follower and am loving all the macarons..Paris photos your art etc.'s your birthday..following You is a gift to me.
    Thank you so much for all the time you take in spoiling us.

    Your horoscope is kind of saying..Paris will be home for you:)Combien de temps? Qui sait?


  24. Geri, NJ5:13 PM

    A big Happy Birthday to you Carol ~ You are reallllly goooood ... no birthday treats ... an inspiration to dieters everywhere! I always treat myself on trips but unfortunately sometimes end up keeping things meant for others. Re that check: You really need to get 'organizized'(to quote Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver.) I would be happy to follow you on Pinterest...I've been procrastinating checking it now I have motivation. I guess it's like an inspiration board? I love those...Will try if I can figure it out...not too techy.

  25. I forgot to say..I love the ring..the wolf w/ people in his stomach?Is very artsy..But I would wear RRH.
    My kids used to play RRH in a little house under the trees Jacques built for them.I kept the photos I loved them so much.

  26. Happy Birthday Carol! You are a fun discovery of mine. I am following you on Pinterest already. Isn't Pinterest addictive? Just like those yummy and colorful macarons you share in your blog. Merci beaucoup!

  27. Happy birthday! Wear your REd Riding Hood ring with pride! thanks to James Thurber's "Fables for Our Times", I have an actual red riding hood coat . In his version, when little Red Riding Hood sees the wolf in Grandma's bed, she says all the traditional things (What big eyes you have, Grandmaman, what big teeth you have, Grandmaman) then she pulls a pistol out of her basket and shoots the wolf dead. Because "little girls are not so dumb as they used to be". I pray I have rememberd the quote precisely.

  28. Happy Happy Birthday. Macarons all around. I am happily following you on Pinterest. I think I have been since the very first day! I LOVE your boards!!!! And thank you for pinning a few of my pics. You are adorable!!!!!!

  29. Happy Birthday Carol!! I already follow you on Pinterest and have repinned most everything. Hope you have had a wonderful day today!

  30. Happy Birthday!

  31. Happy Birthday Carol ! Heureux Anniversaire and thank you for your wonderful blog !

    Nice parisian week-end,

  32. Bon anniversaire. Happy Birthday. Alles gute zum Geburtstag.... Bon compleano!

    What a great post.... I love your blog. It's so unique and fun.

    Hello from Berlin!

  33. Happy Birthday .. I noticed the new photo on your profile, but no spike hair? Sounds too fun. I follow you on Pinterest, but I have a "no food" follow rule, so not all boards. Keeps me on the straight and narrow. I am "Karen in CT" and pin a lot of Paris.

    I've actually become obsessed with Pinterest. But I keep my boards down and pins too, and clean out all the ones that are not quite as exciting as they used to be. Only the best is my motto, not into numbers.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday and your friends. You are such fun that I am sure all had a good time.

    Here's to another orbit ... Karen in CT

  34. I'd love to follow you but don't know how. Life used to be so simple, sigh. Bring on the macs!

  35. Ooops, forgot to sing, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Carol, happy birthday toooo yooooou!"

  36. I also wish you a (belated) happy birthday, Carol.
    And I agree you should do the "all out" bit.

  37. Happy Birthday from Rose the Rat Terrier and me! May 17th is also my lovely daughter's birthday. Best wishes!!

  38. wow ! what a lot of great varieties are. Thanks for sharing.

  39. I hope you had a beautiful Birthday!!!
    I´m always expecting to see what you write about. Great posts, everyday!!!

  40. Katherine9:18 AM

    A very happy birthday to you!! You constantly provide me with joy through your lens with each post. I appreciate what you do and wish you many happy days in Paris. BTW, what about your thoughts of moving? Maybe this is the year to take the plunge!

  41. Happy birthday!! I just celebrated mine on Monday and your b-day lunch beat mine, hands down. :)

    Okay, I laughed out loud at the picture of the forchette diet! What a brilliant solution.


  42. Joyeux Anniversaire ma belle Carol !
    I do hope you had more than the one macaron a day and splurged as if it was the end of a trip - unless you spent too much time on Pinterest, hehee. I shall follow you of course (which means I'll be drooling over your artwork), but I'll keep your other presie the next time you come over to Paris, ok? Let's see, something beginning with M.
    Hugs from a cloudy Paris. Tu ne regrette rien d'être à New York ce weekend xo

  43. Joyeux Anniversaire, A day late.. sorry. Mine is Sunday.we are kindred Spirits.. :) Of Course I quit remembering mine a few years ago. :) You are only getting Better each year. So lets see this new hair do..

  44. Un autre joyeux anniversaire un jour tard! I'm glad that swimming tickets don't expire -- tickets for the bateau-mouche do!

      I have a bateau-mouche ticket I MUST use when I get back (within a week)
      I keep procrstinating!!!

  45. Joyouex anniversaire et beaucoup plus!

  46. Anonymous11:24 PM

    WOW-There are a lot of Birthday Wishes for you.
    So, I also wish you Health and Happiness all year long. I have enjoyed your Paris Breakfast Blog and have followed you on Pinterest since Day 1.
    I'm get to go to Chelsea Market
    but not so jealous, because I got to go to the
    Ferry Building in San Francisco!@

  47. Joyeux Anniversaire, Carol ! I hope you had a great day (it seems!) celebrating in NYC and getting ready for your next Parisian adventure !


    P.S. très cute red riding hood ring!

  48. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Bonne Anniversaire! Moi j'adore les macarons mais ils sont trop chers pour moi, malheureusement :(
    J'aime beaucoup lire ton blog pq je peux travailler mon anglais et voir tes beaux photos :) merci!

  49. Anonymous4:54 AM


  50. Happy (slightly delayed) Birthday wishes from Down Under Carol. I'm jealous of all those macarons, and astonished at your restraint.


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