Thursday, May 10, 2012

L'Amour Fou

 Everyone goes to Paris looking for love in all the wrong places.
 I found my true own love across a crowded room at Chef Marthe's.
 I fell hard.
Truely, madly deeply in love with her lemon zester.
Has this happened to you?
Un coup de foudre/instant attraction.
 In a town with easily 50,000 tarte citron on almost every street corner surely a good lemon zester shouldn't be hard to find.
 Alas, c'est pas comme ca.
Even Galeries Lafayette Home is sadly lacking in a good variety of lemon zesters.
Pink dishwashers? Oui.
Lemon zestors? non pas trop.
 Chef Marthe suggested I try Eva Baz'Art
53 rue St. Andres des Arts.
Ferme :(
And the vitrine was filled with coccinelle!
 Macaron earrings? They are at Anne Maisonneuve.
 Pretty Ballerinas in every color of the rainbow?
Oui bien sur.
 Want go swimming (nater) at Pontoise?
There are 38 public pools in Paris.
I visited 4 this time - 34 more to go.
 Lapin in Paris?
Oui beaucoup. trop
 I felt like this devoted dog waiting..
Where is the lemon zestor of my heart?
 In the end I made do with a plain number from Monoprix.
Quelle disastre.
 This morning I went to look on but I found my TRUE LOVE!  right on!!
 You might be wondering what does she see in this guy?
Especially when there are hot high-tech Microplanes a plenty. With Microplanes the zest goes ALL over - impossible to measure.
And they're so sharp you get more white stuff than zest.
With this cutie the zest collects INSIDE the handle.
What's not to love?
So now that my love quest has been fulfilled do I start looking for a scooter to fall for?
What do you think?


  1. Talk about de trop
    U R 2 MUCH!!

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or FB??

    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

  3. nutty as a fruit cake...
    or should I say a tarte citron?
    too funny
    the scooter looks the more interesting and reciprocal relationship

  4. gaaaah! I love those ladybug salt-n-pepper shakers!

  5. I love my microplane--I always turn it right side down, though, on the citrus, and it works fine--collects all the zest in one spot and then you just turn it over and tap it into a bowl and voila. But the little green one is cute. I love kitchen gadgets. Just bought a strawberry huller that I had to have. Go for the scooter!

  6. I think I may have a terrible crush on the ladybug butter dish now ....

    1. parisbreakfast10:03 AM

      Nuttiness is terribly contagious you know...

  7. jackrussell10:35 AM

    Carol -- Chef'n makes a nifty palm peeler too.

    1. this is a joke?
      would one want to peel one's palm?
      I think not...

  8. Geri, NJ10:48 AM

    I could not resist walking right into this pun (which I think you have purposely placed here) ~ scooter=falling ~ probably not a good idea. I like that lemon zester; looks like something from Sur La Table. I recall being surprised that there are public pools in the most unlikely places.

    1. Absolutely not a consideration Geri, NJ

      But when I saw the protective helmets also on offer it gave me pause...
      I don't like to go looking for injuries.
      I play it extra safe and never ski, skate or I guess scooter.
      Even biking seems trecherous.
      I'm a total chicken when it comes to physical risk.

  9. And the name of the kitchen shop on Rue St. André des Arts is?

    1. EVA BAZ'ART at #53 on the right heading away from rue du Buci
      Thanks for making me find the name Marie :)

  10. Carol, that clever zester reminds me of my favorite little plastic pencil sharpener.

    Your posts from Paris have been superb! xo

  11. There is no accounting for matters of the heart....i remain infatuated with my micro plane .

    1. Ah...the love of objects defies all logic...

      We fall in love with the silliest things.
      But at least they can NOT send us a,
      'Dear Jeanette' email and put us in an emotional tailspin.
      There is that to consider...

  12. Whose suede ballerines are those??????
    I may, just may get to Paris for a miniatures show in June, but if not, my son is going for work and to stay a week with his French family (read: one of the girls whom he would love to marry but she has a boyfriend) so he can buy them for me.

    I LUST for the pink ones.

    1. Bon chance Sophia,

      Pretty Ballerina is the brand
      the shop is on rue du Four near rue Bonaparte so he can pick up some Pierre Herme macarons.
      But nuttin' stays long in Paris.
      Get over there fast.
      No re-stocking either

  13. Now that you have The zester of your dreams you have to bake some nice tartes aux citrons meringuées :)

    1. Ahem...
      that will be citron courgette salade Madame Raids-Patisserie

  14. Jerri-Ann2:25 PM

    What a great way to get to get to live in Paris!!!
    So happy for you!
    Also love the new pic of you on PB!

  15. Thank you SO very much for your blog, the photos,
    and enjoying the lemon zest story!
    The photos of the deserts are so lovely and bring back great memories of trying to decide which 3 deserts to try…

  16. I love your blog, Carol! Though I've been reading it for several years, I've never commented before, and I apologize for making my first comment a correction (I'm an editor, what can I say?). But I believe the verb for "to swim" is nager--which would explain why you would confuse it with neiger, right?

  17. Great shots. I don't quite understand the attraction of this gadget, but whatever floats your boat :)
    I like the photo of the pool - do you plan on swimming in all of them?
    Like your new profile pic!

    1. ah tanks darling
      I took the photo in French Girl's elevator after I got a new Frenchie haircut though you can't tell from the pic :))

  18. Thank you for sharing! adore this........
    no more nicking knuckles on the microplane

  19. Thanks for the tip~ We love citrons..
    In fact I love citron everything..
    And I fancy juicers..zesters.. peelers ..toute la gamme.
    Thank you! So glad you found it..

    I would be looking for love in the same places you have found it:)
    I am sure that same...girl.. is in photo one:)

  20. Carol, of all the "objects" to fall in love with in Paris, you chose a lemon zester! I have heard of many a famous coup de foudre but a lemon zester? Je crois, non! Mais, as the French say , chacun a son gout! Sorry, my keyboard is not franco-philed as yet so you will not get the accents. However, on the positive side, I think you would fit in tres bien witht he gourmets and the gourmands. Maureen

  21. Well OK; if our Prez has decided to come out with his acceptance of same sex marriage, the very least I can do is accept your love for your zester.

  22. What a lovely selection of pictures!

  23. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Ha ha LOVE that first pic:) says it all.
    I wish you a very lovely weekend.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  24. Great gadget and a pink dishwasher! Where can I find one of those in the UK?

  25. Fun and funny post. I can see your love for that zester. I use my microplane. I secretly harbour desires for a scooter too.

  26. Noelle7:38 PM

    Best Paris Breakfast issue to date!
    Thanks for the lemon zester tip.
    Very witty!
    I'll be there on the 29th.

    Luckily I've never been tempted by cakes

    1. I should be so LUCKY as you to not be tempted by cakes...

      Have you read all 1,500+ PB posts N?
      every now and then I hit it.


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