Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Portraits

 Today's post was supposed to be on STAPLERS not strawberry tartes but c'est la vie. A stabler is an ESSENTIAL to bring to Paris but no one bothers to tell you. I ordered this petite pink beauty from Amazon.
  When I saw the French word for stapler (agrafeuse) in Baldwin's I Love Paris But bla bla on page 60 I was thrilled.
"I'd also learned the French word for "stapler" - agrafeuse- because Olivier hadn't understood me when I'd asked to borrow "la stapler," so he taught me its gorgeous name, which sounded to me like an expensive motorcycle."
 Wherever and whenever you use your credit card in Paris they give you a bunch of receipts (resu/ticket).
If you don't carry your own stapler or know how to ask them kindly SVP to staple the damn%$#@ things together, you'll end up with your bag full of paper end of day.
"and when I couldn't remember agrafeuse, I'd mimic clenching my hand, as if squeezing a stapler, or a hand exerciser. Which confused Olivier. The first time it happened, he pulled out a hand exerciser from his bottom-left drawer and told me to keep it."
 This happened more times than I like to admit.
When people would say, 'Oh you mean une agrafeuse'
I hadn't a clue how to spell it or pronounce it.
This is why you need that notebook to write new words down along with your own stapler.
 What I bought at Fauchon.
 These macarons are all gone now.
 I should have bought Fauchon's adorable 3-4-5 minute timer (15 euros) to cut back on time spent reading emails.c'est comme ca.

 I write in my notebook dishes I like and sometimes how to pronounce them. Wait staff will usually help you with this.

 You may have noticed the bebe sketches in my notebook.
 Parisian Alex asked me to draw her darling bebe Julietta for a christening announcement.
 Rather brave since I mostly draw cats and dogs.

I'm pleased to announce I'd love to paint your baby!
Please contact me for more info. Meanwhile I'll be sketching babies like mad on the metro.


  1. The eyeglass glasses!!!! To die for! Aussie the agrafeuse! But best of all - the glimpses into your notebook! More please!

  2. I bet you'll NEVER forget the stapler word
    AGRAFEUSE again!!
    good way to remember - do a blog post on it.

    the Bebe drawings are adorb

  3. That is sooooooooooo cute!!! You draw babies beautifully! :)

    x Milla

  4. That must be the cutest stapler ever, Carol!
    Your babes are adorable.

    I have seen those eyeglass glasses before, in Venice (I think it was at the Biennale Library). Wonder who is the manufacturer.

    1. Merisi,
      Italy may have the world's best eyeglasses...
      Oh wait you're talking about drinking glasses - they do look Venetian.
      very sharp eyes M!!

  5. you did a great job in capturing the little baby's features! What a sweet face:) Babies are tough for me!! Terrific idea, good for you!

  6. Geri, NJ1:12 PM

    You made me laugh today ~ Your comment re cats/dogs/portraits (What a beautiful portrait!) and I recognized 'your glasses' the moment I saw that glass...funny...hope you manage to get one.

  7. Why don't they staple the receipts together??
    absolutely maddening IMO
    There's a lot of things I will put up with the French but I'm with you on this
    and why so many bits of paper!!!

  8. Lucinda1:24 PM

    The Fauchon minute timer is out of this world!
    I would regret not buying it too..
    at least you got a picture for next time...
    a la prochaine

  9. I love the sketches in your notbook. I like the final results, too! I hope that you get a lot of assignments.
    The timer is inventive - and the food looks delicious :)

    1. The timer though macaron-color, is inedible too...a great plus

  10. Hi I love Tribeca ... all their food is fantastic, not had one bad meal there. A few years ago I stayed in that area, so went there to eat in the evenings. I also felt very comfortable eating on my own there.

    1. so true Anne,
      perfectly fine to eat there on your own - a great casual place.
      I went back myself for more salade de saumon...

  11. Your baby sketches are darling! I love those timers and the glasses ~ oh yes ~ the glasses too!!

    Susan and Bentley

  12. Ha ha. Glad you're enjoying it.

  13. I love your French word of the day!!!! I was on the phone with my boyfriend yesterday, and was trying to describe hop scotch since I didn't know the word in French. We were at a loss, and we just assumed that what I was talking about didn't exist in France!

    So funny! I guess it does. Marelle. MERCI!

    1. French word of the day!
      I'd like to have that at PB!!
      Bon idee

  14. I SAW bébé Julietta today !! I cross my heart!She had the same pink hairband/flower..I can't believe it.

    Uncanny.. a few of those too today..not the agrafeuse per say..but things that were stapled together..

  15. Rosemary8:14 PM

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and religiously check it each morning, I have to tell you I LOVE IT!!
    I love your photos's, your quirky sense of humor, your out look on life and the variety of things you cover.
    My big dream is to get to Paris by the time I am 50.
    Mean while I'll get to see it through your eyes each day for which I am extremely grateful for!!

  16. I laughed so hard when I read the part about the bag full of receipts! I have to empty my bag every's ridiculous how many pieces of paper you can accumulate in a single day :)

    The baby painting is gorgeous and I can only imagine how thrilled her mom must be with your work.

    By the way, those Fauchon timers will be tucking themselves in my bag when I am in Paris!!!

    1. PLEASE leave ONE Fauchon timer for moi!!

      yes all those bits of paper! de trop

  17. I love that word too. Also love the word "aimant" which I learned from a Marc Levy novel. Excited to try it out I said to tourist kiosk seller: "Je voudrais acheter un aimant." He looked at me quizzically, so I showed him. "Ohhhh, un mag-nay" he said.
    I also love the word une minuterie or un minuteur for timer. So sweet. As are your babies. I'm reading PARIS Paris, perhaps you've written about it? YOUR book is going to wonderful & unique...merci encore un fois.

    1. I was wondering what the word for timer was -
      une minuterie or un minuteur

      I don't get the 'aimant' but I know French girl has all of Marc Levy's books so you must be reading in French.
      Loved Paris, Paris and I will review it again here.

  18. great painting of the baby. i love how the french make simple things sound fabulous with their language.

  19. Babies are so hard to draw! Your is too cute! Just love the little rose buds circling her head, too!

  20. Great job, Carol! Sweet. I'm sure she's happy with that.

  21. OMG that baby painting is just incredibly PRECIOUS!!! You may need a branch site: ;)

  22. French is my favorite language to listen to. Maybe one day I'll finally get around to learning it myself!


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