Thursday, May 03, 2012

French Girl's Books

 I sent a desperate email to French Girl in Shanghai,
 Sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.
The COOKIES were in French Girl's book case (still full) holding up her books.
 U R what U read.
French Girl reads many cookbooks including Jill Colonna's Mad About Macarons.
 I asked her about this one -
The Principle of the little penguin.
It's a book to calm you down.
Oh :O
 Fr Girl is a big fan of cookbook author, Sophie Dudemaine.
So is chef Marthe!
 Elle Magazine is every French girl's bible no matter her age.
Never ever throw one away! R U kidding?
 French girls in general LOVE these aroma bougies/candles.
 Diptyque ('Baies' is Fr Girl's personal flavor).
 Diptyque bougies serve many purposes. Wall decor for one. Along with Repetto bags. No wonder Fr Girl had a fit when I tried to throw mine out.
 When the candle burns down it makes a perfect brush holder. I bet FG has enough empties to have a big drinks soiree.
 Just in case you think I'm nuts for noticing ladybugs/coccinelle (bringers of happiness) everywhere in Paris, please note FG has one doing happiness duty here.
 Everyone things French Girls have so much confidence. That certain ineffable something or other, that je ne sait quoi and a load of other bla bla bla.
Guess what? French girls read self-help books too.Who knew?
 This one illustrated by Soledad Bravi tells you what positive words to tell yourself bla bla bla
 It's also useful to cut up and add to your decor.
 French girls do seem very gifted at home decor. Some people are not major clutterers like some other people :(
 I think the French are more crazy for tea than the British. I brought FG this artisanal tea tin from Tay Teas
Tea title:'Better Than Sex' Ha!
 My London assignment - bring back FG a tin of Fortnum and Mason's Earl Grey Classic. Useful too as book ends. I'm sending French Lulu to Fortnum and Masons window for her birthday. That's a switch.
 French Girl has her own book out!
 She shoots Paris windows one evening a week et voila!
All French Girls admire FAB icon, Ines de la Fressange. They need to know about Parisian Chic just as much as we do :O
Go figure.


  1. Love her cross-section of cookbooks,self-help, chic info
    Don't we all do this
    Books always seem to hold the answers..ahem

  2. She has so many great French cookbooks that are NOT translated into English!!!
    Why is that?
    I'd love get my paws on Sophie!!
    Hello US pubs-do something about it!
    sooo annoying

  3. I see my Laduree book:) So nice to be such friends!

    1. Exactly LA Table!!
      I have so many of the same books as Fr Girl.
      And the ones I don't have I WANT!!! :)

  4. What a great sneak-peek! I love looking at what other people have on their bookshelves. Sometimes it's all you need to know about them (and I like French Girl though I've never met her for having COOKIES on her bookshelf!)

    1. it's lucky she doesn't have a medicine cabinet!!
      too true Amy

  5. A belated Happy May Day to you, Carol, and many thanks for those wonderful muguet photos. I could almost catch the scent all the way across the Atlantic.

    Like you, I am fascinated by books on shelves, and always just wonder a bit about folks who have no books.


    1. YIKES!
      No books on the shelf!!
      Definitely not a person to get to know well indeed.

  6. Geri, NJ11:06 AM

    What an artful bookcase...and collage...and clever use of paper bags! FG is, like yourself, very creative. I could have used that little penguin's method this a.m. Also can relate to the magazine Elle Decor mountain is growing. Thx for the glimpse into FG's lovely serene space.

    1. oh were is my inner penquin now :(((
      me too Geri me too

    2. Geri, NJ12:20 PM

      Love the idea of the 'inner penguin' if I could read the book...yet another English translation needed.

  7. RE: Frances' comment: ARE there people who have no books????
    Re: Where are the cookies?: Talk about hiding in plain sight!
    Re: French cookbooks not available in translation: pourquoi pas?
    Re: clutterers vs. non-clutterers: I am a hybrid! Parts of my home are totally uncluttered but my workspace is clutter incarnate!

  8. French Girl has extremely tidy, ordered bookshelves, and a nice line in recycled decor. I also have an unhealthy interest in the content of other people's bookshelves.
    Off now to find my inner penguin ...

    1. Dear Ms. Pingouin,

      I think you already have..IMHO
      cool as a cuc is you Karen

  9. I am extremely impressed (and flattered) by French Girl's reading material. I want to frame it - cookies included!

  10. I'm impressed by FG's creative decorating - goodness, you are such a snoop :) This was like watching CSI deconstructing a bookcase!
    I love the sketch of Lulu!

    1. like CSI!!!
      oh my...
      you do know how to compliment a girl...swoon

  11. It appears French Girl has le bon gout!

  12. Of course one would keep cookies on the bookshelf. :)) I wish my shelves were as neat. Wow. I am envious of her orderly mind. :))

    1. omg wouldn't we all love to be so neat.
      I feel a bit like the bull in the china shop here.
      No idea at all why she allows me on the premises :)

  13. Yep I remember Sophie Dudemaine was the pioneer for modern cookbooks. I also remember "Le Chocolat de Christophe" which remains my absolute reference for chocolate recipes

    1. WOW
      RP's seal of approval on FG's choco book :O
      big merci!!
      yr word is LAW!

  14. Hmmmm...I never thought of stashing treats in with my books. Quelle bonne idee!

    1. Thanks for the reminder Connie.
      I am about to have a tea..
      how nice to have a cookie with my tea!

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