Friday, October 21, 2011

Salon du...Macarons!

There were many macarons at this years Salon du Chocolat. True these are chocolate miniatures. The box is 4" square and I should have bought it. This tiny box will make me return to the salon.
I loved Gregory Renard - Cacao et Macarons tall colorful piece de monte...
I bought so many boxes the fridge is overflowing
Pierre Marcolini designed such a clever box - no way can your macarons break in this box!
Sebastien Bouillet - Lyon had lush chocolate covered macarons.
If you're going to visit Salon du Chocolat (but really macarons) there's no better companion than Jill Colonna, macaron expert par excellence.
Bleu macarons!
I bought these from Un Dimanche a Paris.
I bought this adorable box - original style macarons from the Ardeche.
I would buy cellophane covering if I could.
These too.
A trendy slate tray with faux macarons - miam
 MOF patissier Arnaud Lahrer made a chocolate gown covered with macarons.
I've no idea who made this edible macaron necklace but I want it!
I did buy this charming macaron charm bracelet.
Monkey see, monkey want.
Pssst..word out is the chou/creme puff is the next big thing in Paris. Will 2012 be the Salon de la Chou?
Post-Salon I went to Susan's book signing at W.H. Smith. This idiot camera is all she used to shoot her lovely photos for PastryParis.
Of course there were macarons.
 I went home to recuperate.
*More Salon du Chocolat over the weekend at PB.


  1. Sheer serendipity - Carol at the Salon du Macarons!
    Makes me feel a little sad, my invitation next to me, and not being there. This year. Maybe next year!

    Simply splendid post, Carol! You are one big promotor of everything that's great about France!

  2. Oh my goodness - what a trip! It's my goal to get there eventually one of these days!

  3. Loved the little bracelet when I saw it..Glad you bought it..Such nice happy friendly faces and lovely macarons everywhere I look.

  4. Crikey, just getting back to blogland after an absence and look at all the excitement I missed on PB! I just loved your encounter with Leslie Caron in the metro - so glad she appreciated the humour of you giving her directions! (I adore her shoes and her shih tzu in equal measures). And to have that topped by the story of Helen and the red Birkin in L'Ami Louis, and now macaron and chocolat heaven - what an amazing time you're having in Paris, I'm green with envy!

  5. I'm still trying to process the fact that Susan took the pix w/that leetle camera. Hope, there is hope.


  6. I passed out swooning over this post, Carol! I must have been out for hours as I dreamed I made perfect macs & they were my favorite colour- turquoise, but I came to so didn't remember what flavor.
    Jill, I am revisiting your blog for hints & going out to get a copy of your book!

  7. HAllmark needs to get on the mac bandwagon- I would buy paper, cards, whatever!

  8. Aha. That's what you got up to after I'd left. Did you have room for the bracelet, too? I had so much fun with you, Carol. Thanks for bringing me along and showing me your savoir-faire. You know, I discovered some wee surprises in my bag afterwards - how did you manage to slip these in without me seeing AND take that photo? I'm wrinkling at the sight of all these macs!

  9. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love your blog! Your stories and little drawings make my day. It's been a couple of years since I was last in Paris and every one of your posts makes me long to again - soon.
    Merci beaucoup, Carol!

  10. paula brink11:12 AM

    Oh Carol, you are a bright spot on a rainy morning! First Helen Mirren and that red Birkin and now all those fabuloso macarons...I am pea green with envy here in Raincity.

    Looking forward to my trip to NYC in December....first stop...Laduree!

    Keep up the good work, ha ha and have fun!


  11. Ahaaaaaa!
    Cream Puffs!
    My number two weakness.
    Right after reading your blog

  12. What a fabulous post! Vicarious devouring of chocolate covered macarons. So excited to find your site.

  13. Boy, you are packing in the adventures on this trip!
    So many macarons! I'd love to have a supply of the chocolate covered ones.
    That necklace would take lot of guts to wear out in public :)
    The bracelet is something that must have been made with you in mind!

  14. J-P Hevin Lover4:55 PM

    I love your blog; you know I do, but it would be so much better, and
    less irritating to this former French teacher, and I am sure, French readers, if you would get the Frenchgirl or someone else to proof your French.
    For example, you often end the blog entries with "Good night"
    in French which should be " Bonne Nuit" and not what you currently
    write. There are many other examples but I won't enumerate them.

    I know you would increase your readership if you just took more time with the writing too, especially when you attempt to write in French.
    Helen Mirren is nice, but correct French is better.

  15. Thank you so much for the fabulous posting!!!
    It was great to see you last night...hope you had fun, and thanks so much for coming!!
    Enjoy the rest of your stay - i know you'll be busy and I'll keep track of your adventures.
    I do love your posts.


  16. Oh Carol, you're cilling chou/cream puffs.....and your frig is FULL. Having the vapors from just the thought of the deliciousness of it. What a scrumptious time you are having:)

  17. Oh Carol, you're cilling chou/cream puffs.....and your frig is FULL. Having the vapors from just the thought of the deliciousness of it. What a scrumptious time you are having:)

  18. Oh Carol, you're cilling chou/cream puffs.....and your frig is FULL. Having the vapors from just the thought of the deliciousness of it. What a scrumptious time you are having:)

  19. Marie in Sweden6:05 PM

    I’m visiting Paris in about a week and I’m so happy to have found your blog for inspiration. I just want to say thank you for sharing your experiences!

    Best Wishes,


  20. Your photos from the Salon du Chocolat are great- I feel as though I am there with you though I do miss the tasting! Chocolate and macarons, a perfect combination

  21. If I got one of those little cameras would I have as much fun as you have??? lol. Another wonderful post with to much to comment on here, but I do LOVE that bracelet...and that last photo of Paris at night.

  22. loving your blog....devouring your beautiful posts. Leaving for Paris on Monday! Your blog such inspiration.

  23. Cris, You DEFINITELY would love the Canon S90!!
    Maybe more even :O
    I will buy a back up when I get home. This thing is lucky I let it rest at night!!

  24. Anonymous11:01 AM

    The choux are finally "awakening" !
    Be ready for a real fight !!!

  25. Bonjour Marie Noelle!!

    I don't see it happening - this bataille de chou VS. macaron
    1. Macarons come in so many colors and they make people happy.
    2. Creating diverse witty boxes for macarons is a HUGE industry.
    I saw many at the Salon du chocolate...
    3. The variety of flavors/parfums for macarons is endless.
    4. Size matters - you can eat a macaron in one bite as a petit gouter.
    A chou is more messy, plus riche peut-etre?
    It's an interesting phonomenon for sure.

  26. I really enjoy Paris Breakfasts, and your paintings more than anything else, there.
    I, too, sometimes wince slightly at your errors in French, but I wouldn't be as critical as "J-P Hevin Lover".
    I may have said this before - I teach calligraphy (in France, mostly to French people) and I find that the fact that my French is far from perfect is a help. When one is teaching fully literate (often very cultured) adults how to make an A, a B, &c., the fact that the teacher isn't very good at "just talking" makes them feel less incompetent and stupid. Or so I tell myself (husband/co-teacher's French is impec & they all adore him, too...maybe they just take pity on me).
    So I sometimes (quite often?)suspect you of using doubtful French in Paris Breakfasts expressly so the readers will not feel outclassed, &c.
    Nonetheless (you feared there'd be a "nonetheless", didn't you?) I would like to recommend very highly that you get a Mac (not a macaron, an Apple computer) or, if you already have one, up in the top menu bar, click on the American flag (or whatever flag is there), open "international" and find the Spanish ISO keyboard choice.
    You don't want a French keyboard, because they are a form a torture, where the numerals are all MAJUSCULE and the A and Z and M and W and I-don't- know-what-else are in crazy places. But the Spanish ISO keyboard has all the accents conveniently placed, offers you a Ç (and an Ñ should you ever want it), and as long as you can keep the apostrophe (up under the ?) clearly separate in your mind from the ´ (acute accent) you'd find it a dream.
    Unfortunately the only image I can find quickly online is of a Windows version. But it shows the idea.
    And the only thing one might normally want and be unable to find would be a £ sign, for which I am accustomed to quickly change the keyboard (up there in the top Mac menu bar) to the Union Jack and I know that the £ is located at Shift + 3.
    See: it even gives you $!
    It is only "lecon" which has to be read "le con" - a common phrase in French, but quite rude in translation; which is very bothersome. Should really be translated as "the jerk", I suppose) which you type instead of leçon that makes reading Paris Breakfasts awkward; and "Bon Nuit" for Bonne Nuit, as "J-P Hevin Lover" says...
    Anyway - I must go read the last-but-one installment which I somehow missed!
    Keep wrting, and keep painting!
    Plusieurs bisoux,

  27. Dear A.
    There just isn't time to do everything Amanda.
    Paint, photograph, write posts, AND correct my lousey French + my lousey spelling in general.

    I've mentioned before I'm a tad dyslexic so I automatically flop letters and numbers.
    Fortunately most ppl read fast or just look at the pictures and miss my errors or don't care .
    (8-10,000 of them daily)
    Certainment French Girl does not have the time nor interest to correct my errors and wants her English corrected more often than not. Boy did she laugh at that idea!
    Some things just have to get overlooked in the posting process.
    and I'm not about to spend $$$ for a new Mac computer malheuresement.
    I love my PC anyway.
    I have French readers and they don't seem to mind a bit my consistent errors or they keep mum about it.
    Go figure!

    c'est comme ca :)


  28. Marie in Sweden3:19 AM

    I’m visiting Paris in about a week and I’m so happy to have found your blog for inspiration. I just want to say thank you for sharing your experiences!

    Best Wishes,

    Marie in Sweden

  29. Sigh. So, so jalouse, Carol! Not only the Salon du Chocolat, but you got to go to Susan Hochbaum's signing. Tu es une canarde chanceuse!

  30. Karl Lagerfeld12:16 AM

    I hope you're having fun with your last days in Paris.

    Having just scanned the comments on your last post, can I commend you for self-restraint in not telling 'JP Hevin Lover' (??!) to piss off?

    Though your reply to the other person who went on at length about French spelling was excellent (and restrained).

    Just thought I'd get that off my chest!
    Carry on just the way you do - clearly 99.9% of us out here love it ...

  31. What Karl said! Just what I was thinking. count me in the 99.9%.

  32. I loved everything I saw here. The bracelet is wonderful!! Those blue macarons are something else. WOW!

  33. Marvelous pics, Carol! I would love to be there!!xx


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