Tuesday, October 04, 2011

PastryParis by Susan Hochbaum

There's nothing like browsing old Paris pics to get in a certain frame of mind.

Especially when you're supposed to be drawing Place Vendome + gems + perfume bottles etc.

I've yet to ride a Bateau Mouche although I watched Audrey Hepburn ride with Cary Grant in Charade the other day.
PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM Here's a bateaux that will make you want to dream.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM Christophe Michalak's Tarte au Citron Meringuee by Susan Hochbaum,
from Susan Hochbaum's new PastryParis gift book.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM Susan juxtaposes Paris' luscious pastries, often in onsite settings, in a whimsical way that reflects their design, colors, ingenuity.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM Bear and myself have been tussling over who is going to get their paws on Susan's book.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM Bear, being the true Parisian, won.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM Visual wit abounds. Look at the sublime repetition of forms in the Laurent Duchene's minty mousse dome sitting on a layer of strawberry jam amidst raspberry coulis whilst facing the Pont Neuf.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM Pierre Herme's macarons sit by the Saint-Sulpice fountain, just a stones throw from his shop on 72, rue Bonaparte. Clever of Herme to put his patisserie by a park full of benches for hungry shoppers.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM'Bear stop hoarding PastryParis!'
You can meet Susan at WH Smith in Paris 20 October, 7 PM.
Be sure to RSVP.
There will be a pastry tasting and champers

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM I was gazing so intently at Susan's Napoleon/croissant hat, I had to run out of the house and find something to pop in my mouth. Now I know how you feel when visual temptation calls.

PASTRY PARIS BY SUSAN HOCHBAUM I'm lucky a shop nearby carries Balthazar almond croissants. This is what happens to the day-old croissant. They're filled with almond paste, smothered in toasted almonds and squashed down. They look a bit sat on...Still it taste darn good after drooling over Susan's pictures.
Susan's book will be out on October 11. Mark your calendars and have pastry on hand for heavens sake!
BONJOUR PastryParis!


  1. This post is a wonderful series of images over which to drool...a lot.
    I pity you for having to go to Paris...and London, and be so tempted, edible or otherwise. Better bring a bib.

  2. Very fun post!
    I love the Napoleon hat!
    Your first sketch looks marvellous and I love how you made crowns on the top of the street lamps. That would make a very fun piece to have!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  3. Now you've got me thinking Carol! Paris -boulangeries - books - perfume bottles - Place Vendome!!!
    An inspiring post as always - must go back to that beautiful city real soon!!

  4. Love the croissant hat. Classic. I rode a bateau mouche once. I have a funny story about it. Your current job sounds cool. love the sketch up there!

  5. Finally someone who can make you understand your readers' problems!!! Good old Bear sure hit on a good thing when he found you!

  6. Wonderful images and the book looks just great full of yummies.


    Art by Karena

  7. Carol, I am enjoying reading about the various preparations that you and Bear are taking in advance of your journey.

    The bit about sitting upright overnight on travel eve really make me smile!


  8. I love the Napoleon hat, too :)
    Your opening sketch is perfect.
    The shot of Bear reading the book amidst all of the striped stones is very cute!

  9. I would be quite happy with an almond croissant made in America. I'd be quite happy drooling over her book, too.

  10. better than Bateau is the Vedettes ... catch it at the Isle de la Cite tip on Pont Neuf ... boats are smaller and nice, same price ... love the boat ride at night, never miss it ... so excited for you ... darling post


  11. Oh, your trip looks absolutely incredible!


  12. Well I am ready to go to Paris with you...Good thing I am an excellent arm chair traveler..:))

  13. Oh la la... I love your first sketch Carol. I am certain your book will be full of gorgeous bits and pieces of Paris that together will tell the story of your adventure!
    Enjoy it all, I know I am...~Jen

  14. That book looks so incredibly whimsical and cute!

  15. Guðný Anna4:19 AM

    Just wanted to say how much I admore your blog.

    Thank you for all those wonderful pictures and enlightened text!

    Love from Iceland.

  16. you've never taken a beateau mouche???
    you must!!
    sunset best, or night.
    take the little one from the isle,
    just under the statue of henri IV, near that lovely willow on the tip of the isle.
    just by place dauphine.
    you must do this!!!
    love, katy

    ps don't take the big boats...

  17. pss
    lovely photo of bear with colette's striped columns.

  18. Susan Hochbaum5:23 AM

    What a wonderful piece! Thanks so much, Carol...

    Looking forward to seeing you in Paris!


  19. Take the 9 PM boat, last this time of year I think.
    No reservation needed but get there ahead of time - it's tricky to find.
    At 9 and 10 the Eiffel Tower sparkles right there in front of your eyes.
    All the buildings you pass at night are magical
    Really a totally different side of Paris -
    Go early in stay in case of rain later.

  20. I love that picture of Napoleon with the croissant hat! I laughed out loud, thanks:D

  21. I agree with everyone that you must ride the bandeau, the smaller one at night to see the city lights on the water. I'm surprised Bear hasn't suggested it before! You will need a Sonia Rykiel mariniere ,black & white long sleeve,& perhaps the cardigan stripe cashmere with la bow in case it is chilly. Take lots of pics from the deck for us!

  22. That looks a wonderful visual feast. Great photos and super review of Susan's book. Looks great. I'm going to try and come along; must show the croissant hat on Napoleon to hubby - he would appreciate that one! Also love bear decked in strips - perhaps Susan needs to be introduced to bear, too!

  23. A mergingue boat. I'd hop on one with a cup of coffee and sail away to bliss!


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