Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hier en Paris

Hier/yesterday in Paris...

I met Rick Tulka at Le Select.

I ran to Anne Maisonneuve to buy another mac T-shirt on rue Raspail

I shot the vitrines at Le Bon Marche.

Yesterday I got yelled at for shooting inside Le Bon Marche

Yesterday I followed this girl on 'rollers'

 I followed this woman in high-heeled 'baskets'/sneakers.

 I followed this older French Girl in leather leggings.

Yesterday I flirted with mini eclairs at MIYOU.

But I ate this salade instead.

I ate this marshmallow-pistachio sucette/lolly at Pain du Sucre.

And their tarte citron vert...miam miam

I couldn't finish the bitter lemon gananch cake from Christian Constant.

I ate again at Cojean.

The exact same thing I ate my first day in Paris.

Yesterday I did deep knee bends on the es-ca-la-tour coming out of the Metro.

Yesterday I got yelled at in Printemps for shooting these adorable Christian Lacroix faces on a scarf.

Yesterday I went into Zara and bought a super thick cashmere pull for only 99 euros.

Yesterday I went home. And ate a smooshed Matcha Green tea dome of Sadaharu Aoki hoping it would keep me up till 3 AM, so Jet Lag in NYC wouldn't be so terrible, but I fell asleep at 11 PM exhausted from everything I did yesterday/hier.


  1. Carol,
    This was such a wonderful funny post!! It just delighted me, the way you shared your wacky, foodie, adventure-filled day with us. I love the bit about you getting yelled at, twice, and the smushed dessert, and the clothes, and what you ate, and all the rest of it. Thanks!

  2. You are TOO FUNNY!

  3. I'll have what she's having...
    ALL of it!

  4. You were a busy bee yesterday....glad you had time to visit at Le Sélect!!!

  5. I have often wondered if you get yelled at while shooting pictures! Bless your heart!

  6. Love Rick on his bike, Carol! Just the way I imagine him there. Fun post. hope you're not too jet-lagged. Welcome home!

  7. Poor you.. I mean they sell things..people can buy them and bring them home and photo.
    I took photos at our local flea market of dried flower arrangements a few years ago etc to make cards to sell for the community firemen's fund..They said no:(
    Bah Humbug.

    Cute post:)

  8. The last day is always so intense tying up so many loose ends! Seems you did it all though...and ate well along the way. The night before, I always pack EVERYTHING back to see if there is any room left in the suitcases! (Or do I need to buy another bag to check!)I love the shirts and the Lacroix scarves.

  9. I loved this !
    So many goodies ... and welcome to the club, I don't get "yelled" at but I do get angry looks and fingers wagged at me for pulling out the camera sometimes. Oh well.. c'est la vie :)
    besos, C

  10. What? they yelled at you! do they not know what free advertisement they get to thousands of future Paris visitors?
    Such a fun packed last day you had! Thanks for taking us along.
    wish I could have finished off that ganachey cake!

  11. Welcome back home Carol! Hope you had a good trip?!
    We sure had a good one tagging along with you in Europe!

  12. thanks for sharing a fun day with us...fun for you and us except for those scoldings!!.....all in a days work i guess

  13. Yikes, I wish I had half of your high-octane energy levels! You've made me tres jalouse - I badly need to plan a Paris trip, if only to get my hands on one of those divine Anne Maisonneuve tees!

  14. Bonjour PB~
    This was a great post!
    I had to laugh when you commented about being "yelled" at ....I too was "yelled aat" "NO photos, madame" in Galeries Lafayette!
    I can't believe you eat all that in one day!!!

  15. Great shots as always!
    I like your food selections, the "snack" looks good.
    I love the La Bon Marche shots - too bad you got yelled at.....
    The girl on the "rollers" must have been practicing for years :)
    Are you home?

  16. how can they yell at you? Don't they realize I am waiting for your very important updates on Paris!?
    I love tuning in every day! I am hooked:D

  17. You certainly can pack a lot in one day and then end up home across the pond in the same day. No wonder you crashed early. Hope you bounced back quickly. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  18. Can you tell me what the purple veg or salad is on the salmon salad you had on your last day.

    This trip to me is one of the best, lots of interest and lots of great food ect, hope the jet lag isn't so bad,

  19. They are purple potatos Jill and kind of tasteless, but they look pretty like too many other things.
    a lot of 'tra la la la la'


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