Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fr Girls Apartment3

Time for the latest update on French Girl's apartment. There are always changes and restoration going on. In March the milk jug hung on the right side of the cuisine wall.
Now it hangs on left.
(I did not question this major decor decision since I'm not fond of a trip to the guillotine)
French Girl is evidently milk jug-happy.
so can you be in better company? I think not.
I love these new hand-made lavender sachets on the radiator.
Plus a bouquet of dried lavender straight from French Girl's mother’s jardin. The sale du bain smells pretty wonderful.
Another new detail noted - this witty lamp shade from BHV.
Isn't this perfection?
Your scarves lined up ready to go instead of folded, stacked in a pile or in my case a messy pile.
French Girl, like some American girls is crazy for souvenir trash (in this case New York residue). Shouldn't French Girl consider giving up her Parisien fashion PR job and come to New York to help us all get Frenchified? She'd instantly have a booming decor biz. When she was here for two days the witty ideas came pouring out. I must make an effort to put them into action!
It's true that French Girl's father is a maitre of bricolage/DIY. He can create and assemble whatever her heart desires in a matter of days. I suggested that Fr. Girl's pere might like to visit New York but so far no go :(
I'm quite proud to have been deemed worthy to grace Fr Girls' walls. She is one of my best painting subjects.


  1. Elizabeth9:43 AM

    Esp. fun to see the bottles of Sanofloral. I'm not familiar with the brand but love to buy skin care products at French pharmacies. Sunscreens, in particular, are made to more exacting standards than in the U.S. A few years ago I found SPF 40 on sale. Pharmacies are a great place to shop if one has sensitive the pharmacists are super helpful with recommendations.

    Will look for Sanoflora.

    Hope you're having (had?) fun in Paris!


  2. Gee I didn't read the labels!!
    must go back vite

  3. Lucinda9:46 AM

    LOVE that draped angled little curtain hanging behind the lampshade!

    Never seen that before.

  4. So chic! I love the idea of the lavender sachets on the radiator. I'd love to hang sachets over my heat vents (forced air in my old house), but I think they may be considered toys by my marauding chats.

  5. why are my scarfes in a heap on a shelf?
    Impossible to choose any for whatev
    FG is simply Brill.
    No two ways about it.

  6. Yes, the scarfs just work so well like that. However the space they are using is equal to my hall closet :-} So I better not do that unless I want coat hangers flung on them! Lorraine

  7. Anonymous12:23 PM

    The angled hem of the curtain is wonderful! The pole with the scarves brilliant - she's hired!

    Your blog is the bright spot of my day and gives me such a wonderful moment in my day.

    Thank you!
    Patty M.
    Sherman Oaks, Ca

  8. Love the scarf idea.
    Will put it to use once back in SF.
    The back of my dressing room door?

  9. Love the sachets on the radiator!

    Love the BHV witty shade!

    and...LOVE the scarf presentation!

    Smart girl!!!

  10. I love the blue glasses in the first photo!

  11. I like the blue glasses with the white background, too. You know how to pic an opening shot!
    I love Fr. Girl's knack for arranging her possessions so that everything contributes to pleasing the eye.
    Thanks for adding the last shot, so that we can all see what she looks like :)

  12. Heh. That's exactly how I have my's the only way I can see what I have...

    Thank you for the petite glimpse in to FrG's apt.


  13. Lucy in the Sky6:16 PM

    what about Fr Girl's chocolate bars lined up neatly in a row?
    No more chocolate for Fr Girl?

  14. French girl has inspired me to buy skin care products with coordinating colors! No more green moisturizer bottle with pink cleanser for me!

  15. Another great post. I love how she hangs her scarves. Is that the closet or a pole somewhere? Love the pink inside of that Le Boulanger. And I just cut back my lavender and tossed it.. What was I thinking?? I could have done what FG did. Now you show this. :)Love the paintings she had you do also. Love how she framed them. Fun post. Sorry I am late here but we have been dealing with Tree cutting which was very stressful....

  16. yes CRIS,
    it's just a closet pole - nothing special. there are skirts hanging further on...

  17. I'm new to your blog - love it (and your paintings too!- there's so much detail) I'm obsessed with all things French!

  18. I prefer the paintings on the walls ;)

  19. French Girl would go berserk if she entered my studio. Ahhh; but I KNOW where everything is! Her focused environment is more than a bit toooo...
    "focused", for lack of a more primal word, for me.
    But we each have our nests in which we find our own kind of comfort level.
    Loved your guillotine comment.
    You've got a good head on your shoulders, Carol.

  20. stjulienlepauvre9:38 PM

    Carol, Thenk you so much for the update on French girl's apartment. It's lovely & inspiring, as are all your posts.
    Bonne weekend,

  21. Guess what is sitting on a shelf in my vestidor , where I can see those big brown and white stripes when I am looking for a pair of shoes ?
    Yep... my Henry Bendels shopping bag :)

    besitos. C

  22. Ah ha!
    The universal love of shopping bags is a contagion, waiting to be made into a feature Hollywood film!


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