Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thank You Steve

I drew this on the subway yesterday...
I was coming home from the Soho Apple store - a last gasp effort to figure out the iTouch. I was lucky a kind Apple nerd helped show me the way.
Tomorrow I'll be taking this class...

This morning I couldn't stop reading about Steve Job's life...
Please listen to this video = it's completely inspiring.



  1. love this quote fr his speech:

    "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.
    They somehow already know what you truly want to become.
    Everything else is secondary."
    ~ Steve Jobs

  2. I was a PC only tech for 21 years. Then I was told I had to switch and support Apple computers instead. I had a heart attack! Six years later, I am home writing this on my own Apple iMac. I am a true Apple convert. Steve's vision came true for many people.

  3. He had, as you can imagine, quite a 'twake' last night on Twitter.


  4. interesting Bill..
    I'm a former Apple fan..
    Now tempted by the pomme

  5. Geri, NJ1:06 PM

    I've been reading Michio Kaku's Physics of the Future (an extremely humbling topic for me, to say the least)...hard to imagine that future without the input of Steve Jobs and sad to think how he would have loved to be involved.

  6. Amazing how one person can change so many peoples lives by his visions. He was to young to go. I hope that class helps you get things all figured out before you wing off to Paris. Great drawing you did on the subway.

  7. The iMacaron app.

    You'd make millions.

  8. I loved your homage to Steve. We've all been toasting his life and how he changed ours.

    Too young to die.

    thank you for remembering, too.

  9. It's amazing how sad I feel about the loss of Steve Jobs. But I'm so glad you went to the iStore and can see what great support they provide!

  10. We had to read that in high school, and it actually changed my life, and what I wanted to do. How inspiring!

  11. Lovely quote from Steve Jobs.
    Love your sketch, too.
    Hope you can get the iPod Touch figured out. Has Bear registered for the class, too? Or is he going to stay home and work on the sleeping-upright thing?!

  12. Thanks Prairie for the giggle.
    Bear should get the indoctrination too at Apple School.
    You're right

  13. Very nice tribute, Carol.
    I can't think of many people who were as respected as Steve Jobs.
    As many have said - too young to die.

    (Love your doodling!)

  14. This is really clever.


  15. Today I spent a quiet but celebratory day with my Dad, on his 99th birthday.
    Yesterday, Steve Jobs died, much too soon. Life and Death; truly a big mystery. Here's to both of them.

  16. Carol thanks for posting Steve's speech, it is my all-time favorite. Something we should listen to every-so-often. Love your sketch and of course the imacaron app is too funny...long live the pomme!!!

  17. Fred K2:36 AM

    Today's post of your "on the subway drawing"

    looks like a modern Toile de Jouy! Wouldn't it be great if you could design fabric or wallpapers?!

    Have a great time in Paris.

  18. Yesterday I saw a girl in the street in Manhattan wearing her hair in a big upspweep and nestled in it were TWO BIG APPLES

    I thought Only in New York...

    Then I thought,
    Oh, an homage to Steve J..

  19. R.I.P Steve. What a great person,That made such a change to the World. xxx

  20. That is one of my favorite quotes EVER, Carol. Thanks for posting the speech and your inspired drawing. Good luck with the class.

  21. Last night in Little Rock a young couple interrupted a robbery in progress at the Apple Store when they arrived to place a bouquet at the front door in memory of Steve Jobs. Suspects only were able to grab a few phones. L'ironie du sort...
    Thank you for such a nice post to honor him. I thought if anyone could come up with an iReplicator, it would be him.Macarons at the touch of a button!

  22. Thank you once again Carol. I have already added three quotes from this speech to my list of favorite quotes.

  23. This has been a week of mourning at our house. My husband has worked for Apple, at the Intergalactic Headquarters in Cupertino, for over 31 years. He knew Steve, worked with him, and we both admired and respected him tremendously.

    The appearance of impromptu memorials and heartfelt condolences and comments are wonderful.

  24. WOW Lynda,
    so you really knew him!
    The best homage I saw was a girl in the street in Manhattan wearing her hair in a big upspweep and nestled in it were TWO BIG APPLES + a one green leaf.
    Very touching :)


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