Monday, October 17, 2011

Pierre Herme Fetish Azur

Naturalement, 1st thing off the Metro today, coming from the Eurostar, I went into Lenotre for their tarte citron meringue. The Metro es-ca-la-tor lets you off just in front. So does one have a choice?How I wish the filling had been more lemony - Lester don't yell at me or moan at the left crust svp. Am I addicted/accro to Lemon tarts?
'Accros' is French slang for obsession/addiction/hooked/passionate about.
Recently Pierre Herme announced of his newest macaron box designed by artist, Nicolas Vial.
Vial's exhibit at the Musee de la Poste, was second on my agenda after Lenotre's citron tarte.
Vial is definitely 'accros' of lemon yellow/jaune citron.
Many lashings of lemon in his paintings.
By the way Herme has a new gorgeous baking book out
Reves de Patissiere - it's so golden it glows.
Glowy windows at P.Herme
Showing off his newest 'fetish' of the season.
Et Voila! 'Le Tarte Azur'
I get the mini version - it's intensely lemony/chocolatey.
 There is a bit of citron vert croquante/ preserved lime plus Japanese Yuzu, a lemony fruit. Little squared chunks of sable sit on top a rich ganache - beneath this a thin layer of chocolate cake. Altogether a plethora of textures and flavors that melt in the mouth.

I tasted the crust.
And shared the rest with the Saint-Sulpice pigeons.


  1. Well aren't you the nicest girl ever, feeding the St Sulpice pigeons some Pierre Hermé Tarte Azur. I bet they could not believe their luck! Sounds like you are having a fabulous time... eating your way through France and England! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  2. Oh, my! What a wonderful trip. Chocolate, lemon, London, Paris. Sigh. (Note to self: start saving up for a trip to Europe!!)

  3. Devouring your posts of late, with the emphasis on all things Citron, has left me with the need for something tart on my tongue.
    Maybe a Tastycake Lemon pie with my coffee tomorrow, at 7-Eleven...?

  4. I wish I could just let the crusts go...I have a weakness for them, though. Yum, Carol! Glad you are having fun!

  5. Those lucky pigeons!

  6. What complex pastries Pierre Herme makes!
    Something for the intellect as well as the tastebuds..
    merci for the visual trip.

  7. Lucinda2:00 AM

    Ahhh.. those upper crust Parisien pigeons get to eat your lower crust..
    Pas mal de tout!

  8. OMG Bill!

    I used to stuff myself on Tasty-Cake lemon pies.

    Remembrances of delightful things past...

  9. I would love to have lots of tarte citrons right now - they look delicious!
    But....that P. Herme Tarte Azur looks unbelievably good! I wish I had one of those :)
    (Never heard of Tasty Cake! - we have Little Debby, Table Talk, & I think Drakes is still around.)

  10. These tarts looks amazing, Carol...Yummy...The chocolat citron...ulalala!! Kisses and hugs!

  11. Great to find another member of the club.....there are not many of us that leave the crust!! To me it's just extra calories for no reason. The filling- always lemon- is the best part. I'm looking forward to a Pierre Herme tasting of lemon sweat treats on my next visit to Paris.

  12. Oops! Should be lemon sweet treats!!

  13. Lucky pigeons.

    We need to go on a Paris Pastry Pig-out together. You eat the filling, I'll eat the crusts.

    The perfect team.

  14. Aha - progress that you ate some of the crust chez Hermé. I wonder if St Sulpice pigeons know that they are such posh Azur birds in town!

  15. New Jersey Boy12:45 PM

    Looks like you're having a fun time on this trip, my dear.
    Way to go.

  16. Ms Crusty12:47 PM

    My grandmother used to make extra pie crust whenever she was making pie.
    Then she'd butter the extra crust, sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar,
    roll it into tiny little cinnamon rolls and bake it for me.

    Thus began my crust addiction...

    Hi. My name is Amy and I'm a crust addict.
    Pastry, graham cracker,
    cookie...I've used them all...

  17. OMG
    That sounds bette than anything you could get in Paris!!

  18. Lucinda1:07 PM

    I want to dive into that mini lemon pool in the first picture.
    Looks so yummy!

  19. I put a link to your blog on my blog today. You're killing me with all of these pictures of tartes, chocolate, and whatever else. I'd settle for double lemon bars right at this moment!

  20. Bonjour Citron PB~
    Amy and Louise already said what my FIST thought was~LUCKY PIGEONS!

    I wish I could follow you around Paris!

  21. Oh,I want that Pierre Hermes CHocolAT macaron box!!!
    I have a black cat named Madame Chocolat.
    Once again a so colorful post with lots of delicious surprises!

  22. those lucky pigeons! The cat on the packaging is wonderful.
    I love this post and WOW the shop window display leaves me speechless, what an amazing presentation.

  23. First, I'd like to thank you for your blog. I look forward to reading it and luxuriating in the photos and artwork.
    Now, my question.
    The first photo of the uneaten lemon that a lemon meringue top?
    Also, in the center. Is that a sugar glass dome?
    Although you commented that ultimately, it didn't have enough of a lemony flavor, it is my favorite "looking" tart and I use for my desktop image. I never get tired of looking at it.

  24. Yup it is a lemon meringue
    and the center is a dollop of lemon curd...making me salivate here...


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