Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur

Two members of the Clean Plate Club (CPC) met yesterday. At Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur.
14 Avenue Villars, 75007
Metro - Saint Francois-Xavier
Bus 87
Glorious pink walls.
Ciel bleu/blue skies overhead.
A golden French chicken gazes out the window. The perfect setting to taste pastries from Lyon.Paris CPC member, Louise Chauchard of Raids-Patisserie chooses the menu.
And explains the order we'll taste.
1. The blueberry cake
2. The pistache/abricot slice
3. Last Jocteur's specialty - a sablee cookie with a praline topping, because it's the sweetest.
First we shoot our food bien sur!
Louise divides up the pastries...
 The only way to really taste dessert is by using our hands like a child. Forks & spoons are NOT permitted. Contrasting textures and flavors are missed when a spoon is used.
There's a fun exhibit at Musee de la Poupee on just this subject, displaying vintage ads of children eating at Impasse Berthaud 75003 near rue Rambuteau. Did I mention everything was divine at Jocteur - perhaps the best tastes of my trip. 
Louise sends me off to discover patisserie Sebastien Degardin, 29, boulevarde de Rueilly 75012. One must support new pastry shops non? More to come on Degardin.
End of day I visit Patisserie des Reves on rue du Bac to view their latest - it’s  research after all.
I'm heading back to New York this afternoon - a Swiss Sleep cure awaits.
And serious exercise with no desserts on the menu.


  1. Carol,

    I reallly do adore it here..........
    such happiness and art!

  2. I love those bright, sunlit interior shots, Carol. Really well done!
    The CPC sounds like a fun idea & it's a fun post. I love your photos on this one!
    Have a safe trip home!

  3. Welcome home, Carol! Rest up. Sounds like you had a good trip.

  4. Welcome Back Carol.

    I followed you in every bakery, patisserie in France

    Thank you for the great pics


  5. Dear Carolg,

    As a long standing member (with many awards) of the SF CPC, I am interested in joining the Paris branch.
    Please do tell requirements, fees etc.

  6. I think I am an honorary member of that club Carol! xv

  7. It was great seeing you, safe travels and until next time.....

  8. Amazing post, as ever!xx

  9. The way you reveal beauty of places is incredible ! I often go to the Jocteur boulangerie and had never
    had a look at the ceiling or the chicken !! :)

    I was really honored to meet you !

  10. Anonymous6:05 AM


  11. Wow - you certainly have tasted your way through the pastries in a few days. Och, exercise? You'll do that around NYC, in between your amazing pastry shops, too ;-)

  12. Bon voyage! Let me know when you're next back in town, ok? Thanks for the fun at the salon du chocolat.

  13. Love that gold chicken! I have Buff Orphingtons & when the sun hits them just right they gleam like that, but I don't think they would pose so nicely in the winnow sill.
    I painted clouds on a ceiling once sans fleurs. Next time it will be on canvas then attached as I have permanent neck crick!
    I would love to sample the pistachio/apricot pastry especially. Everything else looked tasty tho. Lucky you to have expert guidance.
    You packed in so much this trip. I appreciate all you show us PBers! Look forward to what you saved to share after you relax & rest.

  14. Where can a girl get hanging cloches like that? I love them! And I need them to keep my cats out of everything from candles to candies!

    Safe trip home...

  15. Wow - That was a whirlwind trip to Paris. Next time you're in town, I would like to audition for the CPC. In the meantime, I'll continue my rigorous training!

    After you've had a chance to rest and recover, please give us more details about the Swiss sleep cure. Does it involve eating some Swiss chocolate?

  16. awwwwwwwwww i just discover your blog via louise's one and it is amazing how nice it is !!
    i will follow :o)

    good evening
    barbara, from brussels

  17. "- a Swiss Sleep cure in Astoria-"

    Expliquez a moi, s'il vous plait- at your home and bed or at some fancy spa in Astoria?

    And if it's the latter I need/want/must have that info!

  18. La tarte à la praline, c'est une spécialité de Lyon ! Quel plaisir de la retrouver ici !

  19. Love the pictures of the pastries...lol...:)

  20. Next time Louise,

    You must sit with your back to the window.
    You are like a Drone when it comes to pastry.
    You 'home in'on your target with 1000% attention.
    It would be impossible to focus on anything else I think...

  21. Deborah S.8:23 AM

    Wow Carol.

    Looks like you consume a lot of sugar!

  22. I totally missed this wonderful post too. wow. I LOVE that place you went to eat. Is this the same plae as in the new blog post? its awesome... A really fun post.

  23. oops.. that is supposed to be.. is this the same place... I missed the C..:)


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