Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doudou Parisian

If you want to pass as a Parisien you will need a small dog... This is not so practical for a short-term traveler, so why not a small doudou?
The French doudou is usually carried under the arm leaving the hands free for shopping and snacking...
Hermes Rive Gauche has a quite a nice doudou sitting in it's window...
There's an oversize doudou inside Hermes observing the shopping area - this one is not practical for under-arm carrying around...
BEAR (a Sonia Rykiel doudou himself) loves to browse other doudous...
Though a doudou does NOT have to be a bear. It can easily be a lapin/rabbit.
A homard/lobster is a rather unusual doudou one might conclude...
A rat/rat even moreso - this one is ready for August vacance...
It now makes sense to me the all the giant chocolate doudous at Easter - this one is at posh Hediard 
Today Elle Magazine announced Les 'IT' bags de la rentrée If you have a sac a doudou you can get away with spending less $$...
In future I'll be carrying BEAR under my arm instead of in my bag. Qui sait? I may get mistaken for a Parisian. Then other Parisians will stop to ask directions and other questions I can't answer...


  1. They won't care if you don't know the answer, Carol--just tell them you'll paint them a pretty picture and they'll be milquetoast for you. Charmante!

  2. OMG! How funny... now I know what to refer to my dog's doudou as... The dog like to take his "babies" on a walk but then about halfway through, he drops them, and i end up finishing the walk with the "baby" under my arm. It's so much more elegant to refer to the series of these stuffed animals (usually a succession of pink pigs) as doudous!


  3. How doudou you today? ;-)

  4. HI Carol!
    Your DOUDOU's are cute!!!!! I like the Sonja Rykiel one!!!!! and love th big Hermes.... But I have a big DouDou, Robes... He looks so Parisian they ask us for directions all the time.......Maryanne xo

  5. I have to be a strange guy. Maybe it's the Canadian French blood in me. I love stuffed animals. I think the rat is fantastic!

  6. THAT's the danger of looking Parisian - people mixtake you for one and then give you that disgusted shrug when you're discovered and saying "ummm, ahhh, umm..." to their rapid-fire questions.

    Laduree should have a macaron doudou. It could double as a little pillow for quick naps.

    (do you sew? you could go into another sideline business making them!)

  7. Dear Harpist Amy,

    what a lovely sideline idea!!
    SCENTED macaron pillows! Framboise, chocolat, pistache!!

  8. THis post inspires me to grab one of the local lapins for a doudou - do you think I can sqeeze my arm hard enough to deter the lapin?

  9. Very cute post, Carol.
    I'm so used to seeing BEAR, though, I don't think that the other Doudous can compare!

  10. Tous ces doudous me tentent même adulte! je me sens toujours enfant dès que j'aperçois des nounours... ou tout autre peluche...
    J'aime particulièrement les nounours cuisiniers... mais le homard me fait craquer aussi!
    Gros bisous à vous.

  11. Jasmine6:00 AM

    I'm planning on going to the Laduree in NYC when it opens and I was curious if you have a idea of the price range as far as the Napoleon III boxes and Arabesques boxes are and also I was wondering if you have ever tried their tea and what you think of it. I'm just really excited to go and I just have all these questions!

    Thank You for your time :)


  12. After reading your fun post, I'm going to be on the lookout for doudous in Paris.

    And in spite of my recent experiences with vermin in Paris, I have to agree with poster Bill that the rat is fantastic!

  13. je me sens toujours enfant...

    I forgot about nounours and peluche!

    Merci Martine,


  14. I often waver between worrying about your sanity and appreciating your sweetness when reading your posts, but this time...
    ...I had to laugh at the pic of the dad with the doudou dutifully under his arm. I'm often to be spotted with one of my son's various doudous secreted about my person, under the arm (classic), tucked into my trousers (practical) or peeping out from my shirt opening (playful)...
    Oops, I think I'm falling into the doudou-be-do insanity trap! But then mine was never in any doubt ;~Sab

  15. Anonymous5:30 PM

    'un doudou' in the online French dictionary is given as 'a blanket' (and vice-versa). I have seen a French friend on Facebook call her son 'Mon petit doudou' when he had to go into hospital. It's not exactly 'pet' which is 'chouchou' but it must be something very similar. Can't get to my huge dictionary right now. (PS The guy with the doudou under his arm is carrying it for his little son walking beside him, I think!) Gwendoline, Australia

  16. I beg to differ Gwendoline in Australia.
    I've done quite a bit of research on this. You're being too literal & serious looking in dictionaries etc.
    This is a slang/baby talk expression.
    Check my previous post on Mon Doudou

  17. alas, with my unruly Tibetan terrier I doubt that the Parisians would mistake me for one of their own but he does fit in nicely in rural Brittany where the folk are more down to earth and where eccentricity is expected

    They say that people resemble their dogs in which case my scruffy, neurotic hound with a bad hairdo is a perfectly proves the theory!


  18. waddles7:16 AM

    stop with the goofy stuffed toys!

  19. It's my sandbox and you can always play somewhere else :)


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