Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paris Thumbnails

Laduree Redon inspired still life, 9" x 11"
There were a lot of requests to paint yesterday's Redon setup, so I did.

Laduree First to watercolor match the ribbon and boxes

Laduree Surprise! A 5-month old framboise macaron lurks within one of the boxes.

Laduree Used in another setup. No, I did not eat the macaron...yet.
Would you?

Laduree Were the rununculas chosen because of the Redon exhibit?

LadureeThe pink box was sighted not so far from the Grand Palais expo...

I wanted to start off doing thumbnails like Dewey did in Maine

Laduree David paints his thumbnails on typing paper(!) so I tried it out

Laduree Then just plain old tracing paper

Laduree Then thumbnails on watercolor paper but these are not simple enough

Laduree But I forgot to look at the thumbnails I did that day until after the fact. A la prochaine/next time. If you're going to paint pink, pink, pink

You need to eat a lot of watermelon! What shall I paint next PBers?


  1. The painting is wonderful! I knew it would be, of course.

  2. ps
    I'm a sucker for the thumbnails. I sometimes even liked DD's thumbnails better than the final products!

  3. Hmmm...I didn't know if the painting would work out...

    I never know but doing THUMBNAILS 1st wins half the battle for sure.

  4. The painting is gorgeous. You do pink so well. I can smell the fragrance and the sugar, it's so real.

    And while the macarons and boxes are lovely, dear, I want to see more flowers. Pink flowers! You're a natural with flowers.

  5. Amazing painting, and great pictures. You are the best! xx

  6. Gorgeous watercolor, Carol, and I love the thumbnails!
    The third photo from the top, with the surprise framboise macaron, is exquisite. Overall, a post I scrolled almost breathlessly, one goodie after the other.

  7. Hi Carol, I love your thumbnails! The whole composition is so lovely, especially the colors. Like they said before you can almost smell the sweet aromas. Great job!


    Rocio R.

  8. I cannot even conceive of a reality in which I would find a months-old macaron in a box! With me, they rarely last longer than two days.... :P

  9. That great big thumbnail with lots of just color expanses is delicious.
    Redon would be proud.
    and yes, i would eat the macaroon.

  10. I loved reading/seeing your process as much as the finished product (which is fabulous!). Everything you paint is enchanting - just keep bringing it on ...

  11. I love the painting, Carol. The color of the flower is perfect!
    Did you eat the macaron?

  12. It IS wonderful..Thanks for the tips too..
    I am just staring .. yet again..and love the information you graciously share with us.
    Thank you.

  13. Your watercolors are amazing!

  14. Loved it. You asked so I tell, I would love more Laduree macarons in pink purple shades, with flowers [one of these : roses, lavande, orchidea, hydrangea], tea cups or flutes [or cosmopolitan cocktail to combine Paris and NY themes : ) ] Too specific? I hope you don't get angry at me, please don't : )

  15. Great pictures.
    Lovely blog.
    Nice to meet this blog.

  16. I LOVE the painting. It came out Beautifully. Love seeing the thumbnails too.

  17. Anonymous3:09 AM

    They need to commission you! Laduree that is. Instead of stealing your everything today. Have fond memories of the little bar out the back in the Champs Elysee store where we had our special treat.....sigh...

  18. De la délicatesse, de la douceur... une envie sucrée tout en admirant vos oeuvres... Sublime!
    gros bisous

  19. kirei !!!!

    FROM japanese


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