Friday, August 26, 2011

My Little Paris

Don't tell me when you're a guest.
At someone's house you don't check out their perfumes and cosmetics. Ha! Bet you do. And their books?
My Little Paris Naturalement when staying with French Girl I do the same. I was surprised to see two books I'd already bought to figure out the Frenchie ways - Parisian Chic and
My Little Paris My Little Paris!
My Little Paris Fr Girl (who could not possibly be more Frenchie) is buying books about what the ultimate Parisian does, wears, says, bla bla bla?
My Little ParisGranted WE all would love to be Frenchie.
My Little Paris We all would like to be delightfully Amelie or soigne Charlotte Gainsborg or tragique Isabel Adjani or
My Little Paris Or creme de la creme perfectly imperfect Ines de la Fressange. But SO DO FRENCH GIRLS.
They're just like us!
Who knew?

My Little Paris Yup, they want know how to wear a taffata bow in messy hair + designer sunglasses for that 'je ne sais quoi' look.
My Little Paris Or bows on their knee socks.

My Little Paris Like us, they hang out in front of patisserie vitrine/windows.
My Little Paris My Little Paris book is a must have. It's written with Parisians in mind, not us. It dishes all the dirt on where to thread your eyebrows, fix up your apart super-Parisian, have dinner in a one-table resturant, pretend to be a connoisseur, attend a crazy trial (yep you read right), dress like a VIP, rediscover forgotten veggies, turn your kids into little Picassos, laugh out loud, be a guinea pig for a future 3-star-chef etc.

My Little Paris I personally would kill to pedal in a pool on page 26 - sigh
My Little Paris And secret outlet stores on page 55 - let me at em.
My Little Paris

All highly secret info meant only for Parisians. You can get My Little Paris' newsletter delivered to your inbox. Circle the British flag at the top when you subscribe.
I'll be communing with mussels this weekend and shallot tart tatins. click here!



Catherine said...

Love this post Carol. I adore French actress Leslie Caron myself. So chic!

Great resource. Merci mille fois!

Merisi said...

Have you booked your flight yet?

Thank you for the smile! :-)

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Thank you for the newsletter link!

Jenny said...

What fun! Thank you for the tip...also I do hope you are preparing yourself. Are you staying in the city with the oncoming storm? take care.

La Table De Nana said...

I can't wait to see your pics of Saturday's opening:)
We also love Catherine Deneuve..Isabelle Huppert..Chiara Mastroianni....just talking girls here:)

The book looks like fun.

Dianne said...

Ah! I wanna be a French girl too!! Did you manage to try a small dab of Fleurs D'Oranger perfume? I have tried to find it here in Australia but alas Non!
Have a wonderful week-end Carol and Keep safe. xx

Nikon said...

Very cute post, Carol - I like the illustrations in the book. Your illustrations are great, too. I love that classic Amelie shot.
I hope that you have a safe weekend. It looks like we are not going to get a direct hit here - but the orchestra may be tuning up on the aft deck over there.
Stay safe!

Dr. No said...

"Be sure and circle the British flag at the top when you subscribe."

Or you could learn to speak and read French.

With the educational tools available online, there is really no reasonable excuse not to.


Don't spend another day wishing you could do it!


Anna-Maria A. said...

Looks like a fun book.
Thanks for the heads up PB!

Mary Kay Bosshart said...

I'm always happy to see when there's a new "My Little Paris" newsletter in my inbox because they have lots of great tips! I didn't know that there was an English option. That must be new.

Lucinda said...

Crazy for the kneesocks with bows!!
Where do I get those?
Aidez moi :(

Frances said...

Carol, best wishes for your safe passage through our City's rendez-vous with Hurricane Irene.

Could be a good weekend for drawing and painting, while being reminded of nature's power.

Or...reading My Little Paris. Thank you so much for the link.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Those bottles you painted remind me of an old perfume bought years ago at the five and dime store, called 'Evening in paris'. Boy does that date me...What ever happened to that perfume? I loved the bottle. :) I also love the illustrations on/in the book here.

Julie said...


Hi Carol - just read that Laduree postponed their opening until Monday due to the hurricane and the mass transit shutdown.

I walked by there late yesterday afternoon, and it didn't look anywhere near ready to open.

They were still painting the minty colored facade.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Thanks Julie for the update..
I was dying to walk by Lad but the heat got to me
Plus browsing iPod Touch at the APPLE store - quelle zoo!

The suspense continues!!

Kathleen said...

So many times I run from your blog post to the book store or click over to some new favorite link, thanks Carol!

Karen @ Mignardise said...

Merci Carol, for the tip! I signed up for the newsletter immediately. Just the kind of thing I'm always looking for.

Parisbreakfasts said...

PB made it into the NY TIMES today on tea in Paris!

Yahoo et merci

Geoffrey in London said...

Well done!

I enjoyed looking over your recent postings.


FoodWalker said...

"an expert on Paris" no less.

My my my.

Now stay dry.


jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Wahhooo!!! You in thet NYT!!! Also love that painting of blue bottles! AND the Pairs website looks great! :-( Poor Laduree postponing! I thought by now you would have already been-there- done-that. Hopeyou're high and dry.

William Ternay said...

Maybe I should subscribe to the "Little French Girl" newsletter so, when I encounter one here in the suburbs of Philly, Ill know all her secrets. (hee-hee)

Cris said...

I checked the story out.
How cool to get such a good mention.

See those antics are paying off. :))

I hope all will be well for you when Irene hits. I have CNN on keeping track.
Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Oh shallot tartins, You have me thinking -- I was wondering what to make for Tea.
Carol, we all love inspiration, Aussie girls , Kiwi girls, NY chickies, and French fillies, I love the idea of this book and it just might add to my collection -x

Peggy said...

Love this about Parisians' Paris. I saw a lovely book at the d'Orsay this summer, and ordered it from Amazon (took forever to come). I wished I had bought it in Paris. It's a lovely guide to all the covered passages in Paris--
Passage Couverts Parisiens by Jean-Claude Delorme and Anne-Marie Dubois.
Another great little book is Wandering Paris with the artist Jill Butler.
It's illustrated with charming little watercolors. Ms. Butler also has a sort of illustrated French dictionary (saw it at Anthropologie).
There are so many wonderful books about Paris.
It was fun to see the Alice in Wonderland window at LaDurée in New York. There seems to be a renewed fondness for the name "Alice" in France at the moment. Two little girls of friends of ours (totally unrelated) " s'appellent Alice." Bonsoir,

Amy said...

Thank you for bursting the little bubble I had that French women are BORN knowing this stuff. Now I know it, too.

And next time, I'm going to cleanse under a warm blankie rather thank drinking detoxifying SLUDGE shakes for 10 days!!!