Thursday, August 04, 2011

U R not in Paris

U R not in Paris yet...
U R in Bel Ami, just a stone's throw away on 30 East 68th Street - their macarons are quite handsome...
Shut tight - no pretty renovation signs outside like Parisien shops normally do.
Send your darling prized pet to Paris! If you have an unusual animal you'd like to send to Paris in a watercolor portrait (like these Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats or say a boa constrictor) you'll get a break on the price. Three boas for the price of one etc.

U can pretend you're in Paris and get macarons up the street at La Maison du Chocolat at 1018 Madison ave and 78th street.They are flown in once a week direct. I wish they would put their porte-etiquette/little signs up in French...

Dean & Deluca would like to fool you with REAL French beurre but at $10 bucks a pop, one is not so easily fooled...

NO WAY are these French chocolats! If you bite into this artwork you could break your tooth...

Darling little ballerinas may make you dream of Paris, but U R in NYC.

American lingerie has a long way to go to come close to Parisian lingerie so No, U R not in Paris yet...

La Perla, a French company does the 'covered-up' look with so much more panache, classe et luxe on 810 Madison avenue.

Who knew Ralphie Lauren on 79th & Madison ave. would be chock-a-block with Frenchies grabbing up the goods? Is it cheaper than the Paris branch?

Only in NEW YORK will you find a proliferation of food carts and food trucks. Paris is sadly behind us on this...

Menteurs!(Liars) This bistro is NOT IN PARIS!

Nor are these Yellow cabs. c'est la vie.



  1. Almost Paris!
    The horse and coach look a bit lost, though.

    I am amazed that something that has artificial color in it is so in vogue. I imagine people shopping at Whole Foods and then buying a dozen macarons. Take about contradictions! ;-)

  2. Darling Merisi,

    You can color macarons with beet juice too and other natural substances...
    I will of course try once I get the damn cookie down right.

  3. Would you believe I love pygmy goats? I have wanted pygmy goats for years. Our oldest daughter actually has two of them up at their home in Coleman, Michigan. Unfortunately, she and her 11 month old son are here living with us. We still don't know if she will be getting divorced or what is happening. In the mean time, I don't get to see my pygmy goat grandkids. Maybe I should go live with her husband. Oh my. That sounded a little weird. Anyway, all that aside, I wondered how macarons got to be so colorful. Now I know.

  4. R U kidding Bill?
    I would gladly go live with an Ex if I could be close to a Dwarf goat.
    It was instant love when I saw their pics.
    I want to take mine to Paris!!
    what a hoot

  5. Anna-Maria A.11:18 AM


    La Duree does not look like it is about to open anytime soon?

  6. So excited that La Duree is opening in NYC. I had a chance to visit when I went to Paris in 2001 and still remember it like it was yesterday. Just lovely.

    Maria @ A Platter of Figs

  7. "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! AN EXACT DATE!!!!"

  8. On verra bien on laduree opening on time..

  9. Justine2:29 PM

    You do capture the flavors of New York so well, even if they're not framboise or fraise...

  10. I would pay real money to see a goat in Laduree. I'll bet they like the boxes and ribbons as much as the goodies.

    But I can't even have a goat in North Mankato, Minnesota.

  11. Some of those macarons are really bright colors. I usually think of them as being pretty pastel, but I know they come in many different colors. Fun...

  12. NadKnit3:28 PM

    We have 5 goats (4 pygmy ones and a boer goat)
    and 15 chickens.

    I am not sure if the hens would work but the goats sure would- so- could you send them? :)

    I am sure they'd love to nibble on a macaron or two.

  13. Tortoise owner3:34 PM

    I also have a pet tortoise but I am sure they'd have a fit at Laduree if I arrived with my zoo. :)

  14. Noah's Ark!
    Don't tell me next you have an elephant!

  15. A little bit of Paris in every day - sounds perfect. It is something I try to do.
    Mind you - you are in NYC - spoilt for choice my friend.

  16. ... lovely trek uptown .. thanks ... I hardly ever get to the east side anymore, must change that. Thanks for the ride. ((*_*))

  17. You're very lucky to have so many stores in NYC with a Paris theme.
    (The chocolates, as always, look fabulous!)

  18. Oh Carol, you are giving me lots of places to visit if I ever get over to the East Side for anything other than my marvelous New York Society Library.

    Glad to see that sign with the A in the window...meaning that the NYC health inspectors gave top marks on more than the recipes.

    Your posts are so much fun! xo

  19. Looks like it's time for a trip to NYC in late August...a little closer to San Francisco than 3 favorite cities.


  20. So looking forward to visiting NY and Paris, with lots of Laduree visits. In the mean while, you are taking me there virtually and it feels good :) also thank you very much for visiting and leaving a comment for the istanbul laduree post, it was an honour :)

  21. Henrietta5:39 AM

    I am dusting off my sleeping bag and going to park myself outside La Duree immediately if not sooner, so I'll be the first in line for those darling little cookies.

    Will they sellout the first day.
    Will it be a zoo?

    "Always prepared"!

    a boyscout's motto

  22. Carol,
    See you on August 22!!

    LuLu LoLo

  23. Anonymous5:31 PM

    I'll be counting down the day for Laduree NYC. I can see it in my dreams :)

  24. Sally7:17 AM

    How about painting scenes of NYC! Views
    in Central Park? Iconic landmarks? Carriages
    Lined up outside the park? Tiffanys? Bergdorfs,
    the Plaza and fountain?
    LOVE your blog and paintings! Sally

  25. NYC is not as romantic as Paris
    No pastries like Paris

    NYC is too hard to paint...
    And I'm lazy


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