Friday, August 05, 2011

The Ice cream Cometh...

Can you have too much ice cream?

BEAR says NO!

I am inclined to agree with BEAR. Perhaps that's why we get along so well.

Looking at ice cream cones is almost as good as holding one.

Don't you think?

If a French friend invites you to Berthillon you must eat your framboise ice cream in a cup. A cone is not acceptable a table.

 I love this Wayne Thiebaud etching of ice cream in a cup. 

Sketching cones is great fun.

But painting ice cream 'from life' has it's drawbacks.

Ice cream refuses to sit still and will melt on you in situe.

Much as I love my ice cream in a cone I prefer not to sit on one.

Nor do I like having a cone plopped in my cuppa - who's bright idea was this?

The Italians like the idea of a half cone.

Laboratorio del Gelato's ice cream is quite pleasent in a cup yet they insist on closing their shop at 6 PM! Why do they think New Yorkers can make it to the Lower East side by 6 PM? Anyone who wants to join me in a PROTEST Demonstration let me know svp.

My latest favorite flavor is Black Sesame at Sundaes and Cones. I have big plans to make black Sesame macarons soon.

These days I'm reduced to grabbing a dixie cup in a pinch. Unlike Paris, which has ice cream shops on every corner (is that why I love Paris?) New York is not so well-endowed.
I'm happy to report Amorino, the French gelato chain has opened a shop in New York. I'm not happy to report it costs $5+. I have my limits.

I'm sorry to report that La Maison du Chocolat, who formerly scooped out their ice cream fresh is now offering only ready-filled cups. A step down in quality IMHO.  So what's YOUR favorite ice cream flavor? Do tell all PBers


  1. My favorite is "Chubby Hubby" from Ben and Jerry's. However, I would eat any ice cream any time of day or night. Ice cream is the nectar of the gods. Macarons must be their main course.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I just wanted to let you know that I just came across your blog and I love it! It has become my new obssession. I just recently visited Paris for the first time and I will most definitely be going back!! In the meantime, I can enjoy Paris from home with your gorgeous blog! Thank you for this, it's exactly what I have been looking for! PS have you ever considered doing some paintings of Versailles? I think it is the most beautiful place on earth, and just a short train ride from Paris! <3 -Nat

  3. Oh, ice cream. I haven't had it since I finished my cleanse last month. But you have (again) inspired me...maybe tonight's the night to tempt the ice cream goddess! I love cookie dough ice cream, preferably Ben & Jerry's. In a huge vat with a spoon.

    By the way, I just posted a video to my blog of my "The Five-Dollar Goat and Chickens in the Yard" jigs from last year's St. Patrick's concert. Maybe it'll inspire YOU when you're working on your Goats In Laduree paintings!

  4. Dear Bear,
    would you like to come with me to my Italian gelateria right down the street? (Was that in Venice where you got that fab pistachio gelato?).

    Carol, my daughter came back from Paris yesterday.
    Guess what she bought? Hint: They are from the Petit Bateau store. ;-)

  5. My Dad had a little country store that sold Bryers Ice Cream. On hot days the "ice cream man" who delivered our supply would let me climb into the very back of his huge truck, to nestle among the big 5 gallon containers of ice cream, to cool off while he unloaded.

  6. Ice cream is the best! That is something I will always eat. Old fashioned flavors for me, vanilla and coffee.

  7. Even older fashioned for me, Rick.
    Vanilla and chocolate.

  8. Amy:
    The goats are kicking up their heels here like crazy and doing a jig?
    Make them stop!!!

  9. Justine11:05 AM

    Butterscotch Vanilla

  10. .. it's a childhood thing, I LOVE Peppermint Stick ... Green Tea from Pinkberry is also lovely.

    Happy Friday ... to all

  11. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Ready filled cups? Are they kidding? Horors!:-)

  12. Definitely Pistacchio !!!
    and $5.00 for cone it's a shame !!!

  13. My new obsession is strawberry ice cream with strawberries mixed in from Cold Stone Creamery. My old obsession was Butter Pecan from the local shop. Nothing beats real Italian Gelato in Italy, though.

  14. Kay/stjulienlepauvre6:42 PM

    This is like a support group! I've had a serious ice cream addiction for years. I've been trying to ease myself off w/pomegranate frozen fruit bars, but alas, last night had a 3 pack of dove milk chocolate bars as the store w/the sale didn't have dark chocolate, which is one of my favorites (my only control over addiction is to buy on sale) also, ben & jerry's new york super fudge chunk, double rainbow's ultra chocolate, dulce de leche (hagen dazs), FRENCH vanilla -- able to go down a notch in price for this, to breyers. Carol, I think you've got most of my addictions covered. Don't think you ever addressed buying quality cosmetics when they offer gift w/purchase? Merci, mon internet ami

  15. Pistaccio for me. (Preferably in Italy!)
    I agree that $5.00 is way too much for ice cream - & I agree with you on not liking the cone on top of the cup.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Kay/stjulienlepauvre6:50 PM

    Dear G**, I forgot to answer the question: Yes, $5. is way too much to pay for a cone; ah, & how about ghirardelli's hot fudge sundaes w/chocolate ice cream? A move to the suburbs limits quality ice cream fresh cones--hence my move back to dove bars, but not complaining; i suspect when they find my body someday (i'm already old; no drama here) it will be w/empty dove bar wrappers in my car & beside my bed.

  17. Strawberry ice cream or peach, in the summer. In the winter vanilla or caramel vanilla, maybe sprinkled with a few salty peanuts. I'm funny that way. :)

    Delicious post. I love your ice cream watercolor. Those colors are luscious.

  18. We had a 31 flavors Ice Cream store in CA years ago and out of all those flavors I would get chocolate and/or Chocolate Chip and my hubby got Vanilla and/or Coconut. Go figure. :)Summer isnt summer without ice cream. In Oregon we have UMPQUA ice cream and its the best around. Locally made.

  19. In Paris it is Creole flavor - sort of like rum-raisen only better and coffee is always a favorite and pistachio and ...

  20. My favorite ice cream memory is making peach ice cream the old fashioned way in my childhood.

    As an adult, I've seen many ice cream fashions come and go, and never, never turned down anything that was right in front of me.

    Peach, vanilla, chocolate, carmel, pistachio are always tops. I love the exotic gelatos like fig, pear, etc. Oh, why is a scoop or two not in front of me right now?

    Summertime is here for sure. xo

  21. Ah Berthillon! Best icecream in the world I'm sure. I can't restrict myself to one favourite ice cream flavour there- pistachio, raspberry, mango, vanilla, oh and pain d'epice- I only ever found that once by OMG it was fabulous. And no you can't ever have too much icecream....

  22. This post is amazing... love the pics and the paintings! Kisses, Carol!

  23. Je suis très occupée ces jours-ci, mais je ne pouvais pas résister!!! Vous êtes une tentatrice qui me fait fondre aussi vite que vos glaces!!!
    Je les aime toutes!!! Je viens de faire un sorbet à l'abricot!! vous m'en diriez des nouvelles!
    Vos photos sont vraiment magnifiques, celles des macarons également... Et bien évidemment vos illustrations sont pleines de charme.
    Gros bisous à vous!

  24. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Best ice cream anywhere:
    Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla
    (Blue Bell Creameries,
    Brenham, Texas)

  25. Anonymous12:57 PM

    après cette lecture l'envie est si forte que je vais me jeter sur la première glace que je vais trouver ( cornet ou tasse) bon week-end.

  26. I'm one of the those crazy people that can do without ice cream, except during the dog days of summer then I want it 3 times a day. My lovely cousin Lori on the other hand is an ice cream aficionado and has introduced me to both Bertillion and Grom! Love them both but my favorite flavors are coconut and cafe together! Stay cool!

  27. Get your ice cream shipped! I just discovered Ciao Bello's Mango Sorbet. Delish!

    Check out to get your fix delivered.

  28. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Gelati is my passion.....I Lurve it to pieces!
    I love Amorino in Paris. Just perfect and you are right so convenient.
    My favourite flavour would be nougat. I tried this last time in Paris...miam miam.
    But...there is a contender here in Sydney. My lovely lady down the road makes her own Gelati - fig cinnamon...mmm.

  29. Believe it or not TJ's(Trader Joe's) has something called Greek Yogurt ice cream that is so tart it's irresistable.
    I'm going to get some NOW!!

  30. What a delicious post. My favourites are frutto di bosco, yogurt, lemon, nocciola, nutella, ok I stop :) i tried Grom icecream here in Florence few days ago and documented it on my post, they dont put a cone on top here :) thanks for all the gelataio names to check next time I am in NY.

  31. Pistachio!! and i often crave the mango flavor from Amorino, the best!

  32. Ice Cream, and you really expect to have me complete my list of favorites in this tiny little response box?? Does that answer your question? C: Any and all flavors, with fruit, nuts, candy bits, it does not matter - as long as you can swallow it - I'm in! <3


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