Friday, August 19, 2011

Julie's Jam Jars

 Just one look last night and I was head-over-heels in love
Photo by Julie Whitmore Pottery Photo by Julie Whitmore Pottery Over at Julie Whitmores I fell again for another jam jar
Story of my life really. For a girl who should NOT even look at sugary jams I never seem to learn...
Staying with French Girl in Paris is like being in a field of jam landmines - I need armour at that place truly...
I used to collect mini-jam jars desperately trying to subvert my addiction. Ha! A lot of good it did me...
News Alert* I must report that I am throwing in the 'macaron' towel as far as baking goes. I've had 3 strikes and I'm OUT!
I'm going to stick with painting thumbnails instead.
And practicing watercolor layering, instead of layering failed meringues with buttercream.

I'll be having another 3-day sale of older watercolors in September.

And as a bonus for the 1st 8-10 watercolor sales, I'll throw in my French (and Japanese) macaron cook books. Lucky you.
I'VE HAD IT with baking! Photo by Julie whitmore Pottery Do stop in at Julies for a delightful visit.You'll thank me I know. Just look out for those enticing jam jars.
Photo by Julie Whitmore Pottery Photo by Julie whitmore Pottery Do stop in at Julies for a delightful visit.
You'll thank me I know. Just look out for those enticing jam jars.


Anonymous said...

What a lot of trouble macarons are to make! Just the idea of getting each one to be the correct size puts me off. No wonder they cost! Australia is in the grip of the macaron craze too. French Fantasies in South Yarra, Melbourne make great ones; you can also buy good ones with your coffee in the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.
Those crazy yellow shoes are made for stomping along not for walking in.


Foodwalker said...

Lovely Summery post and I don't blame you a bit.
The macaron towel is tres charmant!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


I am all aflutter that you painted my jam jars with such aplomb!
i especially love the little bowl.
Now those french jam jars are the absolute lovliest I have seen.
The world of jam making , confit, jars and of course labels is a very exciting one!

Roseann said...


Financier a new-ish coffee shop on Sixth Ave bxt 21st and 22nd Streets has macaroons.

The only thing surprising about them is they are the size of the top rim of my coffee cup. Really BIG it seems to me.

I'm allowing myself to try one next week...gotta earn it.

Keep up your painting and posting. I enjoy both.

Prairie Jill said...

Personally, my idea of cooking is nuking a Lean Cuisine dinner, so I'm impressed that you even tried making macarons!

Loved the pottery and jam in this post, too. Maybe it's my English background, but I love jam. Julie's blog is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Some things are better left to the experts. You dobwhat you wonderfully x

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i loved seeing julie's jam ....

you 2 are both so very talented !!!!

charming post....i enjoyed all of it !!!!

La Table De Nana said...

I LOVE jam jars..I am a sucker(is that the right word?) for pretty..cozy jam jars..even ..Belle Maman.
When I make jam.. and see them in the light of day..I feel happy.I love adorning them.. and just seeing them au naturel.

Yours..painted.. are inspiring:)

Love your palettes too.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

If I was s gifted a a painter as you, I would forget the baking and do what you do so wonderfully.

I love your macarons!

Nikon said...

Well, you tried! I'd give it up, too, I think - macs are much too complicated....
You're paintings are superb - do what you enjoy!

Merisi said...

Julie + Carol = Delight! :-)

You earned a special ribbon for bravery already, Carol. So much time and patience for those macarons, I am still in awe!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Well Carol you are not a failure at painting. That is a wonderful painting. I love it. This is a fun post with great photos.

Anonymous said...

Having done peach jam and now working on blueberry lemon, I just loved your post.
I'm going to try macarons this winter. If I succeed, I'll share.
At least you tried.

A Brush with Color said...

Hey--here's what I think. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting someone else do the hard work and letting yourself enjoy their efforts. Trust me--the bakers out there would gladly trade their best macarons to be able to paint the way you do. Go buy up some good macarons and paint away, cutie!

As for jams, Julie's stuff is always a delight, and your painting of those jars is charming.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Carolg,
I've been reading your posts for a few months. And reading the books that you recommend!! Merci mille fois. I am a fellow Paris and France admirer & lover of the French language. I have finally entered the Blogossphere.
I enjoy and admire your artistry!!
Merci encore, Ink and Aquarelle, aka Rita

donna said...

i noticed the macaron towel pic was from "i dream of france" is a darling store in Tustin Ca. that i go to....the owner is from france day that i was there his "little one" was in the back room a potpourri of french goods at that store....lovely....macarons may not be your thing...but watercolors sure ARE....

Frances said...

Carol, I'm sure that taking the time to make your own macarons has added to your appreciation of the fine art of baking.

I read an article in a recent copy of The New Yorker about how an art critic decided to take some drawing lessons. He learned a lot.

I've always liked the idea of gaining appreciation of others' skills, talents, spirit. Every time that I read one of your posts I gain more appreciation of your wonderful self.

Best wishes!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Only one who has tried making macarons can truly appreciate the skill and process of producing perfect macarons. When making them, the less-than-perfect become what we call "family macarons" whose photos would never be allowed, bien sûr!


jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Uh-oh! The next time I try to make macs will be my 3rd attempt...will I be forced to give it up? I'm almost ready now...(to give up!) because they're so much trouble and you only end up with one flavor!

Claudia said...

Yum, those croissants with strawberry jam look outstanding! XO Claudia

Bill said...

Your water color is gorgeous! How could strawberry jam not be gorgeous?! If I had the money, I would be buying lots of your paintings. You definitely are a master at that.

I still haven't attempted to make the macarons. I think I may fare better than you, though, because I simply don't care what they look like. Perfection is overrated! All that matters is how they taste.

Hey. Check this out. I made a little book of some of my digital collages about Paris through Blurb. I would only need to sell 180 copies to be able to afford one of your paintings. Egads!

William Ternay said...

Julie's Jam Jars and your paintings of same; what a colorful combo!
The great thing about your paintings, no matter what the subject.
They're always so SWEET.

manon 21 said...

Ton aquarelle est charmante.

Belle journée


MesvitrinesNYC said...

Hi,hi,hi...I have new homemade jams in my fridge! Julie's jams looks delicious but I'm faithful to my mother and aunt!

Mary Kay Bosshart said...

Seeing all of those lovely jars of jam makes me think that I need to get busy making some before all of the summer fruit disappears. It's gotta be easier than making macarons! Thanks for the delicious post!

bokshandschoenen said...

You have done good collection of jars.
I must say,its a kind of unique blog post.

Amy said...

You win the blue ribbon for simply TRYING to make those devlishly difficult little things, Carol. No failure - you prevailed!