Thursday, October 23, 2008

Grand Plans

Macaron tree,watercolor on Etsy, 5.5" x 7.5"
Has anyone noticed that the watercolors have taken on a grander demeanor...
With fancier trappings surrounding the macarons etc..
We're gearing ourselves up (the birds and I) to visit some real palaces, not just palaces of patisserie! We hope to visit Versailles at least two times. Always after 1:30, when the masses have departed, so we can actually get up close to Marie-Antoinette's boudoir with perhaps a quick bounce on her bed?
A special jaunt to the chateau de Chantilly is on order to see the newly renovated Grand Singerie...
Cliquez ici pour consulter l'interview
A visit to the Opera Garnier would be rather grand.
Location: Place de l'Opéra, 75009 Paris. Métro: Opéra. RER: Auber.Phone: 01-40-01-23-34 or 01-47-42-53-71 or 01-40-01-22-63.Unguided tours: daily 10 am-5:00 pm Admission: Adults - € 8, students & under 19 - € 4.Box Office Hours: 10 am-5:30 p.m. daily.Web site:
A visit to Josephine's chateau de Malmaison is on the list. Chateau de Fontainebleau?
What shall I wear to all these grand visits? A macaron T-shirt bien sur. Another must-do in Paris - divine musee Nissim de Camondo. A stop at the Musee des Arts Decoratif. is a must.
A palace of a different sort - La Salon du ChocolatYUM YUM

Bon Voyage!


  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Grand plans indeed... Chantilly is so beautiful, the porcelain reproductions wonderfully delicate. I don't remember whether they have singerie motifs, they might. I own a piece with a crane in the Chinese style, with a bright pink border.

    Now about Malmaison, I didn't know about this until I saw a poster yesterday in the metro, but there is a "Josephine's Antiques" exhibition there.

  2. CATHERINE -The grande singerie room has just been renovated and newly opened - very excited to see this one!

  3. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I'm enjoying these daily travelogues - you're doing all the prep for us!

  4. The Palais Garnier just has to be my favourite building in Paris. I like the little details around the side, like the statuette holding the lamp - simply beautiful just like your paintings.

  5. Because of you I brought home a piu piu last October. I was in Avignon and came across a Pylones of Paris store, went in and my sister in law and I each bought a piu piu. It sits on a table in my sitting room and once in a while when I touch it, it makes that noise that you're all too familiar with. Have fun in Paris with bird.

  6. That chocolate looks sooooo amazing....(and fun to paint!) Your blog is inspiring!

  7. I have never been to Versailles. I know, shocking!Huh? I would love to go there two times,too. One time for Versailles and one for the Jeff Koons exhibition.

    And, yes, I have noticed your grander scale and I am appropriately awed.

  8. I love the new things you've been doing. Your shirt looks great, Carol! Nice job. Hope you do wear it!! I've been to Malmaison, and if I recall, years ago, I also saw la petite Malmaison. I'm so glad you're going to see some more sights--so many fabulous things to see there.

  9. ps
    Do you ever wander beyond Paris? Mt St Michel, etc?

  10. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I love the looseness in this wonderful nook.

  11. Anonymous11:56 AM

    superb!!!!!! i'D LOVE TO PLUCK A COOKIE OR TWO off that macaron tree...

  12. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Lovely work, as all others in your gallery.

  13. Wonderful blog and nice works !

  14. Count me in on this tour please!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for stopping by French Essence today. xv

  15. Yes I have noticed the new direction in your paintings. Cant wait to see what you come back with after visiting all these cool places.
    Love the T shirt, You have to wear it. :))

  16. oh and I love the new direction too.

  17. Anonymous5:31 PM

    You will love all the chateaus you mentioned! Have a wonderful trip, can't wait to see more!!
    BTW, I love that T-shirt!!! I think I need to add that to my Christmas list.

  18. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Watch out when you wear that shirt - the papparrazzi are likely to mob you!

  19. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Not to alarm you but I think Marie's chateau at Versailles is closed for renovations or something like that. You might want to check out the Versailles website before you go.
    Have a grand time anyway!

  20. I would love it if macarons grew on trees.

  21. Maybe the macarazzi JEANETTE will mob me..
    On verra bien...

  22. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Bonjour Carol,
    I forget the date you’re leaving, and I just wanted to write you briefly sending you “macaronsful” of wonderful wishes!!!! I know you will have a magnificent trip filled with fun, fantasy, flavors and fantastic adventures…not to mention folders full of phenomenal photos and watercolors (that I already can’t wait to see)!! Just please be careful and make sure you look after yourself (eat enough, don’t wander through weird parts on your own, blah, blah --- can’t help it, I’m a mom you know). I’m really just soooooo excited for you. I’ve never been to Paris (or anywhere in Europe) and I really feel as though I actually get to feel and see things myself, through your eyes, touch and passion – it’s incredible really! Thank you.
    Again, be careful, but have a blast sweetie ~ avoir un grand temps!!!!!

    Giant hugs,

  23. oh my! the t-shirt is such a great idea and what a great choice of designs!! :) Lovely times!


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