Friday, October 03, 2008

Pink Ribbons

Nancy Van Blaricom said...I love your paintings with pink in them. No one uses it as well as you. Lovely.
Hmmmm...well it just so happens I'm toying with redoing my pinkie macaron avatar as a watercolor, so your vote is requested.

Please vote for A - B - C - D or none of the above or stick with the old photo

Here are somepinkflowers for you while you're voting...
Dream of pink ribbons....
Speaking of pink ribbons...
October it Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Do get out your pink ribbons...
And do all the other essential things we should do this month.
Pink ribbons are everywhere - even on this mini Charlotte gateaux!Payard Patisserie has a lovely pinkie gateau for you to snack on while voting. Don't wait for November 4th please...ahem
B I G M E R C I!!!
I went with A at least for now :)



  1. A
    I'm casting the first vote to get this going...granted people have more important things to do but...ahem
    Puleeeze help me out here!!!

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Chere Carol,
    I love the pink ribbons--
    Bonne Weekend!

  3. i like the photo that you have - a nice contrast to the paintings - love macaroons and laduree

  4. Carol...
    My vote is for D, because I think it best represents the new look youve expanded upon with the backgrounds.
    My 2nd choice would be the photo, for the same reason as Marnie; it is a nice contrast to your art.

  5. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I vote for A.

  6. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Daughter and I vote for C.

  7. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I have to vote for C. Love the richness of the colors - especially the cherry - against your watercolor background.

  8. Anonymous10:16 AM

    C with the luscious cherry, crunchy with ripe juice.

  9. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I vote for C and D depending on your mood. They are both really nice.

  10. Can I change my vote to D?

  11. Anonymous10:18 AM

    C is my vote =)

  12. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I vote for C.

  13. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I LOVE your work!
    My favorite is the A !

    I'm your number 1 fan from Argentina.

  14. A or C, Carol--they're all gorgeous. I love the watercolors, though! they're all fun.

  15. Anonymous11:12 AM

    It is so hard to pick! I love them all. At first A was my favorite, but the white background may not work with the web page, so I vote for D.
    But, then again, I like B and C too. Maybe you need to change your avatar each month!

  16. My vote goes to D!

  17. I'm really fond of the photo and agree that it gives a nice contrast to your yummy watercolors.

  18. Love them do WONDERFUL paintings! I guess if I had to choose, I would choose it catches my eye on the page.

    I enjoy your blog every day!

  19. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Oh I think it would have to be A but I love D too!!


  20. I love all five...... Going with A -- I like the intensity of color in the box and the macarons.

    I love the background in C. I think the cherry is too red, in D. And I am just not a pastel person, so B is less appealing to me than the more intense ones, though I love the highlights on the cherry.... Also love the business at the end of the stem....

  21. I like the photo for the avatar. Something about the small size of the avatar suits photos better, in my mind. A is my favorite painting.

    I love how you make pink ribbons of breast cancer awareness French, lovely and unexpected.

  22. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I vote D. lovely red cherry.

  23. Oh heaven's now you've done it! Too many lovely choices. I'm torn between B and D. Eeny, meany, miney, moe...... uh, guess I'll choose D. I like the loose back ground vinette-y like in the upper left corner. Now don't make me ever do that again... *laugh.

  24. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I love them all, but I vote D



  25. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Late to the game here, but concur completely with your dear admirerer "sjersyeboy". My vote is for D, but
    really adore your photo avatar.


  26. second thought - D although I still like photograph that you have now as a nice contrast to your paintings

  27. Anonymous4:04 PM

    I prefer D ~ but they all look great ~

  28. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I had a really good look before I read everyone's messages and it's funny to see all the different choices. My first vote definitely goes to...."A" The soft tones and supple simplicity is just perfect. "D" get my second vote. It has the same lovely qualities but the background wash gives it a bit more pop. They are ALL lovely however!! Best of luck Carol.

  29. Anonymous5:12 PM

    ummm..that was meant to say "Risa", not anoymous.
    hugs Carol

  30. Definitely C. I thought I was the first voter, but I must have been in the wrong place. I like the paler pink of the macaron and darker cherry.


  31. I like A the best. I like the fact it is a watercolor and I like pink box. I like the Rich colors of everything. I picked that out before seeing what you voted for.

  32. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Bonjour Carol,
    I love getting Paris Breakfast every a.m. Speaking of ribbons, there is a wonderful hole-in-the-wall shop in Atlanta called Nicholas Kniel Embellishments and Ribbons. It is lusciously filled with ribbons. He has just come out with beautiful book on ribbons. I think he website is

  33. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Carol, I am a fan of all. Forced to choose my favorite, I would pick B because of your use of pale shades of contrasting pink and lime green pastels. The cherry is quite lifelike, in one of the red and yellow varieties. Your art is quite inspiring. What a wonderful way to start our days, with thoughts of La Belle Paris!


  34. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Please, please, please, can I have a pink macaron......and a green one.....

  35. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I love the blue contrast in C and D, but prefer D. These are such lovely paintings -- merci, as always, for sharing your blog. It is just a wonderful way to wake up on a Colorado morning to see your lovely paintings of my favorite Parisian treats!

  36. Anonymous8:38 AM

    i vote for D.


  37. Anonymous8:38 AM

    I like C best, then A. Keep up your lovely work. Regards, Deborah

  38. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Doh! Duh! Oops! Got it. I vote A! :)

  39. Anonymous8:40 AM

    My vote goes to A

  40. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Love all your paintings, but in this "contest", I vote for painting C.

    Thanks for all the lovely postings!


  41. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I vote for A!!!


  42. I'm probably too late, but I love B!

    Have you ever tried painting a quilt before? It seems it would be interesting to try, with the folds of the fabric and the blend of colors...

  43. oops. late to the party ...I like the photo as a compliment to the work. after that I like A. It will read well. Nice and balanced.

  44. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I like nbr.C or the Charlotte Gateau!

  45. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Hi Carol,
    After much consternation.
    D is my pick, with A being my 2nd choice.
    Hope all is well. Send you pink ribboned wishes for a happy and creative Sunday!


  46. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I'd go for D. It's the freshest what comes to colors.

  47. I just read that Ladurée will has unveiled new flavors for the macaroons: cotton candy, apricot ginger, orange saffron and strawberry poppy flower.

    Pierre Hermé now has – wasabi and grapefruit, olive oil and vanilla, rose, green tea and chestnut, and customer favourite chocolate and passion fruit. His Christmas collection of black truffle, balsamic vinegar and chocolate foie gras sold out quickly. What will they think of next. Will these be worth it on the Euro Diet?

    Yotam Ottolenghi, chef patron of Ottolenghi London food and pastry shops, sampled Hermé’s macaroons during a Paris visit last month and gave a mixed review. “The rose, pistachio and caramel were amazing, but next time I’ll skip the hazelnut white truffle and green tea chestnut,” he says. Give us a tasting report when you go next month.

    Ladurée’s bestsellers, remain vanilla, chocolate, caramel and pistachio. Give me chocolate!!!

  48. Bonjour my friend my vote is {{A}}
    I can see {{Laduree}} in my mind now that I had the pleasure of walking into that exquisitte shop while in Paris last month! {{{Drooling!!!}}}
    PINK ribbon..YAY...I'm a breast cancer survivor!! Yipee...4 years now!!Wonderful post as always! hugs

  49. Anonymous10:09 PM

    A or C
    I prefer the richer colors but A is sans background color and C has a colored background. I think I prefer the coloring of A but the rich colors with a background in C.
    Merci chere Carol, for this blog. It's a bright spot in my day.

  50. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Gee, it's a tough one but I think A. Absolutely gorgeous!

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

  52. I like C with the background blue(characteristic to a lot of your paintings). My second vote would be for D

  53. D! I agree with earlier post, freshest color.

  54. I think I have enough vintage ribbon to go around the world twice.

  55. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Watercolour A.


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