Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Personally Yours,

A Gift of Macarons,watercolor, 5.5" x 7.5"
I've been painting some personal paintings for commissions that can be inscribed to the person of your choice.

Author Catherine Delors reported yesterday on an auction at Christie's Paris. And on this small personal scrap of fabric from Marie-Antoinette's dress, plus other royal memorabilia from the estate of the late Comte and Comtesse de Paris.
Stack of Macarons,watercolor, 5.5" x 7.5"
I'm tieing that in with making paintings of your own personal stack of French macarons.
Here's a personally embroidered purse of M-A's from the auction - it went for more than $133,000! Personal Jar of Jam,watercolor 5.5" x 7.5"
Why not settle for a Pierre Herme jam jar with your name on it instead...
Eiffel Tower Envelope,watercolor,5.5" x 7.5"
Or an envelope with a friend's name on it...
Emma and Neil in France of are making a personal mini piece montee de macarons for her pastry shop. YUM!


  1. I am holding out for a Belette.;-) But, the stack of macarons are very tempting. Hey, I tagged you today. And, I talk about Laduree. Please come by my blog.

  2. Beautiful, Carol! Each more delectable than the last. Great idea!

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Wouldn't the dress fragment make a beautiful watercolor too? I love your macarons paintings, Carol, but they make me hungry...

  4. More lovely paintings and a great idea you have. A personalized painting.

  5. What a good idea Catherine! Ihadn't thought of that...
    I love the sample of writing too...
    Hmmm, the wheels are turning...

  6. Let them eat macarons? ;-)

    Oh, for a stuck of macarons, right now!

  7. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Carol, the piece of lace looks like a strip taken of some lace fabric,its not hand made, well to me it isn't and there were no machines then to make it. I just don't know how that was made so long ago.
    I used to work and sell a lot of things l made out of Nottingham lace. I even made a doll that Princess Diana got and she asked for it to be in cream lace...

  8. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Exquisite piece of fabric...
    I would love to read that letter..
    Love the idea of personal macarons in my favorite flavors...

  9. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Smashing idea! And the price is right - compared to MA's old stuff. Hard to believe a piece of her dress is still around! Or anything else!

  10. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Hi !
    I'm parisian and I love your aquarelles. I study around the 6th-7th arrondissement and I am currently obsessed with flan !
    So if you know a place where I can buy a delicious flan, please tell !

  11. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Grace under pressure: here's the full text of the letter:

    And Jeanette, for a link to a complete dress:

  12. Hey I have a pair of knickers that look just like that bit of Marie Antoinette's dress

  13. Good Heavens those mini confections are devine! I love miniatures especially after doing my daughters dollhouse last year! Those MA items are devine and wow costly! eek! Fab post...and pictures! You are so so talented!!


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