Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Macaron Franchise

Piece Montee,watercolor on Etsy,
I'm celebrating today, not just because the market has bounced back...
Yesterday I couldn't find my bank card + 2 credit cards = eeep! Somehow in the process of searching for them, I decided to clean out all the Paris souvenirs tossed around my studio. Hoping what? That I might find my cards among them? Qui sait.. The point is I found so much macaron paraphrenalia, I decided I could open a franchise right here in Astoria, NY!!! I certainly have enough business cards to get going.
AND quite a few free postcards, a couple of stickers and a brochure or two...
Macaron boxes? I have a vast collection just waiting to be filled with goodies.
Napkins? We're a bit low here...Hmmmm
Sugar packets? OK!
Actual teapot and signature china? No, not yet...
But we do have a nice supply of teapot holder thingies...
Receipts? oui
Only one small bag :( Dommage...
Macarons you ask? Zero! But you can get plenty of them over at Tartelette's or Arans :)
While foraging through all this stuff, you'd think I would find at least one crumb or old chocolate lurking.. NOT A ONE! Next trip (in 14 days) I will be sure to throw a few into my suitcase with all these paper souvenirs.


  1. This post made me smile. I haul all of these things home, also, and have drawers full of it. I have even stashed individual, foil-wrapped packages of French butter in my handbag, which I was very sorry about when I returned home and noticed the greasy stain on my bag.

  2. That is a hilarious collection.
    I showed the images to Victoria, we have fond memories of Paris.

    She will now attempt to bake some Macarons in her gluten free bakery. It's a natural!


  3. While in Paris I hope you stock up on plenty of supplies for your Laduree in NYC franchise!

  4. What a wonderful site...I am working on a series of Paris inspired art too...My friend BJ sent me to your blog...


  5. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I see the picture of the magazine cover over to the right. My RSS feature doesn't always show everything on a person's blog, just the post for that day. Blush.

  6. Did you find your bank card, too, I hope!? Beautiful macaron tower painting, Carol! And all your Laduree images are hilarious: a woman obsessed. I can relate--I collect all manner of things when I travel and then simply cannot part with any of them. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing... Countdown to the big trip--I'm excited for you!

  7. Oooh, love the dresses but love the Laduree almost as much....that green!!!! Only 14 days?...I would be so excited. Wow!!!! So much fun in store. I won't ask if you are packed because I know that doesn't happen til the night before. LOL

  8. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I'm planning on making macaroons soon :)

  9. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Perfect tower of goodies.
    Soon, you'll be seeing this in person.

    Excellent, Carol!

  10. I found my credit cards and cleaned my windows with Angelina and Pierre Herme napkins.
    Almost as good as paper toweling...
    I'm trying to get rid of my "haul"

  11. Anonymous2:04 PM

    What are your hours?
    Must I reserve ahead?
    Tel# ?

  12. everything on this site is so pretty!


  13. Anonymous2:16 PM

    It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one saving the sugar packets, receipts and menus.
    Your post each day is a visual treat--what eye-candy.
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion with everyone. I'm in London a couple of weeks each month, so if you're ever here, we should hook up and visit the Laduree in Harrod's.
    A twist on a familiar favorite.


  14. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I was hoping you would sell some of your green Laduree menus, cards, boxes etc. in that
    beautiful green!!!!! They are exquisite. Please let me know, it would be wonderful to own
    anything from them.
    My dining room is cream, green, and gold. Thanks so much!


  15. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I found your blog recently and think it is great!
    Love your paintings and your observations about Paris.


  16. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Don't worry about the lack of napkins, Everyone will be licking clean their fingers and chops anyway!

  17. ohh, this wonderful mountain of macrons tops it all! I wish I could just had one of them right now... This inspires me to go pick up a few in the West End London shop.

  18. Anonymous6:50 PM

    And I thought I was the only person taking the sugar packets !!!

    How funny.

  19. Paper sugar packets are the crumbs they throw us Shiva, so we don't walk off with the silver, the china and the teapots IMO

  20. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Who would have thought they'd provide things to hold the hot teapot handles??? Incroyable! Thank heaven you found the credit cards - you're going o need them soon!
    Are those sugar mice on the postcards? Have you posted about them? They are adorable!

  21. I so love the Laduree boxes!! I collect the wrapped sugar cubes that they make less and less in favor of the sugar packets I think. Thanks for the shout out :)

  22. I love it. You needed to clean up so you could make a shopping list for paris. Your subconscious mind hid those cards. LOL

  23. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Oh, my!
    Love the piece montee!!!
    I want it for my personal collection but don’t get paid till Friday—hopefully the macaron gods will wait to be propriated until then.

  24. Anonymous2:18 AM

    So are you cleaning out some of the supplies? I would be happy to buy some either now or after your Paris trip. I am still hoping to
    miniaturize some Laduree stuff to make boxes for my dollshouse pastry shop...

  25. I love it! I wish I could have afternoon tea there now!!

  26. WOW...am very excited for you. :)

  27. Anonymous3:46 AM


    I love your blog. I love macarons too. I wish I could have your Laduree Piece Montee...

    By the way, have you heard about this...?


  28. Thank goodness you found your credit cards again!

    How in the world did you manage to shlep so much of your favorite green stuff over the ocean? I am in awe! :-)

    What do you do with all those sugar packets? My collections if filling several large tea tins by now. I am contemplating of one day arranging them all on my table, photograph them, and then ... I dunno! Burn them? Every now and then I have fished one out of the tin, if one teaspoon or so of sugar was called for, and I didn't have any in the house.

    I am leaving tomorrow.

  29. is the best things of breakfast here in paris!

  30. The GREAT SCHLEP Merisi?
    How did I do it?
    Bringing back a few napkins, biz cards, and sugar cubes do not weigh alot or take up much space in zee suitcase :)

  31. Anonymous8:33 AM

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  32. Can't you get therapy for this sort of thing over in the US?

  33. sigh...all the reminders of the time I spent drooling in this heavenly shop!(It was YOU who inspired me to visit Laduree!)I saved the box too!
    I still don't know how you get your photos while inside...the gloved hand always stops the picktaking!You are good...I do see {{the glove}} in one of your images!!eek the dreaded glove!


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