Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Where is Bluebird?

Ginger Jar at Vaux le Vicomte,watercolor on Etsy, sold 5.5" x 7.5"

Gathering my birds together for the trip to Paris has been somewhat helter skelter..
While Yellow Bird has been very busy making dessert decisions -what to bring and what to leave behind (someone said that dessert spelled backwards = de-stress..do you get that?)
There is a new bird in the joint and he has been very busy looking for... Long lost Bluebird - No where to be seen for 6 weeks!
We even went back to Tiny Doll House to see if they had another! They did, but he was rather scruffy - not suitable at all to take to Paris! HUMPH
At last Bluebird was found. YAY He was busily perusing the Paris map, the Eiffel Tower in fact was his objet de desire...
He was conveniently hiding in the teapot collection, so he could have a cuppa whenever...
Overjoyed, all the birds celebrated at a tea party and perused the map some more - plotting out their future routes of adventure. Don't you love to drool over a map just before a trip? I do.
Sadly, dear Piu Piu is not joining the others on this trip...he's just too noisy to pass through customs, this bird...Dream on PiuPiu..
Bon Mardi!!!


  1. Piu Piu not going? Pauvre cher. Ah, well--the others haven't been yet, have they!? Lovely paintings! Your mirror is great! Glad to hear you're getting excited about the big trip! Oh--incidentally--It's "desserts" spelled backwards is "stressed" Carol.

  2. Yes, you have quite a few birds in your collection. I do love this painting. (I didn't realize how much I like Pink... but your paintings with pink "rock".)

  3. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I can imagine how sad it would feel to be the one left behind on a trip to Paris ! But pui pui has been before, I think. Perhaps he will mend his ways...I have a noisy lovebird (who says "What"???)

    Bon Voyage...thank goodness you are taking the breakfast "club" with you. Can't wait.

  4. I think the bluebird of happiness will be in your heart when you are in Paris. ;-)

  5. Anonymous1:56 PM

    DELIGHTFUL blog. Made me smile and giggle.


  6. So happy blue bird was found. Where was the naughty bird?
    I love that map. I think it would make cool wall paper don't you? One could lay in bed and plan ones itinerary to one's hearts content. :))
    Adorable post today. :))

  7. Anonymous2:14 PM

    You might want to ask my Mrs. bluebird to come along :)...


  8. Carol, I skipped a beat when I thought Bluebird was missing :O but felt the wave of utter relief when I discovered he was "found" - yaaaaaaaaay!!! You know, Piu Piu being noisy is good...because leaving him behind to guard your home is a wonderful job for him and he should feel proud :)
    I LOVE your painting (btw) and you are so totally cute!!! xoxo

  9. Anonymous9:58 PM

    So, you're not much of a backward speller. I always say it's more important to spell forward, especially if the word is "dessert". After all, why would anyone want to tinker with that?
    Speaking of spelling, Barbara in Mojave makes Piu Piu sound quite Hawaiian, no? :-) This can only be truly appreciated by another lousy typist - moi.
    So glad you found the blue bird of happiness - Inspector Oswald is terribly overextended just now and could not help you in the missing bird search even if he wished to help.

  10. CRIS - I love that map too, even though it is wrapping paper I framed it. I would REALLY love it as a shower curtain...YUM!

    VERON - Thanks for the wonderful birdie pics..can't get enough of them :)

    JEANETTE- the "Demanding One". Hey at 5AM your spelling might be off too...grumble grumble...

    BELETTE - YOUR heart is in the right place :)

  11. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Great, witty blog, I will return to see more.


  12. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Carol, do the people in customs ever look at you oddly when they see this sort of stuff in your luggage? ;-)

  13. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Charming. Like your colors and the way you laid down your strokes of paint.

  14. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Dear Carol
    You really must see the Tour Eiffel up close when you visit Paris this time. It is awe-inspiring. The first time I visited Paris, my friend and I stayed at a small hotel on Rue Dominique in the seventh. We got up our first morning and walked to the corner with map in hand. We looked straight ahead, to the right, to the left and couldn't figure out which way to go. So a waiter from the cafe came and asked what we were looking for. The Tour Eiffel, bien sur. He walks us a little closer to the curb and turns us around. Omigod. There is was, towering above us in all its glory, with the cozy street making a perfect frame. I'm sure the waiter is still laughing about it and it's been nearly five years. Oh, I do so need to go back!

    Have a wonderful trip!

  15. Oh dear...I guess I must see the damn thing..it's the least I can do.
    I must get it over with! :)

  16. I notice that in amongst all that stuff there is no Little Bear. Where is he? I do hope he is going to Paris with you and not being left behind. I care about his welfare and safety.


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