Wednesday, October 01, 2008

B comme Boite de Macaron

Stack des boites,watercolor, 5.5" x 7.5"

The other day I walked by a window full of boxes at Payard Patisserie.

YUM! Time to paint boxes again...

Cookie Boxes,watercolor,5.5" x 7.5"

These wonderful pastel geometric shapes hold the best surprises in the world don't they?

Well next to diamonds... my collection at l'heure bleu.

And over at Pierre Herme - chocolate boxes!

Pierre Herme's macaron "petal" boxes stacked and waiting.

Meanwhile back in New York, Mitzy of Yummy in The Tummy has designated me one of her very select macaron tasters!

Mitzy got to study with Pierre Herme in Chicago for one week.
This is a very tough assignment, this tasting don't you agree? I may call on you for help. Are you available?


  1. Oh yes, yes, please send me down a chocolate and pistachio macaron!

  2. Last time I was in Paris (almost two years ago! sigh...) I saw a little box of chocolate at Laduree with a black French Bulldog printed on the top. I am still sad, to this day, that I didn't purchase it. But at 25 Euros, it was out of my league (and it was a VERY small box).

  3. No Fair, boxes.....I love them!!! and tasting macarons? I think that calls for help....raising hand to volunteer.

  4. Those boxes painted with that dark rich background behind them are gorgeous.
    Do the insides still smell of Macarons? Even better if they do. :)

  5. OMG!!!
    I just sniffed inside the boxes CRIS! Why did I never think of this before = no scent :(
    But I will do something about it in TWENTY-SIX DAYS!!!
    Sniff sniff sniff!
    I will become a bloodhound seeking out the macaron perfume!
    Bon idea

  6. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I LOVE your blog. I am certain I have bumped into you a thousand times
    in this lifetime as we seem to be fanatics over the exact same things and same to be in the same places. I am not kidding. It was my mom who turned me onto your blog because she thought you were me!!!
    Keep the good stuff coming. You are very talented!

  7. Anonymous12:37 PM

    these are the BEST!!! great subject matter helps, but you do a wonderful job with the boxes, I love them! Remind me again of how I can buy one if so inclined?

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Macaron tasting. That is the toughest job! I'm glad you met Mitzy -terrific gal! We had fun ogling Pierre Herme in his class :).

  9. Oggling P Herme...Hmmm
    Is he really ogglable?
    Still I would have killed to be there to oggle or not!

  10. Your boxes are just divine, Ms Gillott. I always love when you do them stacked like this--beautiful.

  11. Anonymous5:08 PM

    You and your boxes. Really wonderful paintings today. BRAVO!!!

  12. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I think it these are BEOOOOTIFULL!!!
    Great color, but still functioning as the dark background.
    And I really like the funky edges on the background.
    So there.

  13. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Such pretty boxes--I'd keep them and store little treasures on my bookshelves--too nice to discard. I love yours even better than the real things, though.

  14. Anonymous7:18 PM

    They look so perfect!
    It's beautiful! The blue background works wonderfully.

  15. Anonymous7:20 PM

    For ME????
    You shouldn't have! ;))
    They look scrumptious, Carol!

  16. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Love the stack AND the pile! Brilliant!

  17. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Wow, very beautiful paintings, nice details on the boxes!
    Have a safe trip to Paris...

    Veron, thanks for the compliment, you are so sweet! We did have an amazing time in his class, learned and ogled him :-)

  18. OK I think it's time for that bubble bath now. Bonne Journee

  19. Anonymous5:27 AM

    My favourite Laduree box was one my boss gave me last Christmas - blach with gold filigree and a hot pink emblem. Beautiful!

    Talking about scent, did you know Laduree do a macaroon scented soap - divine!

  20. Joanie6:28 PM

    Love those boxes! your blog, it is tantilizing! I love everything French.
    I have searched high and low to find French boxes for our chocolates,
    Continental Chocolatier, but to no avail. Got any ideas about French box companies that export to the U.S.? Our european type chocolates are divine and need special packaging.


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