Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Sweet Escape...

I'm off to Paris as soon as I publish this post!
And I'm lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Just CLICK on these pictures for some French fun!!!
And some chocolate silliness for you :)

This is definitely the Sweet Escape but there are no macarOns in it unfortunately :(

I'll be too busy painting masterpieces for you (I hope) to post.
But you can watch this painting if you click on it!
And I'll be painting Paris REDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD..
if I can get my bag closed and out the door!
Bye :)


Becs said...

I can hardly wait to see what beautiful images you bring us. Bon voyage!

(PS - Air France fares in October are about $300 US round trip.)

Lisa Johnson said...

Bon Voyage Carol! : )

Southern Heart said...

Bon Voyage!...I hope that you have a delightful trip. I can't wait to hear about everything!


Anonymous said...

To avoid withdrawal symptoms, I will read all your posts from the beginning of your blog. Will you be back for the first anniversary?

Gypsy Purple said...

Oh wow...enjoy every moment!!!!!
Can`t wait to see what you bring back for us

Robyn said...

YAAY PARIS! :D Can't wait to see all the good stuff you will eat. Heheheheheee.

Anonymous said...

I made it :)
It's a tad cold and wet but as the reception at the hotel says, it's SPRING
blue skies / rain/ blue skies/ rain etc.
It's 8AM and I'll cross the street to Paul for my first of MANY petit dejeuners!
I already took my Frist photo of what else?
An Easter rabbit that's got a white chocolate head with a milk chocolate body - how could I pass it by?!
And it was in Amorino's window (Gelato joint!!)
At 9:30 I'll get a "Paris" haircut and start running and shooting!
more to come...

Anonymous said...

I am heading to Paris soon-leave some chocolate for me! Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time, Carol. I so look forward to all the wonderful images and stories you will bring back with you. Like Kris, to avoid Paris Breakfasts withdrawal, I will go back and re-read past posts while you are away.

Enjoy Paris!

Unknown said...

Yippee!!!! Have a wonderful trip. I anxiously await fresh Paris pictures/paintings.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fantastic, You're there already. Enjoy. How long do you get to stay? I too look forward to some Paris treats. Oh and will ya go drool in a Paris Art Store for me?? :-)

My Friend toulousaine will no doubt be drooling over the coffee, cups and sugar packets ;-) She roasts and grinds her own coffee beans..that's how much she's into it. ;-)
Cris in OR

Anonymous said...

Oh my these are wonderful! I think little miss riding hood is my Fav, but the color one is pretty darn good too! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVED that Olivia video! Reminds me of Science of Sleep!