Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Charbonnel et Walker...

Charbonnel Hot Chocolate, watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
Charbonnel et Walker was the 1st stop on last Friday's SweetWalks chockie tour and it was instant love.
I'd never been there before and it's sooooo PRETTY and Victorian!

These pretty boxes contain their Pink Champagne Truffles full of essence of wild strawberries, cream and Marc de Champagne enrobed in milk chocolate.
So decadent...

The Charbonnel truffles that lurk within these gorgeous boxes...

Charbonnel et Walker have been supplying fine English chocolates in their delightful boxes since 1875. Edward VII (the Prince of Wales) encouraged a partnership between Mrs Walker and Mme. Charbonnel from the Maison Boissier chocolate house in Paris. Charbonnel still holds the Royal Warrant as manufacturers of chocolate to her Majesty The Queen bringing the royal connection up to the present time.

Some of the Queen Mum's favorites, along with the chocolate covered fondant of violet and rose petal essence shown yesterday...

I love this illustrated tip sheet. Most high end chocolate boutiques have an illustrated road map to their chocolates, but this one is worthy of framing in my opinion...
The 8th floor entrance to Cafe Charbonnel NY at Saks Fifth Avenue.
I guess I'm just a sucker for pretty.
Did I mention their Drinking Chocolate is to die for?


  1. I don't remember how I came upon this blog, but it is so wonderful- it made my "Favorite Blog of the Week!"

  2. All this talk of chocolate and still 4 more weeks until lent is over -- what fantastic eye candy, though -- thank heavens THAT"S allowed!!

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    You glean so much material out of one event. The painting is very unique and wonderful and the pictures awesome. How fun to be you living in NY close to all the culinary action. Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of chocolate tours...Who knew? ;-)

    Cris in OR

  4. This is all a TEST!
    Trials of Lent it's called.
    The one who has the best restraint wins...a lotta chocolate!
    Or a tour ...
    Or something!

  5. i LOVE the mug
    (your watercolors are always yummy)
    and i can hardly wait to get into Saks.
    i appreciate all the info about Charbonnel
    the only thing i knew was the fabulous drinking chocolate!!

  6. There is a spot in my kitchen cupboard that is reserved for my big tin of Charbonnel et Walker drinking chocolate. I am so glad you mentioned it. It is THE BEST drinking chocolate in the world and if you sprinkle it on ice cream it is to die for as it's not powder it's chocolate flakes. I am going to have one now!
    I am off to Paris in the morning and you are reporting on English stuff how weird is that?

  7. Anything coming in those boxes I will love, thank you very much...looks so yummy...I totally love white chocolate.....
    This watercolour...one of my fave`s

  8. Oh the discoveries you're letting us in on! "Will walk for chocolate" seems to be you sub-mantra of the moment, I love it. :-).
    The painting is as gorgeous as the get, Carol.
    Can't wait to get "mine" up on a wall in my home!

  9. P.S.:
    Sorry, I must have lost the little "y", as in "they", somewhere in Vienna today. ;-)

  10. Didn't the story "Chocolat" take place during Lent?

    These pictures are too tempting. If I didn't get sick from Drinking Chocolate, I'd be at Saks right now! (I might go anyway and risk it.)

  11. loveitaly5:22 PM

    Beautiful watercolor, Carol! That little chocolate looks like one my grandmother always had around. You really captured it perfectly. It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself there. Thanks for taking us all vicariously!

  12. like everyone else, i presume, absolutely love your blog

  13. Need. Chocolate. Now!

  14. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Yes the movie "Chocolat" DID take place during lent.

    It is a Charming little movie loaded with LOTS of Chocolate through out the whole movie. But beware, you may come away craving the stuff like mad. ;-)
    Cris in OR

  15. I can just tell you are skinny
    and have beautiful skin from
    the chocolate.

    Dark choclate is sooo good
    for you!

  16. Ooooooh. Such pretty candies...for the mouth and for the eye!

  17. WE had a wonderful time at their shop in Harrods! We had to mightily resist getting one of everything... and i am not a big choccie fan. (i linked you on my foodie blog...)

  18. oh, now I am really really in trouble! Your blog and photos are so wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

    I have to go now, where is that chocolate left over from the holidays?????

    Your watercolors are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


  19. violet creams before you had a chance to paint them!


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