Friday, March 23, 2007

Cafes Richard

La Tasse Petale- Cafes Richard, original watercolor, 8 1/2" x 11"
Back to cups and the possible opening of Cafe Gillott. I was sent a set of new coffee and expresso cups by the American distributor. MERCI!

I'd seen pictures of the new La Tasse Petale cup and was a little hesitant.

My allegiances were to a cafe cup I met and painted in Provence.
OK I'm fickle...when I next met this cup at Le Luco Cafe, my heart went pitter, patter. A new love and so much fun to paint!

TA -DA! I introduce you to the brand NEW La Tasse Petale.
It's called "the petal cup" because the handle has been cleverly turned to the side, making it easier to hold and more ergonomic perhaps? Plus the interior is rounded so you can better taste the "fruits" of the coffee.
The creators of this new cup for Cafe Richard are SISMO Design Antoine Fenoglio and Frederic Lecourt specialize in taking quotidienne / everyday objects and giving them a new twist. They have a shop in the Marais and I can't wait to visit it!

SISMO Design, 5 bis rue St Paul, 75004 Paris, Métro: St Paul

My new cups came with loads of chocolate squares.
These are the expresso cups. Pretty adorable you'll agree.
David L. just went to the Università del Caffè, so you might like to get some pointers on making expresso yourself. And Greg has a ton of coffee info at his coffee ratings site. I'm studying all this too since I mostly drink hot chocolate...oops


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I love those cups!

    Do they work with Italian espresso too?

    ; )

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    The mini size are designed specifically for Expresso David.
    They're really sweet too...

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Hi Carol,
    for the cupaholic in you, take a look
    Your watercolored teacups are adorable.
    Bonne journée

  4. I love your paintings, but I am not so sure about the new Tasse Petale. I'm afraid I'd spill the coffee. Have you tried to drink your chocolate out of one?
    Have a great weekend,
    I'm off in the dark Vienna Woods! :-)

  5. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I felt the same way..hesitant, but I was surprised how easy it was lift and use. Better than a standart cup handle!

  6. Anonymous2:29 PM

    How clever to paint the cube of sugar, in its wrapping, in the spoon. It makes the painting that more real looking.
    I do not know if I like the handle design(even if you say it is easy to use)It doesn't have the same appeal to me as the older cups.
    fast it wouldn't ever had touched the table!
    Your painting is as always fantastic!

  7. Anonymous2:29 PM

    How could you manage to paint that chocolate covered almond???I would have popped that in my mouth so fast it wouldn't ever had touched the table!

  8. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Richard made a smart move to send you some of their cups. It is not everyday someone like you comes along and paints with such class!

  9. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I've never liked coffee. But your paintings make me want to drink up!
    I'm glad you're painting cups again.

  10. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Susie q there were MANY of those cocoa-covered dragées..MANY!
    And somehow they all disappeared :(
    I found that one lone lurking in the bottom of the box=and now it's disappeared too! :(

    tess painting cups will always be on my menu whether I drink the contents or not. I love to paitn round shapes.

    Thank you Melinda :)
    Cafes RICHARD is indeed a very smart company. They're not afraid to change their spots now and then.

    Merisi and Corey Believe me this sideways handle works! I'll have to take a picture or else open a café and you can all come and try it out! :)

  11. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Ahhh... I am always a sucker for beautiful porcelain cups for my coffee,
    though! :)



  12. I know I would spill the whole thing in my lap with that funny finger hole.

    But it is a beautiful cup.

  13. Interesting that new cups...will first have to try it....knowing me it looks if I will burn & spill????

  14. Anonymous6:43 AM

    I suppose I'll just HAVE to go to Paris to try out these new cups...

  15. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I love those cups too!
    I hope you'll do more expresso cup watercolors.
    Have a GREAT trip to Paris!

  16. I drank from a Cafe Richard cup when I was in Paris but I didn't have my thief's head on.

  17. love the watercolor painting of those cups!

  18. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Liza's eyeview -
    I'll be doing lot's more of these cups.
    This is just the first try..
    I haven''t gotten them yet....

  19. Anonymous3:37 PM

    toujours agréable de venir prendre un café ici!!!

  20. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Ahhh...I love these paintings and cups! My favorite part of getting coffee in France is getting to see the "presentation" of the cups, wrapped sugar cubes and squares of chocolate. (Drinking the coffee is always fun too). I have a whole bag of sugar cubes from various cafes in France, I was obsessed! Nice job on the paintings and scoring the set of cups. :)

  21. I'm not an expresso (or coffee) drinker, but those cups are terrific!

  22. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Ooh, I love those cups! And I want coffee right now. That is all. :)

  23. Great design for the cups and really nice artwork (by you) as well! The free chocolates are the best gift of all!

  24. Sometimes I do get homesick for your coffee cups. :-)
    If you open a Cafe' in New York, may I have a chance to get a franchise here in Vienna? Would that be sometimes else, New York greets Vienna. There are many Americans in Vienna (maybe even the NYPD *g*), they'd love to have such a place. And your paintings everywere .... just imagine!

  25. I'm enjoying your post as I sit drinking a cup of coffee, waking up for the week ahead...

  26. I am a coffee addict and those cups are amazing!!! You are so lucky! I actually love a cafe au lait bowl...I drink one every morning and it warms my hands. You paintings are so beautiful!

  27. NOTHING more beautiful than a cup... of coffe:-D

  28. This is fabulous. You have added a whole new layer of coffee love to this human coffee bean.

  29. On a much lower class level, when I moved from NYC to Washington State for two years, I found that the thing I missed most (other than edible bagels) was the coffee cups.

    Yes, the little blue cardboard cups that proudly say "We are happy to serve you." They simply don't have them in Spokane.

  30. thefirecat
    You can buy a durable ceramic version of those New York "Greek Coffee Shop" coffee cups here-
    Fun! :)

  31. I found yesterday a packet with 6 Cafes Richard the Petal cup (Design Sismo) at the local car-boot sale and also 4 Cappuccino cups Cafema within the same box 2 espresso cups all useable with the same saucers 4 of them, the Cafema are made by Walkure Germany.


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