Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lindt Goldhase...

Lindt Goldhase with Macarons, watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
No weather report today.
There's a new love in my life!
Bye-bye Fauchon...
I marched right off to the New York Lindt shop on 692 Fifth Avenue to see what was what...

I wanted to take pictures of my new love inside...

But I was told permission would have to come from Corporate headquarters :(

Now this is one place I would love to visit -

I want to sit in these giant Lindt Goldhase chairs at the Kadawe Department store in Berlin!

I'm not the only one mad for Lindt Goldhase...

Harrods of London ordered one in 24-caret gold encrusted with diamonds!

I could really go for this car...

You may be wondering...What's up with this girl now?!

True this bunny is Swiss, not even French!
And not even from the French-speaking part of Switzerland either!?
And the milk chocolate bunny is particularly gorgeous too!
Hey! not even 65% dark chocolate!
And this bunny is no SPRING chicken either!
Goldhase has been around since the early 1950s...
Well the design is simply masterful!
And a sheer joy to paint.
So there will be more Lindt Goldhase to come along with those daffodils.

He makes me feel so Springy :)


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Now, Carol--you got that daffodil and the teacup! There you go! This one's beautiful! Nothing wrong with Lindt, that's for sure...or Godivas either, now! Or the Schmidt truffles...ah, so many chocolates, so little time!...

  2. of the best combinations, watercolors and chocolates! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one trying to sneak pictures for my paintings. It is not always an easy task. I would appreciate any helpful hints on this. Cheers! ~Heidi

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Love the's absolutely darling. The daffodil with your new tea cup look great together and I see you also got some macarons in there. Speaking of which...I got notice that we can now send for macarons from the web site you gave us a couple blogs back. I plan on doing so soon. :-)
    Good work as usual.
    Cris in OR

  4. On taking verbotten photos...
    Go in shooting first.
    Ask questions later.
    That's what I adher to
    As long as you can contain camera jiggle you'll be OK

  5. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Love your watercolor today-the little flowered bowl is precious!

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    delicious watercolor and marvelous news!
    this shop will definitly be on my list of destinations the next time i hit the city

  7. Anonymous4:22 PM

    You made the Lindt Hase even better looking than he actually does. And he does look good in real! I always know that springs coming when they start playing his (the Goldhases) commercials on tv.

  8. That's the way to herald spring--Lindt chocolates and watercolor daffodils. I love this whimsical post and your beautiful watercolors throughout.

  9. renate I will pop in the commercial next Goldhase post
    How lucky for you...sigh

  10. Let me first say that I love the painting, bunny and all. ;-)
    And great that you sneaked those nice pictures! :-)

    And now, I have a confession to make:
    I ate a whole "golden” Swiss Lindt Chocolate Easter Bunny Baby last week. Carol? ...... You still talking to me? I pledge temporary insanity in front of a Lindt gift basket, i.e. nest. *sigh*

    At good last, merry greetings from last year's Swiss Lindt Chocolate Easter Bunny Baby, at my Easter Sunday tea.

  11. Anonymous5:25 PM

    You think the bunny's good now - you wait until October when he skillfully transforms himself into a reindeer!! We used to get a little box of Lindt kittens or puppies every Christmas so they're a special memory for me.

  12. I.Want.That.Car.

    Mmmmm, glad I have chocolate with me to deal with reading your blog! I was prepared this time.

  13. Carol, this is what I call a personal blog!'re the best of a NEW YORKer...someone who loves the abundance that is offered... and in a visual way here.

    You're also an illustrator, graphic designer and wonderful artist. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing! :)

  14. Hello we are going to get to know you quite well??`re the new love in Carol`s have a hard act to of luck!!

  15. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Your watercolours are delicious and so is the little bunny from Lindt. Although I would never be able to achieve great watercolours like yours I'm quite familiar, in France, with the little golden bunny, a favourite treat at Easter.

  16. My mouth is watering....yum! The chocolate bunny watercolor is just beautiful as are the photos.

  17. I love hearing of golden rabbit's adventures all over the world!
    This rabbit gets around.
    He is loved.
    But that's OK with me. I don't mind sharing :)
    Benvenue moino and renate and candy barr!

  18. Anonymous9:01 AM

    LOVE your watercolors. You are very talented! I'll definately be checking back :)

  19. I posted on a bunny, too! :) I was inspired!

    Another gorgeous post from you.

  20. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Golden rabbit transforms to little bilby in australia for Easter. Love the watercolour -- the colours are becoming richer, possibly for Winter, to make us feel warmer...?

  21. Anonymous9:25 AM

    PS to my previous comment about Winter and making us feel warmer -- of course, here Down Under it is now Autumn (Fall). That is what I was referring to, just in case you thought I was an idiot! PPS: I'd really like to have the little car! Cheers to you parisbreakfasts, I just love your work.

  22. I get Lindt chocolate all the time but haven't seen any bunnies. Will have to keep a look out.


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