Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still Ciel Bleu and Bunnies!

Just a quick note because I am running, running and when I am not running I'm painting..well almost :)
They are threatening rain all the time but the sun is winning!
so far

I'm seeing alot of pale chartruse everwhere...on the new Chanel seems to be the accent color of the moment.
And you can not believe how this town is inhabited with BUNNIES!
And HUGE chocolate eggs everywhere.
It's just about ridiculous...
Paris is an Easter barnyard !?
Even big bunny advertisements in the Metro..
I am not sure I can look another bunny in the eye...

I had petit dejeuner yesterday at Angelina's = YUM!
The trick is to get there before 10:30 = no line, no waiting
I had something called "Petit Dejeuner Parisien"
But it was more like an American P.D. - it was NOT petit at all.
OJ + 3 kinds of Vennoiserie (sp) + a ficelle/ small baguette + a pitcher of chocolat chaud + confiture/ jam
Do you call this petit?
There's an even PD bigger one you can order - maybe they serve you a steak?

Oh I forgot, the hot chocolate comes with a "Mont Blanc" - a perfect mountain of whipped cream, which I forced myself to taste... I'm not a cream person but it was divine :)
They have new china at Angelina - more elegant, more simple..just a thin red line on the cups and dishes + their name.
I can't wait to paint it and show you all the pictures when I get back.
I'm having a bite today at Le Train Bleu...more to come!
Later :)


  1. Angelina, Le train bleu... Such beautiful places!

  2. Thank you, Carol, for the window to Paris in the spring! Looking forward to the paintings! ~Heidi

  3. HaHa so much for French women not getting fat... If I lived there I'd be as big as a barn with all that good food:-)

  4. You seem like the Energizer Bunny, running running running. :-)
    Bunnies are all over the place here too, so far I have refrained from shooting all those hens, though. They are all ugly. :-(
    Maybe a cute Parisien Hen, if one runs in front of your camera, to show us some Parisian hen-chic? ;-)
    I took my melange outdoors in 9 degree weather. Wish you a few degrees more!

  5. I *just* got back from Paris, my first ever visit, hopefully not my last. During the months leading up to my trip, visiting your blog was (and still is) a daily event for me. I love your photographs and paintings, beautiful! Plus you showed me some places I could visit for yummy items (Laduree) oo la la! I loved the cafes richard espresso! I hope you have a wonderful time! Eat a macaron for me, eh?

  6. Anonymous8:16 PM

    sjerseyboy miss's you...and your art.
    Happily...your missives from gay Paree sustain.

  7. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Reading back sustains too...
    I love the August 21 2006 post. Thank you so much, Carol, for sharing.

  8. OK...I`m drooling here....thinking about you tasting and seeing and experiencing.....sigh-

  9. You and Corey posting from Paris all week. What a treat.

  10. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Have you by chance seen any chocolate bells? They are a big deal for Easter, I think, but I haven't seen a one. Hmmmm...I guess I'll HAVE to search every chocolaterie in town...or visit my new favorite and ask. I'd better get a move on...only a week to look high and low.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  11. Anonymous8:11 PM

    You are such a gift! Merci X10,


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