Friday, March 16, 2007

Lindt Gold Bunny

As you can see - I'm still hooked on Lindt's Gold Bunny...

I saw last week New Yorker's cover and thought, YAY! another artist studying his artwork..

The cover title was "The Man Who Loved Women," by artist Benoit van Innis...

Naturally I've been back to the Lindt store to study Gold Bunny some more..

The Lindt Gold Bunny has his own website it turns out with games and news of his whereabouts!

Watch Gold Bunny rising up out of a pool of chocolate...

I'm not too thrilled what Jeff Koons did to this bunny...
I personally think he might have looked at the Lindt's Bunny more closely.
The Lindt Gold Bunny is so beautifully designed...sigh

Now Steiff did a version of the Lindt Gold Bunny I highly approve of.
I just wish I could find a bigger version of it :)
I'm not yet satisfied with my paintings of LGB,
so I hope you'll put up with my obsession for just a little bit longer...


  1. Yum, these little Lindt bunnies are adorable. Great paintings Carol! How do you keep them long enough to paint?

  2. Good question, H Malott
    Initially I had no problem just looking and not touching Gold Bunny.
    Then my room mate asked me the same question and planted the suggestion in my head that I should perhaps be munching on LGB instead of only painting him.
    Hmm...well I'm on my 2nd set of Gold Bunnies-Dark and Milk of course. Very tempting now..

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Where is the bell? I think you need to hop over here and get one. I like the bunny painted in his golden tin foil jacket.

  4. Anonymous9:31 AM

    These are all sweet! The New Yorker's my all-time favorite magazine. I save all the covers. Eat some chocolate for me.

  5. Anonymous1:50 PM

    You can never have too many bunnies-keep them coming, please!

  6. Anonymous2:27 PM

    They do not only look but taste good, my favourite choc!

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    i want all the Lindt bunnies....
    Dark, milk, furry

  8. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Adorable little bunnies! :)

  9. Your blog is so interesting and full of beautiful pictures! I love those tulips and bunnies. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. I bought one of these bunnies for one of my grand daughters at Christmas but I forgot about it and found it at the bottom of a shopping bag in February. Well OK I ate it, what would you do?
    By the way it was delicious.

  11. Buy a couple of those truffle filledn Lindt chocolate eggs, they'll tide you over nicely! :-)
    (Had some myself yesterday, ate them all in one sitting.)
    Have a great weekend!
    Bunny-less in Vienna,

  12. I`m enjoying myself you just keep on till you`re this little fellow

  13. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Hard to believe the little munchers that wreak havoc in my garden can give rise to this luscious chocolate bunny and your adorable painted interpretations!
    Mistress of Longears

  14. Anonymous7:27 AM

    superbe lapin de pâques, toujours tant de ravissement à voir ce blog!!!

  15. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Oh, I am really getting into the Easter mood looking at your paintings. I am licking the screen.....

  16. My daughter discovered a dark chocolate version of the Lindt chocolate bunny at the grocery store today (60 % cocoa).
    Well, I did the brave thing, and bought egg colors instead. :-(
    (My daughter doesn't like chocolate, not that think I'm a heartless mother.)

  17. Anonymous1:58 PM

    So, those trips to the Lindt store are strictly for educational purposes?

    I, for one, believe you. Uh-huh.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  18. Pâques (easter) approche ... à pas gourmands

  19. your paintings of the lindt bunny are adorable!

  20. You did sneak in a Lindt chocolate truffle egg!
    Question is, did it get lost before you got to paint it?

  21. beautiful bunnies!!! there is a lindt cafe here in Sydney, you'd love it!!!

  22. Anonymous3:09 AM

    I love your lindt gold bunnies...very sweet!

  23. Now you've got me hooked on those Lindt Gold Bunnies. Our local (I live in Paris) Monoprix has one inflatable one in the window next to their bakery, and one so huge --I sure as heck hope they didn't have an employee blow it up -- in their Easter chocolate section.

    I've taken some pictures for you, where can I e-mail them?

  24. P.S. I haven't broken down to nibble yet...

  25. I adore your Lindt bunnies and you've inspired me to paint some of my own!

  26. SecretChocoholic6:06 PM

    Wow, your paintings are very good. And I understand how these cute bunnies with their sweet expressions have inspired you to make your own art of them. Well done..

  27. Anonymous10:17 PM

    I love your pictures of the Lindt Gold Bunnies, they are adorable. We had some today for Easter, although they are almost too cute to eat!


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