Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Debauve et Gallais

DEBAUVE et GALLAIS pretty boxes in New York Another chocolatier to royalty is DEBAUVE et GALLAIS. Their New York and Paris shops are the prettiest. On Friday they were the last stop on the Sweetwalks tour. Emperor Napoleon was a fan of their caramelised almonds coated with dark chocolate. All of D et G's chocolates are dark.
DEBAUVE et GALLAIS' Paris window Their ribbons, their boxes, their signature colors, grey, gold and deep blue are all so elegant.
DEBAUVE et GALLAIS Les Incroyables, Van Gogh's favorite This particular chocolate, Les Incroyables (the incredibles) is famous for being the favorite of painter Van Gogh. Their price is pretty incredible too. The story goes Van Gogh bartered a painting for these chocolates. It hangs in the Paris shop.
inside the DEBAUVE et GALLAIS New York shop In New York the chocolates are identified and displayed sitting on little pedestals.
DEBAUVE et GALLAIS New York window Here - the New York window. The hand holds the "Pistole". A special chocolate disk designed by pharmacist Sulpice Debauve to help Marie-Antoinette take her medicine. You can taste these disks. They come in dark chocolate and different percentages of cocoa minus the medicament bien sur.
DEBAUVE et GALLAIS in Paris This box is called Le Royale in the Paris window.
DEBAUVE et GALLAIS Paris windowThey have macarons in Paris!
DEBAUVE et GALLAIS blue and grey coat of armsYou can find DEBAUVE et GALLAIS online
In New York at:
20 East 69th St. New York, NY 10021

In Paris at:
30, rue des Saints-Peres, 75007
33, rue Vivienne, 75002


  1. absolutely exquisite and elegant.
    I cannot wait to have a piece of chocolate on Easter!

  2. Your posts are "bewitching like the wanton's mermaid's song"! How many chocolate lovers will you drive to rip themselves free and hasten to the next chocolate shop? ;-)

    I wonder if there are any Viennese branches of Parisian chocolatiers, and if, where? A twelve hour train ride is a bit much, don't you think so? :-)

  3. Oh my...this packaging is even better......what are you doing to me...

  4. Anonymous10:10 AM

    It's almost a shame to open one of those gorgeous packages much less eat that beautiful work of art.
    But you'll notice I said.. ALMOST. ;-)
    That's an awesome shot of the hand holding the chocolate disk.
    Cris in OR

  5. Really, really lovely. Now, I must go out and find some "real" chocolate. It is a MUST, you understand.

    And I would love to know how to contact you to buy one of your beautiful paintings. Am I missing a 'contact me' link somewhere, or, more probably, just getting distracted by all of the beauty here on your site?

  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Thanks so much for the great photo of the pistole! I bought my husband a box of these disks last Christmas and they were wonderful (although I must admit the higher percentages of cocoa took some getting used to!). I didn't realize they had been made for Marie Antoinette - thanks for the fun history lesson!

  7. Thanks again for a delicious post Carol. Love the blues, white and golds and the exquisite lettering...

    Ah...the lure of ulitmate Chocolat


  8. I would really have to restrain myself from breaking the window and running off with that fabulous vintage hand holding that chocolate. Great pictures Carol. I am off to the Paris shop tomorrow, I wonder if they have a hand also.

  9. I have always had chocolate on a pedestal!

  10. this packaging is gorgeous !
    for sure the taste is absolutely fantastic!

  11. Anonymous3:52 AM

    The story of the chocolate made for Marie-Antoinette, the painting by VG, the pedestals, the packaging...sounds like chocolate heaven to me!
    Thanks Carol for this post, the details, and the do you think you could have your blog pop out chocolate samples too?

  12. I shall speak to Blogger about your suggest TICA!
    Merci :)


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