Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Red Tuesday

On grey, drizzly days like today there must be a general consensus amongst Parisians to throw on a touch of red.
Sit down in your reddest chair and prepare to have your spirits lifted. Isn't that what red does?
School kids are big proponents of the color red. I shot all these on the way home from the pool this morning. Fortunately my pool bag is red so I blend in...
The pool is near several grade schools. I pass lots of red riding hoods.
Red ridding hoodism starts around the same time as immersion into pastry shops = early indoctrination.
Red jeans work for boys.
And girls.
Vichy red checks are an everyday occurrence in Paris. They do not just appear when it clouds over nor do they have any political significance for those concerned.
Which Pantone red is preferred in Paris I can't tell you. Just bring something RED when you visit.
Red tartes are pretty common and also not weather-related. But it doesn't hurt having a quick browse of a red desserts in patisserie vitrines when it's overcast. You won't be disappointed.
I would not suggest putting your red tarte inside your red satchel even if they do match.
Remember I told you to pick up the daily free news at the Metro? Today's 20 Minutes announced that since Monday Café de la Paix is having a special petit dejeuner prix choc promotion for charity. Just 5 euros for a hot drink, croissant + OJ until 7 June. The Café de la Paix will match it in a donation. Look for those red news stands.
Have a cheery RED day PBers!


  1. I actually have a red comfy coazy chair at the cookbook/phone ..junk drawer stand here:) It doesn't match anything really but it's got a flounce..is amller than your usual upholstered chair and was goig in the garbage at a friend/client's home..
    I think it is so much happier here..often tempted to recover in a yellow check..but now I think I'll keep it..it has a Paris tea towel on it:)
    I love a touch of red..
    Sunny here at last!

  2. I'm just learning how to wear red, I'm sure that you have helped in that. Happily I have two red frocks to take to Paris. And I bought a fabulous pair of red shoes recently. Can't wait to wear them.

  3. I will wear my RED jeans today and dream of my return to Paris. My living room is decorated in Pantone 572 and I love to sit there. Your blog reminds me of all of my favourite Paris things.

  4. Paris is my favorite city & red is my favorite color love the combination.

  5. Great opening sketch.
    I hear that the weather over there is a bit dismal right now, so I like the contrast of the reds against the rainy sidewalks.

  6. Anonymous10:56 AM

    What a great post! Yesterday my son painted over the RED wall in his sister's old bedroom. It was sort of sad. Later I was looking in Magellen's travel catalog and saw a nice red messenger bag that is supposed to be safe for travel. Maybe I will have to purchase it.It will remind me of Paris! There is room enough for a strawberry tart inside.

  7. Hi it's me again..are you painting every day on a journal page?
    What a great idea..I started a little journal with wodrs 3 days ago and already skipped a day..
    You so good:)

  8. Normally I'm not a huge red fan but judging by this weather in Paris just now, I'm warming to it greatly! Thanks for cheering us up, Carol.

  9. Caroll ,You have the uk flag as a satchel, l have the same one and its away went of it fairly quick but now l know there using one in Paris l think i will get it out again, am addicted to bags have loads and lots of purses for money to .
    My sofa is red and rug over wood floor is red to. It does cheer you up, also have red glasses like yours

  10. A touch of red is always cheery anyday! I love it that Madame La bas knows her Pantone!

  11. It's amazing how red always stands out, brightening up a miserable day. Loved your paintings from your captured photos.

  12. Lovely flashes of red. Just bought my little boy red wellington boots, hopefully maybe he will wear them in Paris sometime!

  13. Anonymous5:00 PM

    On the last part about why French people don't get fat, I think that you are definitely onto something. Between being exposed everyday since the stroller to excellent pastries and having good habits ingrained at the same time on top of the absence of GMO's and chemicals, all of these factors add up to the tendency to stay slim. It's only my opinion derived from what I see in the differences between how I ate in the States and how my family eats in France.
    Regardless I am so happy for you that you are experiencing the French way of eating 24/7.
    Bon appetit

  14. .. charming post .... love red on rainy days ... cheers, it's raining in NYC all day today as well .....

  15. Unrelated to reds... Did you know there are Uniqlo x Laduree t-shirts? In case you needed more macarons in your wardrobe.

  16. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Your blog takes things the average person would simply pass by and makes them a joy to the senses! Thank you, once again! J e


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