Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Luxe, Glam et Pate

 En retard!
No wi-fi for THREE jours! ouch
There's always wonderful Starbucks.
Did you put on the ruffles last nite?
 And ruffles below?
 Did you put a bow on it?
 What did you eat for New Years Eve?
 Here it's de rigeur to eat homard...
 LOBSTER! The bigger the better. Plus oysters and marrons glace or any which way...
 Pate prepared like a buche de noel - rolled or layered the French way.
 Even Champagne is wearing a bib and tucker.
 Champagne reminders in the Metro.
 A night of lights and lovers.
 I hope you kicked up your heels last night!
The dog of the day wishes you,
And so does Bear


  1. Had Cheese fondue and beef fondue.. kind of our tradition:)

    Meilleurs Voeux!

    No ruffles for me last night..flannel .

  2. Happy New Year ... enjoy all your travels.

  3. My wife won't let me wear ruffles.

  4. Happy new year! Can't think of a better place for you to spend it! I actually saw the new year in for the first time in decades! It was purely an accident...spent the evening with like-habited friends (in bed LONG before midnight!) and it just snuck up on us!

  5. No ruffles, just bubbly and great movie marathon at home! Happy New Year!!

  6. That seafood looks fabulous!
    I hope that you had a good time!

  7. Paris and the luxe.. :) Good combination

    Stefany Roszczyn photography

  8. jessica caffe10:46 PM

    BONNE ANNEEE CHERIE!!! Que du bonheur!!! and love, love love... I LOVE THE LITTLE FRENCH DOG;; SO CUTE! bisous

  9. As if I ever need reminders for Champagne! All that gorgeous seafood too. That would indeed be a happy new year. I laughed at your kicking up your heels photos.


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