Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Salon International de la Lingerie 2013

Dimanche 20 Janvier Salon International de la Lingerie

there may have been snow on the ground (really NY slush) but no one was deterred from showing up on Sunday for the Salon International de la Lingerie at Parc de Versailles.
And why not when luscious babes abound (unbound so to speak in their skivies).
Oh why did I ever eat all those Galette de Roi and buchette de Noel?
Cotton Lollipops be gone!
Remembrances of lingerie past on exhibit at the show tieing in with a new book out called what else? 'French Lingerie'
Be warned if you go next year. There will be dancing girls ahem.
Everyone wanted to see the Jolidon dancing girls and everyone wanted to see Chantal Thomass' new collection. I put my name on the list too. Dream on. Not a snowballs chance in Paris.
I have to admit French frou-frou isn't me. Being an artist I lounge around in comfortable cocooning type clothing. These 'Cuddly Socks from Taubert in Bavaria suit me to a T. And you could buy them at the souvenir counter.
All the staff at the Lingerie Salon were got up like snow fairies in head-to-toe outfits from Taubert that I would have happily bought off their back, especially the cute hats. I chatted with French-Brazilian J who dreams of coming to New York to work in lingerie of course.
I loved everything from British brand, Derek Rose - London, especially these silk polka-dot lounge trousers...yum
Son Sacha Rose showed me their clever tags with his dad's very serious picture on it - a hoot IMHO.
Another homeware line I would have been happy to take home was from Amsterdam - Pips Studio.
A fresh combination of vintage + wit that would be so fun to wear. Hello US. Buy this!
Enfin something French - Rue du Faubourg homeware and naturally in gris/grey.
I'm posting this as a reminder to never eat anything again or maybe cut back on the sweets? So many pretty bods at the Salon. Does it have to come right after the excess of the holidays?
Be gone knives and forks!


  1. You're so good at lingerie too..
    I love furry warm soft socks.. and I do find French Lingerie so very pretty.
    This must have been fun..You sure get out:)
    I think I love Pip:)

    1. Hip Hip for PIP STUDIOS!
      They hide the hips too

  2. Love the Vintage look in French Lingerie ;)

  3. Lucinda9:08 AM

    Lurve the girl holding the knife and fork!
    They had to remind us!!
    Oh and the cuddly booties - perfect winter gear

  4. Carol, I am sure you are lounging in cocooning clothes, aren't you? ;-)

    1. Not at all appropriate gear to see the Van Clef & Arpels exhibit cherie...ahem

    2. *giggles*
      Your were probably thinking of cacophony. No wonder after spending a day at the fair! ;-)

  5. The silk dotty PJs are to die for!!
    Where can we buy them?

  6. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Your total immersion into Paris life is inspirational. Thanks for taking us all along for the journey. Be well. Kathryn

    1. Total immersion Kathryn...
      In French Food!!!!
      Quelle disastre...
      I lost my waistline or what was left of it...
      Now detox time :(
      Rabbit food...c'est triste รงa

    2. Anonymous3:10 PM

      The weight you'll lose,
      the experiences, never!
      Joie de vivre!

  7. Love the journal entries. Went in to the oldest brassiere shop in Paris, could barely turn around, and quickly left. If only...

  8. Carol, your blog post made me sorry I didn't go see the show.

    I missed seeing you at the Sketchcrawl, maybe next time?

    1. Choices...choices
      It was a gazillion cats or a sketchcrawl..
      You do the math.
      The cats won out!!

  9. Great post, but I'm not ready to give up pastries. No until I still try a cannelle. Once I read the description, I was shocked that my life was so incomplete. The lingerie is pretty, but I'm more of a lounge type, too.

    1. Evidently all none-French people wanna lounge around.
      And eat caneles!

  10. Fun, Carol--I'm with you--those polka dot pants look fabulous and comfy! I enjoyed it--and love your sketches up top!

  11. I love the top sketch, too!
    Everything is good here :)
    I'm not sure about the vintage look...I've been looking at it for awhile now, & still not sure if I like it. But it is lingerie, and I'm a guy........

  12. This still doesn't stop me from eating the sweet things, Carol! ;-) My goodness you're having fun. Oh-la-la!

  13. Love the ribbon that looks like a bra strap on your journal page! As for the models - even if I looked like that ( a huge IF) I don't know how they have the nerveto walk around in public like that!
    As for your intended "rabbit food" please regard the vegetation at Longears off limits.

  14. The Van Clef & Arpel photo remindeds me of when I was about 20 and my husband took me to Tiffany' s and bought my first pair of diamond earrings. Little did the poor man know , how easy it is for me to get a habit for such things :)


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