Friday, January 11, 2013

365 Creative Dresses

Tuesday January 8, 2013
Meet Jeanne Crockett of 365 Creative Dresses.
As a result of reading "365:A Daily Creative Journal: Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life!" by Noah Scalin, Jeanne decided to create and post a new dress every day. Most of the dresses are around 6" tall. In a life journey, Jeanne and her husband living in Paris for a year. Jeanne and I met through Paris breakfast and being a bit of a foodie I'm partial to her creations based on edibles but there are many other witty dresses made of silk and satin etc.
Dress #141 Bonbel
The wax coating on the bonbel cheese is so tactile! I carved a small dress into the coating of one of the mini cheese. Next time I'll use a larger one!
Dress #246 Daily Bread
This is made from the remains of two different loaves of bread. I thought the pattern they made was quite nice. Day old bread from Boulanger Eric Kayser and a piece of ribbon.
Jeanne's beloved Eric Kayser in the 5th looking somewhat Hopperish...
I asked Jeanne for her favorite food?
'Tan' foods was her response. A first for me though as a kid I only ate orange foods for a time. Kayser's baguette Monge is top of the tan list.
With a close followup from Rose Bakery's bread pudding. Jeanne said she gets her best dress ideas walking the islands in the morning (ile de Cite and Ile Saint Louis). Hmmm...
*Here's a handy trick Jeanne taught me on Tuesday.
Add view/flipcard/ to the end of any Blogger home address and you'll get this terrific mosaic so you can see at a glance the posts someone has done.
Here's Jeanne's source of inspiration and it looks very tempting for someone starting a diary. The Kindle version looks like it could come in handy for me in Paris. Have you tried doing something for 365 days?
Visit Jeanne's blog and please ask her not to stop at the end of 365 days coming up soon. This is too much fun to put an end to in my opinion.


  1. Wait...I have to know more about that store with all the ardois! is it a wine store with seven centuries of history?? Leave it to you to find these places ...

    That's it. i'm booking my plane ticket to Paris today.

    1. It was formerly Ludwig Bemmelmans bistro on Ilene de la Citè
      Fun looking place!

  2. How awesome! And it's no easy feat to do something every day...

  3. What a wonderful project!

    I'm loving your diary pages - a piece of art every day. Hmm, looks like you've got your 365 day project started! (Or maybe 365 pastries?!)

  4. Very, very fun. I love the baguette dress. I could eat one of those every single day. Which would make it eventually difficult to fit into my REAL dresses...

  5. haven't tried anything for 365 days but it felt like 365 days when hubby and i walked the length of the rue monge in search of boulangerie kayser. we started at the wrong end of it, but both the journey and the destination were truly well worth it. apricot financiers! miam!

  6. That's discipline a 365 day project ! Might we be seeing a few macarons by any chance, sneaking in now & again? Love the look of the individual bread pudding, patisserie style. yum.

    1. A macaron request!!
      Must think...and make plans to execute!

  7. Thanks, Carol! Jeff loves the drawing of me. It is fun hanging out with you in Paris!

  8. I considered drawing a rabbit every day for the Chinese year of the Rabbit - but I decided I was nuts enough already!

    1. Can one ever be too nuts??

      Can't you still do it J?

  9. I love those little dresses:) and I'll never stop saying... "and your aquarelle..:)"
    I am such a creature of habit there are so many things I do the same every day for 365 days..

    I did start to write something on every page of my 2013 Mary Engelbreight calendar..not much.. even Costco..but that's another thing to add to my routine..:)
    Nothing exciting..
    Jacques loves bread pudding!:)
    You depicted Jeanne so well Carol..

  10. The bread dress is my fav as I would get to the the leftovers! What a creative lady. Can't wait to see her blog now.

  11. I love the drawing of Jeannie - it's better than Facetime! Thanks for this lovely review of my favorite blot.

  12. It looks like I'll be saying "Fantastic!" 365 days this year! Thank you for sharing this, Carol.

  13. Very creative--my favorite is the wheat dress. I want one of those! Great texture, and I love that it's elegant and simple.'s Tan.

  14. Amazing stuff! She certainly is creative :)

  15. What an imagination she has to come up with so many clever ideas. That book looks interesting too. Once again you out did yourself with this post.

  16. Oh what fun it is to see these tiny dresses. Hard to pick a favorite, but I really liked the faux-wrap bread dress. Could a dress be made of cornbread dressing...mais oui!

    Thank you also for the link to the book.

    I have begun a little daily experiment this year, that's different from the failed 2012 drawing-a-day attempt. If I get past the first ten days or so of 2013 keeping to the goal, I might own up to it.

    I do plan on keeping up with Jeanne's posts...thank you for the introduction.

    Carol, your current Parisian posts are the best ever with their variety, and your talent, charm and wit. xo

  17. Oh how lucky you are!!!
    A fabulous post....I just spent an hour going to Jeanne's blog, then blogs she follows, then to other 365 day blogs and, and, and.....


  18. Thank you, Carol,
    for introducing Jeannie to us! Fabulous dresses, so creative, I am in awe!

    I am right now involved in a long-term daily project with four friends. It involves a lot more indiscipline than we imagined, but we are still committed, after almost a year.

  19. How creative both you ladies are- your diary paintings are so fabulous.. I really enjoyed the introduction to Jeanne and her blog- I am astonished at her creativity, her endurance, and perserverance. And totally jealous that she is living for a year in Paris.

  20. Anonymous9:32 AM

    What a wonderful idea to create one thing a day. For us less creative, I'm thinking of modifying my daughters recent project. They have a 3 year old, and for one year, they jotted down a sentence a day. Sometimes, it was something he'd said, othertimes, about the events of their day. They folded up the papers and placed them in a jar. Then on New Year's Day they sat together and read them. I'm going to try to make a collage each week with 4 photos I've taken during the week. I'm excited to reflect back in one year.
    Best wishes to all who endeavor,


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