Tuesday, January 29, 2013

La Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie, Chef Frederic Cassel

Dimanche 27 janvier Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie 2013
There are a gazillion gorgeous gateaux sitting around in the VIP area.
It's easy to forget how much engineering goes into creating these cakes like this cut-away diagram in the Valrhona stand.
Cakes are used all over the place instead of floral bouquets.
These are table décor like flowers and not to be cut or eaten.
Inside the Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie competition the cakes are really far away.
Everyone is shooting everyone else AND the cakes of course.
You have to watch the big screen above the competition judges to gather what's going on in front and back in the kitchens.
Better yet upstairs in the press room you can get very up close and personal with the harried contestents preping their desserts on the big screen.
You can watch the chef judges expressions as they taste the creations of 21 world wide teams.
They must taste:
3 chocolate desserts
3 frozen fruit desserts
12 plates of desserts
Judge a sugar showpiece, a chocolate showpiece, and an ice sculpture. All this must be produced in a mere 10 hours and done to perfection after 2 years of practice, practice, practice. So in the end the judges job is quite an undertaking. I have no idea how they do it. I was felled yesterday with a mild tummy ache by a few bites here and there at SIRHA. The French team won this year coached by Frederic Cassel who also ran the Charles Proust Concours at the Salon du Chocolat. Still this event is full of tremendous fun and excitement, even if the cakes aren't for tasting. Come back in 2 years for the next Coupe de Monde de la Patisserie in 2015!


  1. They must taste:
    3 chocolate desserts
    3 frozen fruit desserts
    12 plates of desserts
    Judge a sugar showpiece, a chocolate .......

    Now, that truly is tough work (no kidding!).

  2. OMG this looks amazing! How did you get tickets to this? Was it easy?

    x Milsters


  3. Carol, Amazing to see the insider back scenes of the show!!!!!..... You are la creme de la creme in behind the scene scoops.... How do these judges keep their "tastes" from not blurring into each other (???!!) Amazing!

  4. I saw something similar on Netflix..a documentary..but not quite this..What fun Carol!

  5. Hope your little tummy ache is all better! Just looking at all those cakes makes my teeth hurt. Thank you for your sacrifices :) is bringing this to us.

  6. I'd like to volunteer to be a taster.

  7. Loved the video! (and the photos, of course) I guess your macarons didn't make the cut.

    1. The video is a joy...really captures the experience and the excitement doesn't it!

  8. What a place to be! It´s great to see a competition, a lot of adrenaline. One of the tasters was my teacher (from the Argentine team). I competed in a Pastry Championship and it´s great to have the experience. Your pictures are a dream to see. I´m loving your sketches as a start of the post.
    Ps. they don´t taste the whole cake, dessert, etc, just a tiny piece, and then they dissect it, like explorers. Hope to see few more photos! Thanks!!!

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  9. Anonymous12:21 PM

    fab [[[as usual]]] your yesterdays
    blog re lyon is/was number 2 on first page of google....magnificent !!
    {{{{ marian cakes }}}}

  10. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Bonjour Carol,

    We are so lucky to share yorur adventures. I do hope to be there for 2015!


  11. Anonymous12:34 PM

    If you ever wonder if your blog is read - I have to say that I'm pretty consistent - I enjoy your photos and the content...spare but fun, always fun. But the point of this is to thank you for your blog on the 365 Project...I wound up buying the book (not the first book I've purchased on your recommendation, by the way) and have embarked on a 365 project of my own.

  12. J'adore your drawings... trés charmante!!

    Sometimes I get a sugar rush just from watching your pics on the blog:-) LOVE all the colours... hope you are well x

  13. whew! Both sides - cooking and judging - look like way too much stress! Better to be a reporter like you!

  14. Oh la la! Bon appetit!!

  15. What fun to be off to Lyon! Enjoy! Detox? Green tea? Pourquoi pas?
    But maybe you should try doing what they do at wine tastings, taste a little and then spit it out?LLOL!
    I would have no WILLPOWER at ALL! The only thing that stops me is the infamous "crise de foie"!

  16. Can feel the stress oozing out of the screen here, Carol. Imagine the role of the judges, too?

  17. What an extraordinary event to be a part of.


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