Friday, January 25, 2013

Mon Traiteur

Jeudi 24 Janvier Mon Traiteur
The great thing about living in Paris is you have your own deli, boulangerie,poissoniere, patisserie, fromager, la poste etc. You're loyal to the purveyors in your quartier and if you're lucky they will remember you and give you the occasional smile.
Mon traiteur has the yummiest stuff...miam miam
Almost always a line out the door.
No matter how many times I pass their vitrine/windows.
I have to stop and leche-vitrine/window shop/drool. I'm especially crazy for coquilles Saint Jacques. There's a special fete this weekend in Montmartre for the coquille Saint Jacques - la fete de la Saint-Vincent, le patron saint des vignerons/wine growers. 'Toute la Butte Montmartre sera en Fete! I really want to go to this.
Twice a week I get 100 grs(3 ounces) of beet salad and red cabbage salad from mon traiteur for about 2.50 euros.
To make 'Detox salade'.
Anything to counter balance the tres riche goodies I ate over New Years and the daily impulsive indulgences ahem.
While Django's doggie dreams of the traiteur's saucisson I dream of coquille Saint-Jacques. Have you tasted this?


Anonymous said...

It's so exciting to wake up every day in Paris...Glad you're taking weekends off, and since you're truly passionate about everything you do, why slow down? Susan

Vivian Swift said...

Coquille St-Jacques, I remember it well. I was 20 and my new boyfriend was so sophisticated that he took me out to dinner at a fancy French restaurant in Philadelphia (I was more used to the local Steak 'N' Ale in the suburbs) and he asked me if I'd ever had Coquille St-Jacques. It was the '70s: NOBODY I knew had ever had Coquille St-Jacques. I was so impressed with my date, and with me for dating him. And I felt so grown up and enchanted with my new cosmopolitan self that it took me about five years to figure out that I don't really like scallops at all...but I still LOVE the memory of that turning point in my life, thanks to Coquille St-Jacques.

La Table De Nana said...

I still love coquilles St -Jacques:)..and I was introduced to them in the early 70's too:) By Jacques.

Your traiteur place reminds me of a smallish Première in spirits though..
I enjoy places like that.
The brown dog is beautiful:)

French Girl in Seattle said...

A good traiteur and a good boulanger are the cornerstones of French life... :-) Glad you found one to your liking in your neck of the [Parisian] woods, Carol. Great shot of the lovely chocolate lab. Labs always look so sad... Why would he, if his owner "parked" him outside of that traiteur's enticing shop? :-) Bon weekend. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Marilyn Miller said...

Everything looks so good.
This post brings back memories of living in San Francisco many years ago and having the local market where I stopped each day after work. Yes, they do start recognizing you and giving smiles. I miss that.

Anonymous said...

I love very much the delicious drawings
in all your blogs. When I open P.B. I
always look forward to see them. Many
compliments for everything you write.

Mem said...

They are a weekly meal for 'em. I also enjoy a lot of salmon and shrimp.

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

... so glad you are in Paris and putting down some neighborhood roots .. always important for that feeling of "belonging" .... bonne weekend .. Karen in CT

Elizabeth said...

What utter bliss!
Why is the food so VERY much more spectacular in France?
Green with envy ......
we are off to Maroc in Feb so will get a little whiff of France, I suppose.

Buster sends lots of love.

Annalisa Medaglia said...

This space is so lovely.
I also hope will help me in my new Life in Paris, the best place on the whole Earth.

Anonymous said...

Love your posting today and recognized the traiteur immediately. I usually stay a few doors down. Have you done a post on Laurent Dubois Fromager across the street?

A Bientot,


Sue said...

Wonderful doggie w/c up there, Carol--beautiful! That salad sounds great--one of my favorites: beets. I love 'em with clementine slices, tender greens, nuts, avocados and a light dressing.

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

I loved the coquilles St. Jacques so much that I bought 4 scallop shells at a cookware store some time in the 70's so I could make them at home...which I did about ONCE ...seafood in the midwest was not so great in the 70's. Not to worry, I have since used the shells as soap dishes, mini-garden containers, and for paper clips. Wonder where they've all gotten to...seafood is much better here now.

Anonymous said...

Tanks dahlink
I bought one to make in the marche from the escargot lady.
So now I have A shell about to become a soap dish!

Frances said...

Carol, your posts continue to inspire me.

I think that Janvier in Paris is treating you very well.

A light snow is falling this evening in NYC, but I doubt much of it will linger long tomorrow morning. I got an invite from the Met today for the Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity exhibit crossing over here from the Musee d'Orsay. I dare say that it was more beautiful in Paris than it will be here, but the Manet painting on the invite's cover was lovely.

Coquilles St Jacques...delicious. I must taste them again this year. Thank you for the reminder.


Parisbreakfasts said...

Darn yr rt
I should just buy the beets ready-cookin the marche and DIY!
Tanks as always Sue
Full of good ideas! xxcg

Anonymous said...

LOVE seeing what U cook for yrself in Paris !
Impressively healthy considering what's around U!


Parisbreakfasts said...

What a kind thing to say Frances!
Paris endlessly inspiring for me and a joie to be here.
I have to pinch myself daily.

Nikon said...

Great sketch & photos; I wish we had more neighborhood stores like that

Anonymous said...

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Louise said...

I've never managed to find a traiteur in Paris, nice to know they exist. I used them a lot in small town when travelling the countryside- I hope I find one next visit.

Anonymous said...

I also know a good caterer !