Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paris Running

I LOVE to run in Paris.
Je cours/run...

And I love to shoot Parisians running.

They keep me on my toes.

Says I should get on a Velib to see Paris
Aside from sheer terror of crazy Parisien drivers, I would miss out on a LOT.

French Girl gave me this fun bag by artist Soledad Bravi. Hint...hint...she thinks I should slow down?

I would if I had a Paris dog trailing behind me...

Maybe that's why I relate to Paris Mommies - they're always running. You have to run to keep up with Parisiens.
Certainement pas in these chaussures raffinee!
 You could run in these red shoes.

No way am I a jogger!
Though I 'jog' in the pool.

Besides I have to stop for Paris chats.

Stopping to shoot someone else's coffee is OK.

 I prefer to keep things spinning.

I gotta run!
This is a repost by the way. I'm running to stay in place here!


  1. I know the feeling....always running....

    BTW Carol (& friends) I'm renting a Brittany house for Dec 4-Jan 4 if anyone cares to share. It's the home of Mark Greenside author of 'I'll Never Be French' a friend who was going had to back out. I'm going for research to Merlin's Forest origin of the King Arthur tales. And also to scout around. It'll be chilly...fires will be lit....soups made!

  2. I recently hurt my back and I can't run for a while so this post was fun for me to go for an imaginary run!

    1. I just ran to the mailbox for you Connie!!

  3. Love the tulle on the ballerinas:)And the cover of les paresseuses!
    Not a runner..even as a young girl..I look very funny when I am dancing..Elaine on Seinfeld.

    1. Oh no!!!
      Not Elaine on Seinfeld

  4. You would see a whole new Paris on a bike! I'll do it with you!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh wow.. how can you turn down that offer from Rick..:))) You can borrow Annie, our Border walk, she has to be out front pulling me along. You would love her.. she even stops to check things out along a walk. Perfect for you. :))

  6. I've only been home a week and I am ready to go right back!!!

    1. Wanna go in my place Miss Holly?
      I'm getting the cold feet comme d'habitude :(

  7. "Stopping to shoot someone else's coffee..." So funny! :)
    I love the kitty too- it looks like he's eyeing you in disbelief!
    "Pardon Moi?!" :)
    Eat Cake

    1. Gotta love that cat non?
      It would help if I drank coffee but I don't so...

  8. The bike idea in Paris...would be fantastic if it weren't for those damn cars & motos!! But, many do use them, it & seem to be having a blast. Each to his or her own rhythme de vie...Chacun a son rhythme, perhaps one could say, though I don't really know...

    1. I must learn how to ride a bike...sigh
      Anyone giving lecons?

  9. What accounts for the laid-back attitude of Parisian dogs? I've NEVER had a dog that would willingly mosey beside me, let alone lag behind.

    1. Dahling J!
      You simply are incapable of picking out a laid-back, spunk-free doggie
      Me, I'd take anything on FOUR legs except for a Bull Mastif...

  10. Cute post. I don't remember it the first time round, so happy to see it now. I must read Nicolas before my next Paris trip, it's sitting on my bedside table waiting for me to get to it.

  11. Nancy8:26 AM

    While in Paris last week, we saw women IN HIGH HEELS! pedaling bicycles. What is up with that?

  12. I'll take a Velib any day of the week.

  13. Christine2:12 PM

    Thank you again for bringing Paris home for us on a daily basis.
    Its a daily holiday for me.
    I live on Long Island and visit NYC frequently. Maybe one day I will get the honor and pleasure of sharing a few Paris anecdotes and macaron with you!


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