Friday, May 06, 2011

Cafe de Flore Store

Cafe day today. I'm sick of looking at desserts I can't have.
There are lots of chatchkas you can bring home. Cafe stuff for sale at the cafes.
You'll find these signature souvenirs at posh cafes like Flore and Deux Magots. Not the same as being there. But you can have your own little make believe cafe in your home kitchen. I've got a cafe table and chairs in mine.
A few French sugar cubes, a cafe cup and a glass. Your bottle of Vittel and you're set.
Wait! You need the aroma of French roast coffee too.Nothing like a bit of cafe music playing in the background. Who knew Cafe de Flore has their own music CDs? They thought of everything for your-make-believe-cafe recreation.
Why didn't I buy a Flore keychain as a reminder of where I'd rather to be when I go out the door?Here the cafe boutique where you can get your cafe gear.
26, rue Saint-Benoit, 75006
Just don't go before noon-CLOSED!
Do you have any cafe souvenirs in your kitchen?


  1. I have a tin of coffee I bought from Venice. I only use it on days when I feel like a nice trip back is needed.
    My parents bought me an adorable coffee mug from London with a pug dog and the British flag around it.

    I have been thinking about filling my kitchen with my photography of food. Maybe one day I'll get around to it.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  2. Jan in Austin2:10 PM

    Yes, I have some cafe items.

    I had Flore ship a coffee cup as I didn't want to carry it.
    when I got home they had sent the demi. cup and saucer which I don't want.
    Do you have a regular size cup and saucer you would like to swap?

    A restaurant in Poland gave a couple of us their white cups with black writing around the band saying, "Coffee Cafe au lait, Cappuccino, Expresschoc, chocolate, chocomlk,".
    cup made in Lubiana.
    assorted match boxes.

  3. All I have are a set of tiny fridge magnets - I have no idea why I bought these of all things.
    I do have ONE Cafe de Flore precious glass.
    C'est toute!

  4. I always forget about sugar cubes! I remember the line in Le Divorce (the movie version, at least) when Naomi Watts' character says her mother-in-law is annoyed she doesn't have sugar cubes like a proper French girl!

    I WISH we had a caf̩ culture in New York City. Such a civilized way to drink coffee and tea Рno disposables headed to the landfill.

  5. I loved this post. Not only have I been there, but I have the first CD and am thrilled there is another one out........We play it in the shop. There is a song on it by Bridgitte Bardot and she sounds like she is so TIRED... And Ertha Kitt Sings Je Cherche Un Homme, My favorite!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  6. What a great idea! A touch of Paris at home.
    I live a life of fantasy as it is :)
    I like your painting and the video.
    Everything and everybody looks so relaxed in the video - I never get that feeling here.

  7. WOW! I love today's painting, Carol, even more than usual.
    Looks very "Cezannesque" to my eye.
    I wonder if the master preferred coffee, or tea?
    Maybe both.

  8. .. great post ... yes a break from food we can't eat .. it's a very nice watercolor ... I have been back to that cafe shop a hundred times, am, pm, evening and never found it open. Love the keychain ..

  9. Coffee, where would we be without you? ;-)

    Your exquisite painting almost has that Viennese look with the silvery tray and water glass.

  10. Speaking of Deux Magots...what is a magot? Surely not a maggot!

  11. I'd only want that Cafe Flore cup, saucer and pitcher IF it came with an endless supply of their chocolat chaud...

  12. My husband and I schlepped a whole set of cups and saucers home a couple of years ago. We had them pack up a coffee carafe, sugar and creamer which we posted home. They did a great job of packing and nothing broke. My husband took a photo of Cafe de Flore which we had gilled and framed. The picture is mounted in a coffee bar we had built in our house and the crockery are items we use all the time. We love feeling like we are visiting our favorite city every time we sit in our coffee bar. Friends get a kick out of it. (My homemade croissants help I think).

  13. BTW, Deux Maggots got its name from a silk shop that once occupied the location. The shop had statues of two (deus) Mandarin Chinese magicians. Thus, Deux Magots. Margot means stocky figurine in French.


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