Monday, June 04, 2007

Something Sweet...

Someone on Flickr asked, "What are those little white boxes?"
referring to the square cafe sugar cubes.
Their days may be numbered at the cafe, so collect them while you can.
The long sugar tube called a sucrette is taking over, easier for dieters.
The sugar swizzle stick here is called a "battonete sucres candi"
But here's what you can buy for home usage!
A vast variety of shapes and colors seen at Bon Marche.
Don't these look just like boxes of buttons?
Pretty pastel, sucres morceaux...
For the puzzle obsessed out there in 3 different flavors...
Most of these fancy sugar cubes are made by CAN A SUC.
Coffee bean shaped cubes - sucres grain de cafe
More coffee bean decorated cubes - sucres decores...
Perfect for a tea party - "cubes fruits d'ete"/ summer fruit decorated sugar cubes!
You can still buy the old-fashioned kind of cafe sugar cubes at
the Cafe de Flore boutique 26, rue Benoit ...
If you're sick of sugar cubes,
here's something to vicariously munch on -
Big sugar cube shaped chocolate gateaux called Torta, also found at Bon Marche...


  1. Valerie7:31 AM

    How ever do the French stay thin with all these sugars and gateaux???
    It's beyond me!

  2. So lovely, those wrapped sugar cubes, when you paint them! I always enjoy discovering one besides one of your painted cups. Since I don't use sugar in my tea or coffee, I take them home and collect them. Sometimes I am generous, and offer them to my kids. They don't appreciate the gesture! They collect themselves. :-)
    In Vienna, most often you do get either cubes in tiny glass oder metal bowls, or table sugar in glass containers. It's in a gesture to the environment, I suppose. Demel's offers sugar in beautiful silver servers, they buy them in France. ;-)

  3. I'll take that torte please and forego the cafe.

    Carol I love when you add things on top of your paintings.

  4. What a sweet, tasty post! Love you blog. Happy Days! :o)

  5. foodwalker10:19 AM

    I brought back some of those coffee bean sugars for my Bridge club! A big hit!

  6. Ah those French they even do wonderful things with sugar. How do they keep so slim, maybe they frame their sugar cubes instead of eating them

  7. I'll take one of those giant sugar cubes please. :)

  8. Love your tea cup water colors - like talking a break for a cup of tea - they make you pause and enjoy... beautiful! Glad I found your blog! Now, I can enjoy Paris vicariously through your images.

  9. Carol, everything French is fabulous!! I wish we could get the cubes in all those shapes and sizes here. For special occasions I have been known to hand apply sugar roses etc., but really nothing beats the brown sugar cubes in France!

    sigh...hold the torte for me when I am no longer on the "you~know~what"!!

  10. I'm salivating!

  11. fruit decorated sugar?! I didn't know it existed, but how fun.

  12. Take a look at CAN A SUC's website if you want to see more of these crazy, amazing decorative sugars!

  13. my melange11:53 PM

    I will have to sneak off with some of those cafe sugar cubes when I'm there in the fall. Thanks for giving me the heads up! Great painting again Carol!

  14. these are so cute!

  15. WOW - this is THE best post - who'da thought sugar came in so many shapes, colours and sizes? Unreal!

  16. Carol, you have such a lovely taste, I would never think at photographying sugar cubes, and then here, they look beautiful and so tempting.

  17. Where can I buy these fabulous sugar cubes in the States?

  18. You are so creative! I would love to buy your sugar in new york manhattan, Where can i go?


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