Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pampered in Paris

Dear PB readers, a huge THANK YOU for all your lovely London suggestionsWord-of-mouth rules when researching where to go & where not to go. You deserve a presie!
  So here's today's scoop.
A big part of any
French Girl's beauty lurks within. Traitement is the name of the game. How come many of these French beauty treatments are in bleu packages!

True the French adore bleu...but have you noticed that French beauty stuff looks an awful lot like medicine? The packaging is serious. No butterlies. No flowers. Like French Girl's shampoo here. It's a lovely shampoo. In fact FG bought it in NYC, but I assumed it must be French - blue bottle with serious, almost frightening packaging etc.
The point is, while we desperately try to copy French girls, making copious lists of
what to wear, hairstyles, lipstick or no lipstick, which perfume, which shoes?
The French Girl is calmly having a beauty treatment and a giggle on us.
Even though you may be in Paris wolfing down as many macarons in as little time as possible.

And stuffing yourself like a bear at it's last supper... While racing to beat the clock to do everything on your list... You too can find serenity now!After showering yourself with French chocolates... Do as the French Girl does and go to a spa!
When I saw Pampered In Paris newly listed I requested a copy svp. With all my mad tearing around I usually come home and collapse in a heap. Why not collapse on a massage table IN Paris and start the recovery there? I contacted author Kim Levesque for suggestions.
"You have to go to Wassana--even if you don't have time. Not for the facility--for the massage--Traditional Thai massage--amazing!" The picture above is from Les Bains Montorgueil in the book - heavenly non?Doesn't this make complete and total sense PBers?
Just looking at the book is terribly restful and calm inducing.

I grabbed this shot while visiting Guerlain - their spa appointment desk. Wouldn't it be heaven on earth to be in this French girl's ballerinas or boots or whatever?
Naturally after you're all spa-d out you'll want a calm cuppa tea. Most spas offer refreshments, even meals. So isn't this a must-do in Paris? Now for the presie...
A BOOK GIVE-AWAY today (the book is a tad marked up malheureusement) chosen randomly to a commentor. And you must live in the USA.


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    My all-time favorite watercolor of yours! Thanks!

  2. I've always thought it would be fabulous to have my hair cut in Paris. Massage, not so much...

  3. Dear Ms CG. Please note that I am NOT commenting as I don't live in the USA (sniff).

    But, oh, the thought of a massage or spa in Paris. Having one's haircut in France goes a long way to having a head massage. Why are they so brilliant and in England you feel as if you've gone 10 rounds with Cassius Clay!

  4. What a great idea! When I've come home from Paris, it's been with blisters on my feet and an aching back and a mind and soul totally overwhelmed with beauty and art and inspiration.

    Maybe in September when I'm there for a few days I'll do a little preventative pampering!

  5. I am fairly new to your blog but I love reading it every morning with my tea! I am a spa girl at heart and your pics are little a mini treatment every day! Thank you for the morning smiles!! One day I hope to have you paint something wonderful for me! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Cecilia in NSW10:07 AM

    Dude - love your work...
    1. Boo hoo...
    Only US subscribers...
    Not fair :(
    2. You have to have a facebook fan page :)
    I'll be the first fan
    3. can't wait to get one of your paintings...
    Request coming soon
    4. I read your blog at night before I go to bed...
    It gives me colourful- arty dreams.

    Xo Cecilia in NSW

  7. I love coming to your blog for my little dose of Paris (& my tiny little french lesson on the sidebar!). That book looks so wonderful!

  8. My first favorite thing to do upon arriving in Paris is getting a massage...it melts away the jet lag. Thanks for taking me to Paris each day!

  9. Anonymous10:17 AM

    A massage...in Paris...Le Sigh. Does one have to have a blogger account to win that wonderful book?

    -dreamland_tree from LJ

  10. hello again! love that last shot! v. clever!

    here's a link to john sandoe's -

    http://www.johnsandoe.com/ also just off the kings road in chelsea. for everything artistic. fashion-ey, theatre-y books.

    and i'm seconding the recommendations for persephone books and the tea room/restaurant at the wallace. it's kind of a frumpy museum but there are major paintings in there and the restaurant food looks v. classy and yummy in a fabulous inner courtyard.

  11. Sitting her in my office drenched from the thunderstorm - nothing could be finer than a nice spa treatment. I'll take the massage please. <3

  12. Bonjour, Carol.

    Blue is a calming color...well, actually you as the artiste should be telling us. But yes, a lot of treatments are in blue pkging. But I must tell you that FG's fondness for EO products (I love them, too) is not because of EO Frenchness. They're located in Marin County; I'm so glad that she likes them.

    And I echo Persephone as good place to go in London.

    Now back to work in mean, mean DC. Definitely need a massage...a great deal of one will be given on Friday when I have my hair done...so I'm sorry that Clare from London has had such combative experiences. Time to change place--not worth it. One should leave feeling floaty. Don't take it, I say.

    Ciao-meow, kids.

  13. Oh, SVP I would LOVE the book. I
    'm following the london comments too, because we'll be there in September, and I'm hoping/praying that we'll get a chance to dash across the channel to paris for a day or two...bliss!

  14. It is amazing that it is possible to find quiet, serene, lovely and peaceful places in such a large teeming city - but Paris is truly remarkable that way!!!

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  16. Carollll...
    I want that booooky! Put my name in, please.
    Carolll, the basket with shampoos with brown labels is a brand from Brazil, called NATURA. It's all made of natural ingredients and tropical fruits, and the perfumes are to die for! I love them! A bit expensive, though!
    Au revoir...

  17. OMG!! I want to be there. And those macarons again, ahhhh.

    Count me in for the book so I can look at it and dream.

  18. Pleasantly stumbled upon your blog while planning a French birthday party for my 9 year old daughter. And now, cannot wait each morning to be there in Paris, if only for a few moments. The book looks beautiful. Merci d'un si beau blog.

  19. Lovely book, Carol! :-) Hopefully I'll be heading back to Paris soon to visit my brother and can visit one of these lovely spots. :-)

  20. You are right Carol! Les Bains Montorgueil does looks like heaven! Thanks for the relaxing post! What a way to start the morning, have a great one!

  21. Heather in Marin Cty.12:35 PM

    Bonjour Miss Carol,
    Not to be a stickler but EO Products are made in Marin County, USA,
    which if you have ever been here definitely has some French
    aspirations,close to the wine country, foodies galore, shopping
    shopping shopping,great local companies like EO, you can even find
    some Brittney style crepes @ the local farmers market, yum, i might
    add, but we are very lacking in the good macaroon department, must go
    into the San Francisco for those, so alas not as French as we aspire
    that is my unasked for 2 cents on EO products origins.
    Enjoy your blog & Macaroon obsession. :~)

  22. Oooh-la-la - Book Giveaway! The Pampered in Paris book would make a lovely bday gift for moi. I hope I win, I hope I win ...

    Random gods of blog giveaways, be on my side.

  23. Your blog is heavenly. I love reading it daily usually while sitting at my office desk. I dream of getting to Paris one day, and thankfully, your blog brings Paris to me. I'll take a massage at the spa in Paris any day!

  24. Eleanor1:13 PM

    I'm a huge fan of all things French, however I have yet to try a macaron. I think I'm ready to make the plunge but, since my next trip to Paris won't happen until November, I thought that I'd try them by placing an order with Little-Oven.

    Have tried their product? Are they authentic?

    Thanks - I consider you the macaron expert.

  25. Oh....I just figured out how to leave a comment....A book about French Spas could have been the insentive. No one loves pampering as much as me.
    I love your site and I visit everyday....Still have not framed Diego at Laduree. I'm looking for the perfect frame. Joan

  26. Already I have the gift of the month of August in Paris with my daughter-in-law (who goes on business), but this book would be a great treat to take along. Plus your blog. :)

  27. So delightful and indulgent...next time I'm in Paris this would be a real treat, but for now perusing the book will have to do...if I win. Thank you.

  28. I'm so very, very frazzled here in D.C. this week that just your photo of the Guerlain spa desk (and the potential Paris beauty treats it portends) has awakened my inner --- and infinitely more serene --- F.G.!

    I can only imagine the miracles to come if I won your blog-ery (blog-test?)!

  29. I think a massage in Paris would be bliss. Absolute bliss...

  30. I've had rats luck with haircuts and massages in Paris. Gimme the Michel Cluizel chocolate fountain any day of the week!

  31. That spa looks fabulous :)
    (You're right about the cosmetics and shampoo looking like retro medicine bottles!)

  32. Ooh, ooh, pick me for the book, she said shamelessly. I live in Vermont and read you everyday. I've been to Paris twice and feel your posts bring me back again and again...

  33. I love your teapot watercolor!!!!

  34. My hub and I went to Paris in April, and your blog inspired me to blog while I was there. If you wanted to, you could peak at http://bonjourgracie.blogspot.com.

    I love your blog. And I love Paris.

    My next trip is to NYC in July. Do you give recommendations for *must sees* there too?

    I'd love a marked up book - that's all the better.

    Thanks! gracie

  35. do you treat yourself to 'spa' treatments on home turf? i think it is a must in nyc although i haven't had one in ages

  36. Yes, yes, yes to the Thai massage...it's like nothing I've ever done....and it will help you maintain your stamina... particularly if taken with a dozen or so macs. :-)

  37. Ah a massage sounds heavenly right now. I can imagine how good it would sound after a day of touring.
    How about a facial too? :)

  38. I saw a huge ad while in Paris and wish that I had photographed it. It showed a woman with two things attached to her cheeks to rid her of 30 years of age...I was wondering how long one might have to wear the get-up to get the result! I think frequent massages would be a better way to go!

  39. Bonjour, Carol!

    J'ADORE <>
    I look forward to each of your
    PB posts.
    Although I wish I were literally exploring Paris with you, PB
    is the next best thing.
    Bon travail...

    Mes meilleurs vœux!

  40. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm not in the US, so don't enter me in the giveaway ;)

    There are no shortage of places in Paris where one can feel pampered. The problem is fitting them all into your budget and timeline! I adore Guerlain (and their store on the Champs-Elysees is so beautiful!). Ah, this is the best time of year to be in Paris. I'm starting to feel wistful.

  41. Damn I knew I should have moved to the US!
    My ultimate spa treatment would be to be let loose with a big cup or spoon or something at that chocolate fountain! *bliss*

  42. divinafashionista11:54 PM

    I could really use a massage right now!! I'm headed to Paris in two days, and head to PB every morning for my daily dose of sunshine in the meantime.

  43. I look forward to your photos every morning, as they truly are a breath of fresh air. Love your art, energy, and positive spin on all things French. Would love to read more about the sybaritic pleasures in Paris. Macaron love from Wasilla...xoxoxoxox

  44. I saw that book and marveled about the pictures!

    I feel so left out and depressed, not being amongst the Chosen Ones to have a chance to win a book! I shouldn't have moved! *sniff*

    Oh well, honestly, I have stopped commenting on blogs that offer giveaways: I never ever even won an honorary mention (sorta like "Congrats, Merisi, this was your umphteens attempt at not winning!").

  45. Sounds and looks delightful!

  46. Je toujours aime votre blog! ;) I, too am a francophile, and a french major at UCLA! I absolutely adore your blog, I was only in paris for a month last summer, but every time I open your postings I feel like I'm right there, standing in line at Laduree! :) I will def. try the spa experience in the fall when I'm in paris again! merci beaucoup! :D

  47. What a huge compliment you gave my blog header, thank you! I have been following you for a couple years now. I am a big fan of your work! Thanks again!

  48. milly6:10 PM

    Just looking at the Russian Tea Room web site, saw a lovely watercolour on the Tea Menu page - I think it's yours!! am I correct?
    Saving my pennies for one of your beautiful watercolours some day, of a Parisian blue demitasse and pot perhaps.

  49. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Just NOW catching up on PB Posts...long story. The EO shampoo is made here in California and I've been a long time user. I highly recommend all of their products.


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