Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'm delighted to announce, after 5 long days of labor, I have a new baby on board - Carol was born this week with the superb help of Mat Rosa. It's my chance to show you a few of the things I've done... Did I mention in passing that I painted chef's jackets. Merci Roger Verge. And I've been a party sketcher... Not a bad profession as professions go...

My new website does not show that I designed shoes... Or wrote travel books way back... Or created a watercolor medium either...
My career has been nothing if not varied. But it hasn't always been a bowl of cerises/cherries...
There have been a few bumps on the road, like the time I tripped in Montalcino, while gazing up at grapes and broke my ankle...
Are you getting a headache yet from all the careers?
Ever the one to make lemonade out of lemons, in 1981 I was shot by a mugger...
That led to a very successful career in pharmaceutical adverising illustration. Go figure...
macaron shoes on zazzle These days I'm a blogger/macaron-painter and very happy to be so.
Thank you Joan MacSweeny for buying the macaron shoes on Zazzle. Fred, the cat loves them too. I better get a pair...
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings as they say.
Stay tuned. And please take a look at Carol
and let me know what you think.


  1. Julie from Provence Post8:41 AM

    Carol, your website is is your blog. It's great to be able to go there and see so much of your work in one place. Congratulations to you!

  2. Congratulations Carol! Your watercolors are amazing!

  3. Congratulations! Beautiful website & so many accomplishments!

  4. Jeanne8:48 AM

    Your new website is beautiful and very friendly as well! State of
    the art, actuellement!

    Bon Chance with your new venue!


  5. Carol, I read you faithfully via email, however today I had to come over to say a Big Congratulations! Your web site is truly wonderful and your previous work as varied as my own. Having your own web site is a huge accomplishment and a lot of work. Carry On...

  6. Waverly8:57 AM

    I am delighted for you. Your new website is fantastic. Your designer did a great job.

    I always enjoy receiving your blog updates in my inbox.

    Good luck with everything.


  7. Congratulations, Carol! Enjoy your new "baby"!!

    Thanks for all your Paris help. My next trip is Septembre/September. So excited.


  8. sandra9:02 AM

    How can I develop a life like yours? You are an inspiration Carol. Congratulations on your new venture.

  9. so wonderful! beautiful website like your artwork and YOU!

  10. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Good luck to you with your new website. I love your daily posts. You are a very talented, enterprising artist and it has been quite interesting to watch the evolution of your blog. I only wish you gave lessons! Sorry for the double post...mon erreur.

  11. Chère Carol,

    Félicitations! Quel beau site web!

    I enjoyed reading more about your career. As with your blog, your joie de vivre really comes through.

    Et pour cela, merci!

  12. Bravo, bravo, bravo, Carol! Félicitations and keep sending us the beautiful illustrations, photos, and funny anecdotes, s'il te plaît. The website is beautiful.

  13. Well, you've done yourself proud . . . but honestly, I think you SHOULD have all those careers on your web site. I mean that! You've lived a varied - and wide ranging - career and each one has added something to your artistic, not to mention your emotional and spiritual - journey. I had no idea because I just started following you in the past two years and I'm making an educated guess that I'm not the only one. Remember, as you build your following and your "platform" so to speak, there will be people that will not have read or seen your old archives of materials and it will be NEW to them!
    I think you need to do a San Francisco Alliance Francaise someTHING -- art show, book signing, something.
    I whole heartedly support women owned businesses and hwo extra hard we have to work just to break even, much less stay ahead of the "man pack".

    Did you know the San Francisco Bay Area has one of the biggest Francophile communities in the USA? Sounds like an opportunity to stock those pockets so you can get back to Paris quicker......
    Hurrah for Carol.....
    I wish you the best now and always. RK

  14. Michele9:48 AM

    Love the new site!

    "I believe in all paths to God"

  15. Dorry9:49 AM

    Congrats on the birth of your new web site...
    Well done!
    I look forward to your blog everyday.
    You have had some amazing jobs and you use your artistic gifts in everything you do.May you enjoy continued success and health.

  16. FANTASTIC post! Many congratulations on the new site.

    I loved knowing more about your history and all the interesting things you have done and experienced. Not all of it a bowl of cherries, as you wrote, but all of it has made you the talented artist that you are. So wonderful to read about!

    Best to you, Carol!

  17. Awesome, Carol. I'm always smiling when I think of the interesting life you've created for yourself. You're a one of a kind, cutie. Love you!

  18. ps
    Your website looks gorgeous, Carol! But you forgot, under "Clients," that you also were featured in "Victoria."

  19. Hi Carol,
    Congratulations. Your website reflects you to a T. The rocks in the road have made you the woman you are.
    May you continue to have much success.

    Big hugs,

  20. Carol was a true pleasure to know more about you and your truly fascinating life. To have your talent must be amazing? Your artwork is truly unique and so very charming.

    You have walked many roads some truly remarkable, some tragic (being shot), but they have all helped you become the great person you are today. What's fabulous is you already know that!

    I loved this post Carol & congrat's on!!

    xx deb

  21. My gosh! You are amazing!

  22. It's superb, Carol. Good for you!


    Susan & GG (who wants me to wear macaron sneaks so she can pose in similar fashion as kitty in the snap. She needs to get a job & give them to me. This did not go over well. She stalked out of the room as soon as I said it:)

  23. Gina L11:38 AM

    Félicitations, Carol! The new website is wonderful. Your talent knows no bounds. I am so lucky to have your beautiful, delicious watercolors in my home!
    All the best to you.
    Houston, Texas

  24. Dear Carol, you are simply extraordinary!
    I am glad to be part of the audience who follows your adventures, so much to learn from you!
    You have endless talent and it flows in every direction, that's a gift!
    Beautiful website! Congratulations for all the hard work.

  25. Congratulations and good lucky!! I loved this pics!!!xx

  26. Realized you were talented with all the watercolors containing macarons, but I didn't realize your talent was limitless. Wow!

  27. OMG! Am so sorry about the shooting and happy that you fully recovered. Well done girl!
    ....oh and your art work is inspiring.

    Cheers love

  28. Love your website Carol! But the big question is ... Did you get to meet Big Bird when you worked for Sesame Street? ; )

  29. Congrats on birthing your new website and on such an eclectic career. Love the Russian Tea Room advert, it was the bunnies that got me.


  30. The website looks fabulous Carol....with those gorgeous paintings of yours it couldn't look anything but....xv

  31. Wow, very impressive credentials, Carol!
    A lot of talent and a lot of work - I hope that it's all good for you!

  32. Oh My God! That's both of us launched a new website this week. LOVE your website and I do believe it deserves a mention of DB. I sent you my press release the other day and your server kicked it back to me :( was it something I said? :)
    I have just sent it again - fingers crossed.

  33. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Carol, You don't look old enough to have done all that! Love the website, love the blog too. Continue...

  34. Bravo!!
    a kiss of Provence..


  35. Ah, it's about time to get your name out there. Congrats!

  36. Congratulations Carol!

    You are so talented and I think it's wonderful that you've gotten your own domain. Your site is beautifully done. It's very motivating as well. Thank you yet again, for the inspiration!

    Becky (InkSketch)

  37. Joan MAC S4:52 PM

    I love it !
    Fred, the cat and I are STARS ! Thanks for making us a part of Paris
    Breakfast today !
    Joan MAC S

  38. Micha in Paris4:53 PM

    tu l'as fait toute seule ?

  39. Michele Belle4:54 PM

    je suis jalouse des chaussures-macarons !

  40. FoodWalker4:56 PM

    Carol, I want the Mac shoes, too! this is a cool site.
    I hope it brings you even more fun careers!

  41. CONGRATULATIONS! I LOVE your new Web site. I'm very proud of you!

  42. Margaret5:16 PM


    I think your new website is terrific!!

    Margaret in Atlanta

  43. Suzanne5:16 PM

    LOVE the new web site
    You are so talented and prolific--when do you ever sleep?!

    I'd like to know where you went to art school--just out of curiosity. Cheers!

    All best,


  44. I went to too many art schools Suzanne.
    My father got fed up paying and I had to pick up the slack...I'm still going when I can :)
    Mainly U of P, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Parsons Sch of Design, SVA, Nat Academy of Design

  45. Hey Carole,
    Congratulations on the new web looks fabulous. Such a talent.

  46. I recently started following your blog when I came across it while
    researching for my upcoming trip to Paris this July. Congrats on the new website :-).
    Love your artwork and your witty posts.
    Tres bien et merci beaucoups!


  47. Victoria in WA.5:46 PM

    Great job, Carol.
    I wish you continued success.
    Victoria in WA.

  48. Melody6:30 PM

    Happy Birthday Carol!


  49. Cheryl6:31 PM

    Congratulations on your new website. I love it, and enjoyed your bio. You are a most interesting, and gifted young woman. You go YFG (I am an OFG). We aren't really French, I guess. I live in Kansas City, MO, and have been to France only twice. Part of my family was French. However, I have French antiques, etc. so if you are ever traveling this way let us know. We will treat you to dinner on the Plaza (way fun) and you are
    surely welcome to our home.

  50. Felicitations, Carol, on your new website! It looks great, and it's fun to see the other work you've done, as well as to learn of your past "vies."
    One thing you may want to know, which Mumm may appreciate as well, is that the spelling for the word "Champagne" is incorrect in your client list. I hope it's an easy thing to fix -- we're in the process of creating our agency website, so we know the pain you've just experienced!
    Continued bonne chance to you,

  51. Carol - excellent site and blog. I follow you regularly as a result of my ex-wife's suggestion. She wants to go to Paris, again, and I want to go to Egypt. Can you shed some light on the concept. Oh yes we are still in love

  52. I just looked in quickly on your new website. Will be back to explore it in more depth. Congratulations it is really beautiful as are your other endeavors.
    Love reading PB is a bright spot for me each day.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and love of Paris with all us readers.
    Best of luck with the new website..beautiful job.

  53. Sophia6:37 PM

    I love the new site—very clean design.
    And good for you to showcase your varied career!

  54. Carol,
    I am delighted for you. Your new website is fantastic.
    Your designer did a great job.
    I always enjoy receiving your blog updates in my inbox.
    Good luck with everything.


  55. LOVE your new header, Carol!! It makes me happy and cheered to see it. :-)

  56. SHOT?????OMG! I'm happy to know you recovered! Now, straight to the new web site!
    I'm RETIRED!!!!! My first day today!

  57. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Carol, we continue to enjoy our two watercolors you created -- and now we know more about the influences behind your art. Thanks!

  58. I think you have re-invented yourself more times than Madonna! You are one up on her with the SHOOTING!!! That is not a laughing matter Carol! I like your take on life and hope you will continue to enlighten us with your blog. ;)

  59. phew!! and I thought venturing from banking to marketing was a big jump!! you've really done it all plus you got to do two of my favourite things shoes and write travel books!! Lucky you!
    Congratulations and best of luck with!

  60. Carol, I have breakfast with your PB, I owe you my first smile everyday. Your website is lindo, I love your watercolors and your unique sense of humor and... thank you for letting me know about macarrons :D

  61. Carol,
    I love your new website. I knew you were talented, but I did not know that you had done so many things!! I am especially intrigued by the fact that you designed shoes — my favorite thing, besides chocolate.

    I am honored to have an original Carol Gillott watercolor of me and Mr. Mickey hanging in my water closet.
    Your work is fabulous. Oh, to be so creative and talented -- with words and paints.

  62. Carol,
    Much congratulations on your new website.
    It's very elegant.
    Very you.

  63. Carol, WOW!!!! Congratulations on your incredible new Website and all your amazing accomplishments. I knew you were talented, but my goodness, I'm seriously in awe of all your diversification and gifts - you truly deserve the most wonderful things to happen to you in your life and I am such a huge supporter of you and all your brilliant work! I was shocked to learn that you had been shot by a mugger though - OUCH! I hope you're okay and that it didn't leave any scarring (physical or emotional). Thank goodness you're alright ((HUGS)). Anyways, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best with the add-on of your new site. It is perfectly complimentary to your perfectly yummy blog. xo

  64. I knew you had done a lot of things but not to this extent. WOW Your talent is amazing Carol. I am so happy I own one of your paintings. Congrats on all AND your new website.

  65. Carol: So nice to hear more of your amazing journey. I'm thrilled to see the website. Bravo!

  66. Trish in Auckland5:51 AM

    from New Zealand
    Dear Carol

    Every morning around 6.30 am I turn on my computer take a shower, and then I sit and revel in your musings from the day before whether in Paris, New York or London. I share these with a friend who is very fluent in French...
    I adore your beautiful paintings, and would love to purchase one some twin sons are involved with wine in the Barossa Valley, the other in Queenstown New Zealand. I was particularly interested in your grape picking paintings of recent days.
    I think you are incredible with your traveling and paintings, what a grand, fulfilled life you are leading ...keep at it while you can, and keep us armchair travelers very happy.
    New Zealand

  67. Well, not to give you a big head but you should know that all my Paris-loving friends LOVE your site.

    I don’t know if you know how many of us are silently enjoying it…so I thought I’d speak up.
    Warm Regards,

  68. Love your blog as well as your new site!
    Keep it up =D

  69. Amazing, utterly amazing! Your life, your art and the circuitous path that you have successfully traveled!


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